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TodaCell - PluggedIn NYC011210 TodaCell - PluggedIn NYC011210 Presentation Transcript

  • 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Todacell at a Glance High-Conversion Mobile Ad Network Advertisers Smartphones Ad Revenue Highest Revenue Display Ads $$$ Business models: Targeted Hi  Transparent Ad Network Generic Med $$ Commercial operation 4/09 Rapid growth Blind Low $ High performance, Stable & robust Ad Relevance 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • The “Pains” Advertisers: Low Conversion Mobile Ads Publishers: Low ROI on Inventory 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Solving the Pains Assuring fixed ROI / duration to Publishers  Getting committed inventory Learning the committed Inventory Creating unique database Matching Ads to Inventory + Campaign Opt. High conversion rates to Advertisers, eCPM 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Dominance of Mobile Browsing & Data 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Some Competitors (USA, 2006) Premium Mobile Ad Network. $28M raised in 3 rounds (Highland Capital, Globespan Capital). 2009 revenues ~$20M. (USA, 2006) Mobile Ad Marketplace, a bidding Network. $50M raised so far (Sequoia, Accel). A “blind” network. (USA, May 2008) location-based mobile advertising for self-service advertisers. Round A @ nov 2008. Very limited functionality, a “blind” network. 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Vision: High Conversion Network Mission: Engage audience with relevant ads to exceed advertisers conversion goals 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Learning the Inventory Age groups 3% 12% Interests 0-12 15% Music Mobiles 13-24 Gadgets 25-49 Sports +50 Clothing 70% Travel Enertainment Gender Ebuddy Inventory: 6M unique users, 400M impressions/month Male 48% Female 52% Targeting example: young females, interested in clothing: 70% X 52% X 22% = 8% of 400M = 32M Imps/Mo 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Mobile Ad Network Advertisers Global With Multiple Publishers Targeting Needs Ad Flow Management TodaNow ... ...
  • Dynamic Optimization Run Optimize Monitor Analyze 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • Improving over time (see note) Gross Rev eCPM average 24,000,000 Impressions 16,000$ 0.70$ 22,000,000 14,000$ 20,000,000 0.60$ 12,000$ 18,000,000 10,000$ 0.50$ 16,000,000 8,000$ 14,000,000 6,000$ 0.40$ 12,000,000 4,000$ 0.30$ 10,000,000 2,000$ 8,000,000 0$ 0.20$ April May June July August April May June July August April May June July August book2Bill ratio 2009 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 April May June July Note: updated 12th Aug. For the end of August, better results are expected
  • Summing it all up By taking time to understand off-portal publishers, their ad inventory and users, Todacell improves campaign conversion efficiency for Advertisers, while raising Ad Revenue for Publishers 2009©Todacell Ltd.
  • The Company  Established – 2007  investments ~ $2M  Israel, USA offices  Backed by Afterdox, Fore Group, Private Angels.
  • Status and Road map Status: Roadmap:  Ad Network in service  Platform for Advertisers  300M Ads a month  Advanced Analytics  2B inventory (>50% USA)  Expand US, UK  100% uptime branches
  • Go-to-Market plan Now In 2 years Impressions / month 300M 2B The top of TAM iceberg Publishers 15 100 High value inventory Mobile Agencies 14 80 High conversion rates Yearly Revenue $200k $10M Profitable
  • Management Team  Dubi Levanon – Chairman, 25 years senior executive in Telecom, including ECI Telecom, Comverse and Optibase. Founded & headed a startup for Broadband Services. Currently a Partner in Afterdox, representing it in Todacell.  Moshe Vaknin - Founder & CEO, 22 years in Telecommunication and interactive advertizing. before Toda!cell founder & CEO of CheckM8, a company in the online advertising space.  Michael Shleifer - CTO, 10 years in depth knowledge in internet software development managing complex projects involved user interface analysis, program structure, data base design and a strong knowledge of Java applications. M.Sc. In Computer Sc.  Zvi Eshel - VP Products, 20 years of experience, VP Professional Services at e-Sim Inc. Director of Training for Emultek Ltd. , consulted to Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and Qualcomm in MMI simulation software.