Year 7 Map Skills Test - Geography


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Based on OS map extract in Foundations page 101.

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Year 7 Map Skills Test - Geography

  1. 1. Year 7 – Map Skills Test @ IST GeographyName __________________________Form _________You should have a laminated map of Cambridge and the surrounding area. Thismap shows you a small part of the South of England. You will also need a rulerand a pencil.You will be tested on all of your map skills that you have learnt. Are you ready?Question 1 – Look carefully at the symbols above and then write what theyrepresent in the space beneath. 1 ___________________________ 2 ___________________________ 3 ___________________________ 4 ___________________________ 5 ___________________________ 6 ___________________________ 7 ___________________________ 8 ___________________________ 9 ___________________________ 10 ___________________________
  2. 2. Question 11Look at the scale line on the map of Cambridge. How many centimetersrepresents 1KM on the line?Answer ___________________________Question 12How many centimeters would 3.5KM measure on the scale line?Answer ___________________________Question 13One KM is how many metres?Answer ___________________________Question 1415,000 metres is how many KM?Answer ___________________________Question 15What is the straight line distance between Rowley’s Hill (42 49) and the school(48 49)?Answer ___________________________Question 16What is the straight line distance between the church in Foxton (41 48) and thechurch in Newton (43 49)?Answer ___________________________Question 17What is the straight line distance between the Public Phone (46 48) and thePublic House (48 49)?Answer ___________________________
  3. 3. Question 18Give the four figure grid reference of the bus station in the centre of Cambridge.Answer ___________________________Question 19Give the four figure grid reference for junction 11 of the M1 (Clue, there could bemore than one!)Answer ___________________________Question 20Which town would you find in 46 52?Answer ___________________________Question 21What mode of transport would you find in 48 58?Answer ___________________________Question 22Name the farm in 42 57Answer ___________________________Question 23How many churches in 44 58?Answer ___________________________Question 24What would you find here: 442 507?Answer ___________________________Question 25What feature at 462 573?Answer ___________________________
  4. 4. Question 26Could you make a phone call at 467 482?Answer ___________________________Question 27Which direction would you travel from Barton (40 55) to Trumpington Hall(44 55)?Answer ___________________________Question 28Which direction would you travel from Great Shelford (47 52) to Grantchester(42 55)?Answer ___________________________Question 29Which direction would you travel from Newton (44 49) to Foxton (41 48)Answer ___________________________Question 30You are driving your car down to see your best friend Gaelle. You leave themotorway at Junction 11 (43 53) and want to visit her home which is CharityFarm (41 51). Write out the quickest route that you would take includingdirections, roads and features that you may pass on route. Try to write aboutfive things here for 5 marks.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Question 31 Name two different ways of showing height on maps: Answer 1 ___________________________ Answer 2 ___________________________ Question 32 How high is the highest land in 40 51? Answer ___________________________ Question 33 Describe the relief of the land in 43 56 in less than five words. Answer _____________________________________________________ Question 34 Complete the sentence below: The closer the __________ lines the __________________ the relief. The further apart the ___________ lines, the ________________ the relief. Question 35Look closely at the contourmountain on the right.Label the following things in thecorrect place on the diagram: 1. Summit 2. A gentler slope 3. The steepest slope B 4. A valley 5. An area of land about 65 metres in height. 6. If you travelled from A – B would you be going uphill or A downhill? Answer __________________