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Listuguj Community Heatlh Services

Listuguj Community Heatlh Services



A recent power point presentation to the Listuguj Migmaq Government.

A recent power point presentation to the Listuguj Migmaq Government.



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    Listuguj Community Heatlh Services Listuguj Community Heatlh Services Presentation Transcript

    • ListugujCommunityHealth Services
      Donna Metallic, Director of Health
    • “Three Migma’q Nations in Health and in harmony with the earth that both surrounds us and supports us…a holistic approach-drawing from traditional and modern wisdom.”
      Mission of the Listuguj Community Health Services
    • Our Vision…
      Listuguj First Nation is now in control of their health care system. We can now respond and adapt to the needs of the people. The goal of improved health is achieved, in part by the way in which our health approach is delivered. Our services are based on deep and objective understanding of Listuguj Community members.
    • Our Mandate…
      To effectively manage the promotion and prevention funding received from Health Canada and INAC through the development and delivery of programs and services to meet the health needs of all Listuguj (on reserve) community members.
    • Overview of Community Programs
      Community Programs – Child and Youth
      Aboriginal Head Start Tina Martin
      Prenatal Nutrition Program Jennifer Caplin
      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Bonnie Isaac
      Maternal Child Health Tracey Metallic
      Drug Strategy Bonnie Isaac
      Community Programs – Mental Health and Addictions
      Building Healthy Communities -
      Brighter Futures Wanda Metallic
      Community Wellness Sommer Barnaby
      Crisis and Life Promotion Corey Metallic
    • Overview of Community Programs (Cont’d)
      Community Programs – Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
      Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Nursing Staff
      Community Health Representatives Patsy Gray, Monica Barnaby
      Primary Health Care
      First Nations Home and Community Care Maureen Mitchell
      Community Oral Health Initiative Monica Barnaby
      Health Protection – Environmental Health and Research
      Drinking Water Safety Program Roger Metallic
      Health Benefits
      Medical Transportation Jennifer Barnaby
    • Listuguj Community Health Services
    • Welcome!
    • Employees of the LCHS
      • Maternal Child Health Tracey Metallic
      • Community Wellness Sommer Barnaby
      • Crisis and Life Promotion Corey Metallic
      • Drug Strategy/FASD Bonnie Isaac
      • C.H.R Patsy Gray
      • C.H.R Monica Barnaby
      • Brighter Futures Wanda Metallic
      • Building Healthy Communities Debbie Dedam
      • Receptionist Beverly Martin
      • Hospital Liaison Elizabeth “Betty” Metallic
      Employees of the LCHS
    • ProgramEmployee
      • Nursing Lynn LaBillois R.N.
      • Nursing Leila Swasson R.N.
      • Nursing Mary Lou Labillois R.N.
      • Nursing Francoise Gedeon R.N.
      • Nursing Madeline Morrisette R.N.
      • Nursing Jennifer Caplin R.N.
      • Nursing Dolores Isaac L.P.N
      • Nursing Caroline Jacques L.P.N
      Employees of the LCHS
    • Employees of the LCHS (Cont’d)
      • Janitor Bridget “Dolly” Isaac
      • Management Cindy Isaac
      • Management Audrey Barnaby
      • Management Donna Metallic
      • Medical Transportation Jennifer Barnaby
      • Medical Carrier Lyman Mitchell
      • Medical Carrier Donnie Mitchell
      • Medical Carrier Mae Brisk
      • Dietician Manon St.Germain
      Employees of the LCHS
    • Employees of the LCHS (Cont’d)
      • Water Monitoring Roger Metallic
      • Head Start Tina Martin
      • Head Start Stacey Barnaby
      • Head Start Valerie Jacques
      • Front Line Prevention Tanya Barnaby B.S.W
      • Front Line Prevention Sarah Isaac
      • Front Line Prevention Christine Gwen Metallic
      • Participation Luke Morrison
      • Health Portfolio Patricia Martin and Brenda Gedeon-Miller
      Employees of the LCHS
    • ProgramEmployee
      • In-Home Care Maureen Mitchell
      • In-Home Care Isabelle Clement
      • In-Home Care Tasha Doiron
      • In-Home Care Samantha Barnaby
      • In-Home Care Chi Metallic
      • Full Time Home Personal Home Care workers (Part Time 16) Pauline Brisk
      Theresa Martin
      Joanne Methot
      Bernice Martin
      Juliette Barnaby
      Maggie Martin
      Delphine Wilmot
      Employees of the LCHS
    • Special Funded Projects
      -Aboriginal Health Transition Fund
      -Water Impact Study
      -Maternal Child Health Program
      -Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
      -HIV/AIDS Program
      -Families First Support Services
      Listuguj Community Health Services Organizational Chart
    • FASD/ Drug Strategy Program
      The goal of the FASD Program is to provide education and support to families to prevent FASD affected births and to improve the life for those affected by FASD. The goal of the Drug Strategy Program is to achieve a healthy and well community.
      Coordinator: Bonnie Isaac
    • Coordinator: Luke Morrison
      The goal of the Participation Program is to promote healthy and active living by getting more people to participate in current programs and sports teams.
    • Nursing
      Nursing Supervisor: Lynn LaBillois
      The goal of the Nursing Program is to deliver appropriate information to every member of the community, determine where knowledge gaps do exist and fill them. As well as to provide youth with information to promote healthier lifestyles and increase active living and healthier lifestyle choices.
    • Coordinator: Corey Metallic
      Listuguj Crisis and Life Promotion
      The goal of the Listuguj Crisis and Life Promotion program is to provide services to those individuals who are experiencing a crisis and are unable to cope and to provide community awareness of suicide prevention programs and eliminate the idea of suicide as an option.
    • Hospital/Health Liaison
      Coordinator: Betty Metallic
      The goal of the hospital liaison is to ensure that all patients from Listuguj receive quality care while hospitalized and that all patients understand and comprehend all medical procedures as explained by the medical professional as well as assist clients with updating Medicare cards and NIHB reimbursement forms and provide in-home services as a liaison between clients and external service providers.
    • Community Health Planning and Programming
      Coordinators: Patricia Gray and Monica Barnaby
      The main objective of the CHR is to administer a program that enhances the health and well being of First Nation’s People living in the community. Along with the many facets of duties include that both private and public establishments respect the sanitary guidelines prescribed by the Federal Government and Health Canada.
    • Brighter Futures
      Coordinator: Wanda Metallic
      The goal of the Brighter Futures program is to encourage and support the well being of children, individuals and family through community approach. To improve the access to quality physical activity programs within the community level , and to create a healthy family and community environment.
    • Community Wellness
      Coordinator: Sommer Barnaby
      The goal of the Community Wellness program is to offer encouragement and support to clients dealing with an addiction, to create events for the youth who wish to remain drug and alcohol free and to promote a healthy mind through community awareness.
    • Home and community care
      Coordinator: Maureen Mitchell
      The goal of the Listuguj Home and Community Care program is to provide quality care in a manner that is well administered, supportive and flexible to community members. The services aim to improve the overall general health of client’s served.
    • Aboriginal head start on-reserve
      Coordinator: Tina Martin
      The goal of the Head Start program is to offer educational, health, nutritional and social provisions to enrolled children and to instil a sense of pride in children through culture related activities through an age appropriate curriculum. As well as to support parenting skills and improve family relationships.
    • Community Oral Health Program
      Coordinator: Monica Barnaby
      COHP is a dental program designed to prevent and control tooth decay in young First Nations and Inuit children and to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth.
    • IRS Resolution Health Support Program
      Coordinators: Monica Barnaby, Patsy Gray & Betty Metallic
      The objectives of the IRS RHSP are to ensure that eligible former IRS students and their families have access to emotional health and wellness issues. Specifically, the IRS RHSP provides support in the form of Cultural Support (provided by Elders and Traditional Healers), Professional Counseling, Emotional Support (provided by Resolution Health Support Worker).
    • Special Projects Funded through Listuguj Community Health Services
    • Maternal Child Health
      Coordinator: Tracey Metallic
      The MCH Program provides resources to increase support to First Nations families living within the community during family planning , pregnancy, infancy and early childhood (0-6 years old).
      Our mandate is carried out through home visiting, case management, breastfeeding support, developmental screening, post-partum depression screening, one-on-one counseling and referrals.
    • Maternal Child Health 2009-2010
    • Aboriginal Health Transition Fund
      Consultant: Colleen LaBillois
      The main objective of the AHTF is to improve access to health care services in Listuguj, Quebec and New Brunswick. It’s goals are to strengthen and broaden existing partnerships between the LMG, its Directorates and the provincial and federal health agencies. To identify and create partnerships between these bodies in the best interest of serving the health needs of Listuguj and to address and/or eliminate barriers that prevent community members from accessing complete medical services.
    • Medical Transportation
      Coordinator: Jennifer Barnaby
      The goal of the Medical Transportation program is to provide safe transportation and accommodation arrangements for community members to the nearest qualified service provider.
    • Water Impact Project
      Coordinator: Roger Metallic
      In June 2008, the government of Canada mandated the University of British Columbia to monitor potable drinking water in First Nations communities. Four communities were chosen and Listuguj was among them. The community was based on our water testing capabilities.
      The impact project was completed in January of 2010. The report will be forwarded to the community of Listuguj from the University of British Columbia upon completion.
    • Community Based Drinking Water Monitoring Program
      Coordinator: Roger Metallic
      The goal of this program is to ensure that both private and public establishments respect the sanitary guidelines set by the federal government.
    • Coordinator: Tanya Barnaby
      Families First Support Services
      The goal of the Families First Support Services is to promote and strengthen early intervention with children and parents and support the implementation of least disruptive measures and preventive services for the well being of children and their families of Listuguj. To prevent and reduce the incidence of crisis situations, and child reporting and placement rates.
    • Administration programs
      Building Healthy Communities
      • Snow Removal Contracts
      • Handicapped Ramps
      • Workshops & Seminars
      Community Projects
      • Elders Lifeline
      • Summer Student Program
      • Breakfast Program
      • Professional Services
      • Consulting
      • Gym Passes
      • Contingency
      • Operations
      • Equipment Leasing
      • Heating and Lights
      • Insurance Liability
      • Material & Supplies
      • Repair & Maintenance
      • Management
      • Salaries
      Administration Programs
    • New Developments
      • April 1st cash flow payment schedules
      • Creation of a Health Advisory Committee
      • C/A renewal 2010 2012
      • Community Health Plan
      • Flexible funding
      • O.T.C medication
      • Protection and advocacy for individuals with mental illness
      • Critical Incident Response Team
      • Safety in the Workplace
      • Pre-Natal and Asthma Clinics
    • New developments (cont’d) :
      -Youth and Adults Partnerships with Provincial Organizations for Addictions (Narcotics and Gambling)
      - Accreditation for the LCHS
      Interim mid-range measure until Listuguj Care Unit built
      -Long Term Care Facilities
      -Respite Facilities
      -Assisted Living Facilities
    • Training plan 2010-2012
      • Nursing Upgrading
      • Youth Addiction Prevention Training Program
      • Mi'gmaq Classes
      • Cultural Sensitivity
      • CPR/First Aid
      • Health Advisory Committee Preparation
      • Certification of all Home and Community Care workers
    • GOALS 2010-2012
      Prevention & Promotion
      • Family Circle (Maternal Child Health)
      • Diabetes/Education Sessions
      • Breast Health Awareness
      • Flu Campaign
      • Multi-disciplinary Approach to Obesity
      • Front-line Prevention
      • External Resources (Referrals to CLSC & RHA)
    • Prevention & Promotion
      GOALS 2010-2012
      • Over-the-Counter Medication
      • Heart Disease
      • Sexual Health
      • Phase II Asthma (Promotion Awareness Initiative)
    • Prevention & Promotion
      GOALS 2010-2012
      • Accreditation of Health Center
      • Elders Facility
      • Community Health Plan Flexible Funding
      • Revamp Home Care Program
      • Health Advisory Board
      • Community Profile
    • Strategic directions, focus areas and objectives for 2011-2016
    • FNQLHSSC Strategic directions, focus areas and objectives for 2010-2014
      • Improve Accessibility to Health Services
      • Fight Effectively against High prevalence diseases
      • Encourage the development, diversification and takeover of Social Services
      • Prioritize Children’s Health Development
      • Upgrade the infrastructures and take advantage of new technologies
      • Promote Social Development
      • Encourage the development of special needs services in the areas of income and security and pre-employment
      • Implement levers contributing to FN Self Government
      • Strengthen human capital as well as research and development
      • Consolidate commission organization according to the Blueprint priorities
    • AFN Strategic directions, focus areas and objectives in the area of health
      • 5 year (2009 – 2014) flexible funding Contribution Agreement with Health Canada
      • Program Renewal with FNIHB
      Children and Youth Programs
      Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
      First Nation Health Managers
      Food Security
      Home and Community/Continuing Care
      Injury Prevention
      IRS Health Supports
      Jordan’s Principle
      Mental Wellness and Addictions
      Patient Wait Times Guarantee
      Pandemic Planning (H1N1)
      Tuberculosis and Lung Health
    • LCHS 2010-2011 Program Budget
      Transfer Agreements $1,604,427.90
      Contribution $1,215,090.00
      Other $ 500,000.00
      Amendments $ 32,000.00
      TOTAL $3,351,517.90
    • Wela’lin!