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Melbourne slide show

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  2. 2. Melbourne became a town in 1842 and a city in 1847,Melbourne got its name from the British Prime Minister,Lord Melbourne. When the present of Victoria wasdetached from the original Australian colony of New SouthWales in 1851, Melbourne became its capital city. Its majorgrowth began in the early 1850s, when, after the discoveryof gold at Clunes. Also Bendigo and Ballarat less than100miles away from Melbourne. In three years the populationof Melbourne increased fourfold to 80,000. Between 1860and 1900, bloated by the gold rushes, Melbournesurpassed Sydney as Australias Largest city. It served as thetemporary capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927 beforethe federal parliament could assemble in Canberra. Sincethen Melbourne became a majestic and vibrant city with allattributes of a good wine that get better with age.
  3. 3. August 30 is Melbournes birthday - the day the city was founded when settlers landed on thenorth bank of the Yarra River from the schooner Enterprize in 1835. Each year the MelbourneDay Committee holds events to mark 30 August, the day Melbourne was founded.This pioneering group was led by Captain John Lancey with Launceston builder George Evansand his servant Evan Evans, carpenters William Jackson and Robert Hay Marr, ploughmanCharles Wise and blacksmith James Gilbert and his wife Mary.They started Melbourne by building a thatched storage hut and the clearing of land along thenorth bank of the Yarra River. This location today is known as Enterprize Park where Williamsnation are the traditional owners of the land that became Melbourne, including theBoonwurrung, Woiwurrung, Taungurung and DjadjStreet and Flinders Street meet near the oldCustoms House.The people of the Kulin awurrung people, who gathered in this place for ceremonies andcultural activities. But it is those from the Enterprize who we acknowledge today as the citysfounders.Melbourne Day celebrates more than just the day the city was founded. It represents the pointat which the proud community of Melbourne began. And it is a day to celebrate all that makesMelbourne one of the worlds most liveable cities.
  4. 4. What is the Melbourne flag?The City of Melbournes flag features a white backgrounddivided into four quadrants by a red cross, which is thecross of St. George, the patron saint of England and takenfrom the English flag.In the centre, a crown is visible, signifying the Australiancitys links to the British Monarchy. Other items featuredare, going from top left clockwise, fleece hanging from ared ring, a bull, a ship and a whale.The four cantons (flag) represent the main activities ofwhich the economy of the City of Melbourne was basedin the mid 19th century. They were wool growing, cattleraising, shipping and whaling
  5. 5. 2010: Jim Stynes,MelbourneFootball Clubpresident, for histireless dedicationto the welfare ofVictorias youththrough his workwith the ReachFoundation.
  6. 6. OverviewFeaturing the Worlds 3rd Largest Screen, IMAXMelbourne Museum offers one of the mostexciting and immersive cinema experiences onoffer.Let the power of IMAX 3D transport you toexotic and amazing locations around the globe,under the sea and out of this world or see thelatest Hollywood Blockbusters on a giantscreen wrapped in 15,000 Watts of digitalsurround sound!For information on films and session times,please visit the website. Session times areavailable daily in the Melbourne Agenewspaper.
  7. 7. Eureka Tower is a 297.3-metre (975 ft)skyscraper located in the Southbank precinctof Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Constructionbegan in August 2002 and the exteriorcompleted on 1 June 2006. The plaza wasfinished in June 2006 and the building wasofficially opened on 11 October 2006. Theproject was designed by Melbournearchitectural firm Fender Katsalidis Architectsand was built by Grocon (Grollo Australia). Thedeveloper of the tower was Eureka Tower PtyLtd, a joint venture consisting of Daniel Grollo(Grocon), investor Tab Fried and one of theTowers architects Nonda Katsalidis. It was theworlds tallest residential tower whenmeasured to its highest floor, until surpassedby Ocean Heights and the HHHR Tower inDubai. It is now the sixth-tallest after the twoDubai skyscrapers HHHR Tower and OceanHeights
  8. 8. Slide 8 List a place in Melbourne include specialfeatures and pictures