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Linked in & Facebook for Cobalt Mortgage 2013.08.01
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Linked in & Facebook for Cobalt Mortgage 2013.08.01


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The Geeks on Grand gave a presentation to Cobalt Mortgage in Durango on August 1, 2013. The topics were using LinkedIn and Facebook for Business. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need …

The Geeks on Grand gave a presentation to Cobalt Mortgage in Durango on August 1, 2013. The topics were using LinkedIn and Facebook for Business. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need further information on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social site. -Victoria Petersen and Perry Lewis, Geeks on Grand 970.533.9926 /

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  • 1. Class Introduction and IcebreakerLogistics, agenda review and introductions - (5)Feel free to ask questions – we want this to be an interactive session. If you have a question that doesn’t directly apply, please either write it on our easel – or ask us to write it down.Review AgendaIntroductions
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 200 million members - and it's growing rapidly.   LinkedIn connects you online to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.  DistributingContentCollaboration with colleaguesSharing ResourcesCommunication with clients
  • Easy to understand the steps to achieve a 100% profile completion – graded on a % based completion i.e. x % for school listing, x% for completed summaryfirst impression, and it is essential to attracting connections120 characters at the top of your profile to describe who you are and what you do -Use brief, descriptive, compelling keywords so the right professionals on LinkedIn can discover you.Use descriptive keywords that you quoted in your headline if possible, and be sure to describe your role for each position. This is your chance to really describe who you are and how you help people. I recommend that you write your summary in the third person.
  • Utilize customer-focused keywords, as these are the terms that will help you show up in search results within LinkedIn. When thinking about these keywords, think about the words and phrases that people in your target markets might search for to find someone with your background, experience, and service offering. Interests- Groups & Associations – Honors & Awards - Each of these terms will be hyperlinked and will take you to other users in the network who share these interests.request recommendations that can be displayed on your profile. The best way to receive recommendations is to first give them! Hint: You will need at least three recommendations in order for LinkedIn to label your profile "completed."
  • People want to connect & engage.Who are you marketing to? Who do you want to attract?What are your own desires, strengths/weaknesses?Narrow it down… You don’t need to be on every group
  • Adding ConnectionsUpload your contacts from Outlook, webmail like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or other address books. The people who are already on LinkedIn have a small blue icon with the letters “In.”
  • You have to stand out – be fun, be authentic…Yet, at the same time, you have to be professional, be consistent across all platforms / social sites.Connect With Everyone Start adding your personal LinkedIn link to your email signature Make Your Interactions Personal Every time you send an invitation to connect with someone, make it personal. Take out anything generic, and make it as personal as possible. - Respond back when they accept connection request
  • LinkedIn Groups exist for just about any industry or topic you could imagine. Focus on ones that will help you with your goalStart Your Own Community Creating a group may be one of the best ways to get your message out there and the most powerful way to leverage LinkedIn for a number of reasons.
  • LinkedIn, to your business, is like a virtual trade show full of 24/7 networking. Link everything togetherSimilar to a personal profile setupSetting up a business on LinkedInEdit the description of your Company Profile: Add keywords within the Specialty Section Industry LocationBlog - Twitter
  • Basically, privacy on the web is this simple. If you put something on the web – you can count on it NOT being private.HackersThe site itselfIt’s third party developersEtc….
  • The Core Netiquette RulesSpell Check & Proof ReadDo not use all capsTell the truthBe yourselfDo not flameStay away from spamBe conservative in emailDo not send email at nightUse Discretion online
  • Final Questions & Wrap Up
  • 1. Class Introduction and IcebreakerLogistics, agenda review and introductions - Victoria (5)Feel free to ask questions – we want this to be an interactive session. If you have a question that doesn’t directly apply, please either write it on our easel – or ask us to write it down.Review AgendaIntroductions
  • To be successful in marketingyour business/brand on Facebook requires a mix of authenticity, openness, transparency. Your page as a whole, all the areas complete – showing the “personality”, or brand of your business. If it applies, make it fun – add visually appealing graphics where ever you can. We’ve heard all over the web to “Tell Your Story” – you can do that so easily with a FB page.The purpose of this workshop is to help get you and your business started on the ROAD TO SUCCESS!! Let’s start with a short activity…************3 Facebook Business Goals Activity********
  • Give general overview of the spaces – more detail of each section on further slides.Admin PanelCover PhotoProfile PhotoAboutShowcase AppsRecent Posts by OthersRecommendationsLikesTimeline
  • Admin PanelGo LIVE and review all the red highlighted sections
  • Insights You Can Act On Learn what's working and not working on your Page. Find out more about who likes your Page (your fans) and engages with your posts.Use your insights to plan future posts and decide on the best ways to connect with people.
  • Cover PhotoDimensions for the large cover image is 851 x 315 pixels.  If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. (The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide). Facebook encourages you to change your cover image as often as you wish. Newsflash: each time you change your cover image, this posts on to your wall and goes out into the news feed of your fans. Profile pictureYour profile picture is always a square and is displayed at 125 x 125 pixels or 150 x 150 pixels, depending on the size of someone’s screen. The photo you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Facebook discourage page owners from changing their profile picture that often. This is the primary, instantly-recognizable image that tracks you throughout Facebook wherever your posts go and wherever you comment as your Page.About A brief description of your business / page. If you are a PLACE page, this will display your location and hours info.Showcase appsJust below your cover image, your ‘tabs’ are now displayed as apps or views. You can have a max of 12, though only four are always on display. The first one is always Photos and cannot be moved. ‘Views’ are Facebook’s default apps or features such as Photos, Events, Likes, Notes, Map. Apps are all third party apps.App URLsEach tab/app has a unique URL so you can drive traffic from inside or outside Facebook to any ‘landing page’ you wish.GearQuick navigation
  • Recent Posts by Others - Posts made by others (fans and non-fans) are in a small box at the top right called Recent Posts by Others. You can scroll in this field without leaving your wall: first click ‘More Posts’ on the lower left of the box and use your mousewheel or the vertical scroll bar. Or click ‘See All’ for a popup box. For viewing and moderating, it’s easier to view these posts on the Posts by Others wall filter, thoughRecommendations – Great way for new customers to see what others have to say about your business. If you know a happy customer that is comfortable with facebook – ASK them to post a recommendation!Likes – Shows other business pages that YOUR PAGE has liked. Good way to show off partnerships, other businesses that you believe in or like what they have to say.
  • Messaging Box - Status Updates, Sharing: Links, Photos, Videos, Creating Events, MilestonesWall FiltersPage walls now have four filters: Highlights, Posts by Page, Posts by Others, and Friend Activity. There is no way to set the wall to be posts by everyone. The default is always Highlights. In your page settings (Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions), you can choose to not let anyone write on your wall, or to not display Posts by others. However, we recommend that you leave the settings on to allow everyone to write on your wall, everyone can add photos and videos, and show the box for Recent Posts by Others.Jumping to a Certain Time PeriodTimeline line down the center. You can also add a milestone in a certain place by clicking on this line.
  • Pin postsAny post made by the Page can be pinned the top of the wall for up to 7 days. We suggest rotating which posts are pinned and not letting any post sit there for longer than 1-2 days. You never know how many repeat visitors are coming to your Page and you want to keep it fresh for them.
  • Highlight postsPage admins can choose to display any post made by the Page or by others as ‘double wide’ – meaning the post spreads across both columns of the Timeline. Hover over a post and click the star icon to highlight.
  • A Highlighted PostACROSS the whole stream
  • Growing your PageThe more “Likes” you get, the more people will see your page.The more interactions and conversations you have with people on Facebook – the more people will see your page.“Likes” – How do you get them?There are a number of simple ways to increase Likes on your page! MORE INFO ON FURTHER SLIDES
  • Growing your Page“Likes” – How do you get them?Vanity URL
  • Growing your Page“Likes” – How do you get them?Promote in Person and in PrintPromote on your websitePromote on Facebook (personally)Promote using Facebook as your business page – go out and interact AS your business page
  • Growing your PageInteractionJUST JUMP RIGHT IN!!
  • I spoke a slide or two back about “Interacting as your page”…. Show how you can:Use Facebook as your page
  • Show how you can:Always check the top right of your screen to make sure you are using FB as your page.Now, anyone you interact with ON YOUR PAGE, will see you responding as your page……..First off, LIKE other business pages.These will show up in your “business stream”. Now, you have a network of other businesses to interact with as well.
  • Show how you can:Go to another Business page and postUtilize your Business page “Stream” to interact with other businessesThe more you “Get out There”, the more other people will see your business.
  • Social Media StrategyYou know you’re supposed to have a page, you’ve gotten this far… but now what?!? It’s kind of like a puzzle - what do you do, and how do you fit all the pieces together?To be successful in social media – for your business, for your brand, for you – as I mentioned earlier, your page needs a mix of authenticity, openness, transparency. To a certain extent – it’s a bit about giving up control. The key thing that is different with setting a social media strategy is to realize that it is not all about reaching a mass audience and blasting your message out - it is more about connecting with your customers, developing relationships, having a conversation, and ultimately, reaching the influencers. #1: Determine Your Goals and Objectives What Do You want to get out of it? What messages are you trying to send out? Keep it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timely (aka be SMART)#2: How much Time do you want to spend? Figure out how much time you have each week to spend on your Facebook page. Be honest. Say you want to only spend one hour per week – total on your FB page. That’s only 12 minutes Monday through Friday! This will help you later, when you create a Content/Posting Calendar.
  • #3: Join the Conversation You customers want to see the real “you” – when I say who, I may not mean you personally. Social Media makes is easy for you to share your company culture – some personal glimpses to “behind the scenes”, or upcoming events/products that you are excited aboutMake sure to respond to any comment on your Page – good or bad#4: Don’t be Afraid to Experiment!Try different posting methods, different conversation starters. As you dive deeper into the never-ending pool of social media, you’ll quickly understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Does everyone have the new search?Want to find photos from your graduation? Done. Want to find out which of your friends went to Harvard and graduated with biology degrees? Done. On a mission to unfriend anybody who supports a certain group (such as the NRA)? You can do that, too.Let’s go to the web for a live version – the best way to explain the new Graph Search. **Remember to click on one search – and then while on that results page, click the top again!!Restaurants don’t work very well. Even though my address info is entered in as Mancos, Colorado, the restaurants listed are from the Denver area.
  • Final Questions & Wrap Up
  • Transcript

    • 1. PERRY D. LEWIS G E E K S O N G R A N D LinkedIn Workshop for Cobalt Mortgage
    • 2. LinkedIn is… ……. LinkedIn is…
    • 3. Complete Your Profile ……. Complete Your Profile  Upload an image  Create “who you are” headline  List your current position and past two positions  Complete "Summary” sections  Complete "Specialties” section
    • 4. Complete Your Profile ……. Complete Your Profile  Interests  Groups & Associations  Honors & Awards  Give & Ask for Recommendations
    • 5. Growing Your Network ……. Growing Your Network
    • 6. Growing Your Network
    • 7. How To Market Yourself ……. How To Market Yourself
    • 8. Groups – Associations – Interests
    • 9. Using LinkedIn to Market Your Biz ……. Using LinkedIn to Market Your Biz
    • 10. LinkedIn Business Page
    • 11. LinkedIn Business Analytics
    • 12. LinkedIn Business Analytics
    • 13. Privacy ……. Privacy
    • 14. Social Netiquette ……. Social Netiquette
    • 15.  Perry D. Lewis   /company/geeks-on- grand   970.533.9926 August 1, 2013 LinkedIn Workshop for Cobalt Mortgage
    • 16. Facebook Workshop for Cobalt Mortgage VICTORIA PETERSEN G E E K S O N G R A N D
    • 17. Facebook for Business The Road to Social Media Success
    • 18. Page Architecture Layout of your Business Page
    • 19. Admin Panel
    • 20. Insights Panel
    • 21. Business Page Header
    • 22. Page Architecture Layout of your Business Page
    • 23. The Timeline
    • 24. Facebook Timeline Pin a Post to the Top of Your Page
    • 25. Facebook Timeline Highlighting a Post
    • 26. Hello, Highlights!!
    • 27. Growing Your Page “Likes”
    • 28. Growing Your Page “Likes” Vanity URLs
    • 29. Growing Your Page “Likes”
    • 30. Growing Your Page Interaction
    • 31. Growing Your Page Interaction  Interacting as “Your Page”
    • 32. Growing Your Page Interaction  Interacting as “Your Page”
    • 33. Interacting as “Your Page”
    • 34. Content Marketing General Strategies
    • 35. Content Marketing General Strategies
    • 36. Facebook’s Graph Search Relevant Search – at last!!  Facebook’s Graph Search
    • 37.  Victoria Petersen   onGrand   970.533.9926 August 1, 2013 Facebook Workshop for Cobalt Mortgage