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PleaseReview integration with Oracle WebCenter Content


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  • 1. Enhancing document collaboration within Oracle® WebCenter Content Dave Cornwell, CEO, PleaseTech Ltd John Klinke, Sr. Principal, Product Management, Oracle
  • 2. Oracle WebCenter Content and PleaseReview Leading content management solution for managing documents and other unstructured content • Document Management • Capture and Imaging • Digital Asset Management • Records Management A proven collaborative review and co-authoring solution • Simultaneous access • Specialist review functionality • Management and control • Reporting
  • 3. Oracle WebCenter Content Enterprise Content Management Document Management Document Capture & Image Processing Desktop and Mobile Integration Digital Asset Management Content Workflows Records and Retention Management
  • 4. WebCenter Content Customers
  • 5. Oracle WebCenter Content Unified, Pre-Integrated ECM Solution Unified • Full-featured Content Management Capabilities • Single, Unified Platform Pre-Integrated • Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware • E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc. • WebCenter Portal and SharePoint
  • 6. Oracle WebCenter Content Unified, Pre-Integrated ECM Solution Traditional Content Management • • • • • Document Management Imaging and Capture Digital Asset Management Records Management Web Content Publishing Enterprise Applications • • • • • Siebel PeopleSoft JD Edwards Primavera Fusion Apps • E-Business Suite • WebCenter Sites • Documaker Custom Applications • • • • • Self-Service Portals Dashboards Business Process Automation Intranets, Extranets SharePoint WebCenter Content Content Repository Application Adapters FMW Infrastructure Embeddable Content Management
  • 7. PleaseTech Ltd The document review and co-authoring specialists • A growing & profitable software products company – Background: developing applications for the Life Sciences Industry and document management technologies – HQ in UK, development team in Malaysia • PleaseReview: a unique solution developed over the last 8 years – A global client base with over 100 corporate customers – Used across industry sectors and departments • Life Sciences, Defense, Utilities, Government, IT, Transport… • Regulatory, proposals, marketing, business development, QA, software engineering…
  • 8. The integrated solution • Extends document collaboration capabilities • Easy to use • Integrated – seamless environment for document access, editing and review – Uses existing WebCenter login credentials – Central user administration – Accessible across business platforms
  • 9. Document review before… Documents accessed from WebCenter Content • Either: 1. 2. 3. Checked out for authoring and review Checked in with edits made Checked out again to next participant Sequential access Last one wins! • Or 1. 2. 3. Checked out and emailed to many Comments and changes manually consolidated Checked in Manual process Error prone
  • 10. The issues • • • • • Time consuming Email chaos Poor collaboration Multiple marked up copies No metrics
  • 11. Benefits WebCenter Content and PleaseReview together • Save time – Less time spent on each review – Fewer review cycles – Shorter review meetings • Improve document quality – Better collaboration – Transparency – Metrics (QA) “WebCenter Content and PleaseReview allow you to focus on the content… not the tools or process
  • 12. Benefits contd. • Bring control – To the process – Over the document and content • Ensure compliance – Secure collaboration – Configurable to meet corporate standards – Transparency & accountability – Metrics “Together, WebCenter Content and PleaseReview provide a flexible collaboration platform combining intuitive ease of use with absolute control and accountability
  • 13. A walk through - from a user’s perspective • Documents are stored within WebCenter Content • Users search and access documents to review • No additional log-in required
  • 14. A walk through - from a user’s perspective Entering the review takes the user into the PleaseReview environment • Simple interface • Add comments and propose changes • See and respond to others’ changes and comments in real time
  • 15. A walk through - from a review owner’s perspective • Documents are accessed within WebCenter Content • A new review is initiated from the ‘Actions’ menu • 5 easy and logical steps to set up and start the review
  • 16. A walk through - from a review owner’s perspective • Comments and changes are automatically incorporated once accepted • Document round tripping for Word • Document is checked back in as a new version • Metrics provide a detailed report of all activity
  • 17. More information • Contact us for a no obligation online demo • • Thank you! Questions?