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My project about future.

My project about future.

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  • 1. MY FUTURE In my future I want to live in England. I want to meet a lot of famous people. I want to visit Liverpool. I want to talk with Torres. I like dancing and singing. Maybe I will win some competition. THE FUTURE FOR MY FAMILY I want to have family.I don t want to be a single. I want a good husband, two sons and one daughter. I want to be a nice and fair mother for my children. I hope that my future with my family will be great.
  • 2. THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD I think that the future of the world will be worse. I think that in the world will be more bad people, more murders, more wars. Maybe people find a new place. A lot of people will move to foreign countries. Most people will live in the towns. SPACE I think that in the future people will travel more to the space. Maybe people will find new transport, new planet where people will (can to) live. Way to the space will be more simple.
  • 3. WORK IN THE FUTURE I don t know what I will be in the future. I want to work in the England. I want to study on the high school. Maybe I will be a doctor or lawyer. I want to earn a lot of money. I think that in the future a lot of people will not have(n t) a lot of money. THE RESULTS OF MY SURVEY 1, Do you think that in the future will be a lot of poor people? Seven people think that in the future will be more poor people than Rich people. Three people think that in the future will be more rich people. 2, Do you think that people find a new planet? One person thinks that people find more planets. Two people don t Know. Seven people think that we will not find new planet. 3, Do you want to change earth ? Four people don t want to change earth. They like this earth. But six people think that this earth is bad and they want to change (his) it. 4, Do you want churches in the future? Five people don t want churches, because they don t go to the church. Five people want churches in the future.
  • 4. 5, Do you want schools in the futures? Ten people say that they don t want schools in the future. Nice. 1