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Lesson 5 Life In The North & South Of Italy
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Lesson 5 Life In The North & South Of Italy


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Year 8 Italy Module

Year 8 Italy Module

Published in: Travel, Education

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  • 1. Life in the North & South of Italy Aim: To find out what life is like on the NIP compared to the south
  • 2. Primary Industry Click the faming picture above for a short video on farming in Sicily 4:58
  • 3. Secondary Industry Click on the picture above for a short video about industry in Genoa 4:14
  • 4. Tertiary Industry
  • 5. Primary secondary or tertiary Steel worker Travel agent Farmer Policewoman Fisherman Miner Clothing manufacturer Checkout assistant Waiter Forester Car assembly line worker
  • 6. Your tasks
    • The North
    • heading is Industry - The North . Give the % of people who work in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industries?
    • Create a spider diagram to show the advantages of farming on the NIP – use fig B, page 84 ~ heading is – The North – advantages for farming
    • Complete question 3 a, b, c from the activities box on page 85.
    • The South
    • Complete activity 1 on p.87 Heading is ~ Industry –The South
    • Create a spider diagram to show the disadvantages of farming in the south –use fig B, page 86. Heading is ~ Problems for farmers _ The South
    • Complete question 3, a, b, c from the activities box on page 87.
  • 7. Industry in the North of Italy
    • Why is the north of Italy so good for Industry?
    • Lots of roads to transport the products to and from the factory
    • Lots of skilled workers nearby to work in the factories.
    • Flat land to build factories on
    • Banks to lend money to the factories to pay for setting up and building the factory.
    • Energy supplies ~ natural gas, hydro-electric power
    • Remember the industrial triangle??
  • 8.
    • Impact of industry in the North
    • Read through the text on Page 85
    • Using this heading make a list of the ways in which industrial growth has caused problems
  • 9. Industrial South
    • Use the map on Page 87 and the text to produce a list of reasons why the South has never been an important industrial area
    • Improving the South
    • Describe the improvements being made in the South