Misquoting Jesus
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Misquoting Jesus



A brief, very brief presentation on the book Misquoting Jesus

A brief, very brief presentation on the book Misquoting Jesus



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    Misquoting Jesus Misquoting Jesus Presentation Transcript

    • Misquoting Jesus
      By Bart D. Erhman
    • Born in the mid 1950's
      His mother occasionally read from the bible and made them understand the stories and ethical teachings
      Typical teenager.
      Door-to-door salesman while in high school
      Was a born-again Christian
      Attended a club called Campus Life Youth for Christ
      Leader of CLYFC, Bruce was an inspiration to Bart
      Ehrman attended Moody Bible Institute after high school
      About Bart D. Ehrman
    • He wanted to be an evangelical “voice” in secular circles
      He completed his three year degree and went to Wheaton College
      He started questioning his understanding of scripture: “What good does it do to say that the words are inspired by God if most people have absolutely no access to these words, but only to more or less clumsy renderings of these words into a language, such as English, that has nothing to do with the original words?”
      After graduating there in two years, he went to Princeton Theological Seminary
    • Judaism was an unusual religion in the Roman world, but it wasn’t unique.
      worship of a deity(YHWH)
      Had a special holy place(the Temple in Jerusalem)
      Worship only one God
      they gathered together in synagogues to worship God, pray, and discuss traditions of their religion
      The Jewish Bible
      The beginning of Christian writings were of letters written from Christian leaders.
      The Beginnings of Christian Scripture
    • Many of the first letters of Christian writings were from Apostle Paul
      Many letters and books have been either lost or destroyed over the centuries.
      Letters weren’t the only books Christians found imported.
      Early Gospels
      Early acts of Apostles
      Christian Apocalypses
      Church Orders
      Christian Apologies
      Christian Martyrologies
      Antiheretical Tractates
      Early Christian Commentaries
    • The Copyists of the Early Christian Writings
      Unlike today, the only way to copy a book in those times was by hand
      Some copies vary in words either by accident or on purpose
      Some believe that the scribes changed things to make it seem more like the thing they believed in.
      The type of writing done back then was called scriptuo continua, which was a kind of continuous writing.
      A popular example nowadays is the “godisnowhere”. Which could mean “God is now here” to theist, or “God is nowhere” to atheist.
      4th Century CE Greek
    • How do we have access to the bible?
      The text of the Christian bible had translated from one language, to another, to another, and sometimes to another one
      One example of a translating mistake is the King James Bible, which will differ from other bibles of today’s time besides the vocabulary.
      Scribes, Authors, and Readers
    • It was translated in the seventeenth century based on a faulty Greek text.
      Later translators based translations on better Greek texts.
      Ehrman even uses the four gospels as an example of scribes changing something for what they believed in.