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Around The World With Five Innovative Agencies
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Around The World With Five Innovative Agencies


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A simple story of five agencies offering services ranging from web development, to design, to copywriting. How did they revolutionize their creative and account management processes? Let's find out...

A simple story of five agencies offering services ranging from web development, to design, to copywriting. How did they revolutionize their creative and account management processes? Let's find out...

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Around the World with Five Innovative Agencies
  • 2. A simple story of five agencies offering services ranging from web development, to design, to copywriting. How did they revolutionize their creative and account management processes? Let’s find out...
  • 3. 01 Intersection
  • 4. 01 INTERSECTION Intersection is a brand management agency based in Traverse City, Michigan. Their experience team aims to create authentic, valuable exchange between brands and people. Their story revolves around the Podio apps they use to track and organize creative projects and interface with their clients. Their productivity motto: #PFL - “Podio for Life”
  • 5. 01 Intersection “Podio essentially manages all of the projects and their respective deliverables for every single client that we work with on an everyday basis.” Matt Wells Project Manager Read Matt’s full story
  • 6. 01 Intersection Three must-have Podio apps for brand management agencies The brand experience team at Intersection use these work apps to run their everyday processes. DELIVERABLES APP PROJECTS APP MEETING NOTES APP Break down projects into the specific content that should be delivered, assign it to members and set deadlines. GET APP HERE Set the overarching goals and scope of your project. Each client deliverable, will be linked to a project in this app. GET APP HERE Link your meeting notes to the project that the meeting is about, and create an archive of discussions that can be used later too. GET APP HERE
  • 7. 02 Metonymy Media
  • 8. 02 METONYMY MEDIA Metonymy Media is creative writing agency that's grown from a staff of three and a few interns to over 10 employees in just over a year. Frustrated by organizing work on a whiteboard and with traditional project management tools, the folks at Metonymy have seen their business thrive by forming closer client relationships through Podio. 1.5 YEARS WITH PODIO = 390 HOURS SAVED IN PM
  • 9. 02 Metonymy Media “We used Podio to leverage our growing team and get into new lines of work that we didn’t think were possible before … Since moving to Podio, my team is spending at least an hour a day less on project management.” Watch Metonymy Media’s video Ryan Brock CEO & Founder
  • 10. 02 Metonymy Media Project Management Apps As an agency, Metonymy Media created shared workspaces to work with their clients and used a standard set of project management apps – meetings, deliverables and projects. They then modified them to suit their specific needs – whether that’s copywriting for blog posts, websites or even pizza boxes! GET PM APPS HERE DELIVERABLES APP PROJECTS APP MEETING NOTES APP
  • 11. 03 Kuble AG
  • 12. 03 KUBLE AG Kuble AG is a swiss web agency, with an TIME SPENT ON PROJECTS outpost in Argentina. They build websites, webshops and other digital products, along with providing social media services. The TIME SPENT ON EMAIL WITH PODIO team at Kuble has completely removed email from the way they communicate internally, directly increasing efficiency in teamwork across several countries.
  • 13. 03 Kuble AG “With Podio, we can handle more projects and clients with the same or fewer resources. So, we offer a discount if clients use Podio first before they send emails or call us.” Read Christoph’s full story Christoph Hess Content & Community Strategist
  • 14. 03 Kuble AG Web Agency Kuble Ties Every Piece of Design or Code to a Podio Task Kuble AG collect information from clients with Podio webforms and later invite them to a Podio workspace to work together on their projects. Every piece of content, design or code that they do is related to a Podio app or task. CONTENT AND COMMUNITY PLANNING This app will reflect your expertise in community management and content production. You can plan topics, organize publications and share files with team members. The goal is simple – assign responsibility, manage deadlines and get things done. GET APP HERE
  • 15. 04 Uhuru Design
  • 16. 04 UHURU DESIGN Uhuru Design is a multidisciplinary studio specializing in design and fabrication of exceptional quality furniture. From handling quote requests to monitoring production costs, they track every project from start to finish with Podio apps they built themselves.
  • 17. 04 Uhuru Design “When you are building an app in Podio, there’s a lot of different things you can do – text, calculations, dates, photos … it’s kind of fun to see it all work together to do exactly Leah Reyes Senior Designer what you want! It’s just really seamless.” Watch Uhuru Design’s video
  • 18. 04 Uhuru Design Uhuru turn Coney Island Boardwalk into Beautiful Furniture with Podio Apps The apps that Uhuru use to organize their entire business operation on Podio. CRM APPS PROJECTS APP You can use these apps to handle quote requests and client orders. They make sure leads aren’t left unattended to, and provide you with a detailed history of your client relationships. Uhuru have linked their Projects app to their CRM apps. You can do the same to share project details with your team and make sure no project starts without a deal being signed. GET APP HERE GET APP HERE
  • 19. 05 Gryffin Media
  • 20. 05 GRYFFIN MEDIA Gryffin Media is an integrated online marketing Content Title agency that focuses on content marketing and Client organic search. They have implemented Podio to manage client requests and organize the Target Site creation, publication and promotion of content. Report Month Content Status
  • 21. 05 Gryffin Media “With Podio, we are able to pass content amongst team members without leaving behind a messy trail of emails and multiple items. The Content Overview App is perfect for us and can easily be adapted to Marcela de Vivo Founder & CEO fit any content marketing infrastructure.” Read Marcela’s full story
  • 22. 05 Gryffin Media How to Use Podio for Your Content Marketing Strategy Gryffin Media run all of their fundamental processes on Podio – from handling client orders, content creation and publication, to evaluation and remuneration of writers CONTENT OVERVIEW APP This app will enable you to process and track content from research and conception to publication and promotion, with your entire team. You can easily modify it to suit the way you work. GET APP HERE
  • 23. Now it’s your turn. See how easy it is to organize your team, projects and clients in one place. Learn more at