Product work log template 2011 12


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Product work log template 2011 12

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Kinsey Pocchio________________________________ Date: 03-31-12_______________Product: Designed kitchen and made a model of the designDate/Time: Activity: Had a consultation with Comment/Suggestions: Mrs. Dobbs about where to start with Next step: Figuring December 3, my kitchen design. Then, started to out what faucets and 2011 learn 20/20. cabinets to use.2 hours, 30 minutes Commentary: 20/20 is harder to use than I thought it would be, but with Mrs. Dobbs help I figured it out. January 8, 2012 Activity: Met with Mrs. Dobbs and Comment/Suggestions:1 hour discussed different types of cabinets, Need to get samples of faucets, and granite. the cabinets, faucets, and granite I picked Commentary: I took notes on all the and find a way to types of cabinets, faucets, and granite. display it. They may be needed again later. January 15, Activity: Got samples of wood for Comment/Suggestions: 2012 floor, backsplash, and cabinet. Picked Next step: Have to get 1 hour a tile sample. materials to make the sample board. Commentary: Need to put all of these samples on a sample board. February 11, Activity: Went to Home Depot and got Comment/Suggestions: 2012 more wood samples, picked paint and May need to put a 1 hour got sample. Got a board for sample hole in the top of the board. sample board to help with carrying it. Commentary: How am I going to carry the sample board?
  2. 2. February 18, Activity: Painted the sample board2012 with three coats so it can represent Comment/Suggestions:30 minutes how the room color could compliment I should get the the fixtures. sample board done by next weekend so I Commentary: Should I paint the model have time to do the with paint color too? model.February 26, Activity: Put cabinets and samples on2012 sample board after putting handles on Comment/Suggestions:2 hours, 10 cabinets. Cut down the board because Learning how to putminutes it was too big. Touched up paint where handles on cabinets needed. and attach cabinets to the board was not as Commentary: Need to start some hard as I thought. serious thinking about how to get model done.March 3, 2012 Activity: Got wood to make model2 hours, 30 with, made walls, and started making Comment/Suggestions:minutes cabinets. Need to spend more time each week so I Commentary: Had trouble getting can finish by April. wood that was thick enough for nails to go through but not too thick so I couldn’t carry it.March 4, 2012 Activity: Finished cutting wood for Comment/Suggestions:1 hour, 30 cabinets, started laying out the floor, Need more woodminutes and started painting walls. samples. Commentary: Need to put a different type of wood on cabinets to represent how they will look better.March 10, 2012 Activity: Cut pieces to put on outside6 hours of cabinet, started putting them Comment/Suggestions: together. Cut hole for window. Need to add doors to cabinets for better
  3. 3. Commentary: Six hours and still have representation. Need to finish putting together cabinets. to add something to represent window panes. March 11, 2012 Activity: Finished adding outside to 6 hours cabinets, started adding doors. Put plastic in window. Comment/Suggestions: Commentary: Need to figure out how Need to get more to represent glass doors. things to stick woods together. March 25, 2012 Activity: Attached cabinets to walls, 2 hours finished doors except glass ones. Finished floor. Comment/Suggestions: All seems good except Commentary: Need to have one last final touches. look over. April 4, 2012 Finished adding wood to the island 1 hour and attached it to the floor.Total Time:27 hours, 10 minutes