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  • geographypods commented on Climate Change Doncaster Lesson 1 Climate Change Doncaster Lesson 1 4 weeks ago
    • geographypods geographypods Not sure that I can class all of those comments as being ridiculed. Looks like a good old fashioned debate to me and perhaps you were simply trying to deflect attention when the going got tough. As I said, it's an old resource and of its time. It's not been touched since 2008 and things have moved on significantly since then. Just up there for posterity and to fuel debates like the one in your link. Au revoir.  4 weeks ago
    • geographypods geographypods Calm down, calm down! It was drafted up a long time ago as stimulus for inner city students with little experience of anywhere outside their own city limits. It was based on a very worse case scenario and was around the time of The Day After Tomorrow. It's of its time and was of use actually. Cheerio.  4 weeks ago
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