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1000 Piece Jigsaw No Lid

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A booklet about building and growing an Adobe Business Catalyst website, or any website, that works for business owners.

A booklet about building and growing an Adobe Business Catalyst website, or any website, that works for business owners.

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  • 1. Table of ContentsNoisy, busy, distracted! 5 Go and do a Google search for anything.! 6 And heres you.! 6Your website needs a banana !! 7 So, what just happened here ?! 8 But lets consider a normal business website.! 8Once Upon a Carpet Bomb! 9People have problems! 10 Why did I buy them?! 10 People have problems. Problems need solved.! 11 Not convinced ?! 11Whose problem do you solve?! 12You have a solution dont you ?! 13 So lets introduce a company who sell travel insurance.! 13 2
  • 2. He breaks his solution, travel insurance, down.! 14Sorry, that seat is taken! 15 I know youve had that phone call.! 15Getting on the bus too early! 16 The rise of social media! 16Step 1 - What are people searching for ?! 17 This is what he wants to figure out! 17Step 2 - The banana! 19Step 3 - Dangle the carrot on a website ?! 21Wireframing it ! 23Moment of truth! 25 Its our job to get as many people to complete that web form.! 25Step 4 - Pretty pictures sell! 27 Before and After! 27Step 5 - Building it ! 28 3
  • 3. Step 6 - Measure it ! 29 Tweak It! 30The Funnel! 31Step 7 - Scale it up! 32Example 1 - United Sports USA! 35Example 2 - Earlsfield! 36Things dont always go to plan! 37Summary. 1000 piece jigsaw, no lid! 39 You must understand the fundamentals of business.! 40About the author! 41Further Reading! 42 4
  • 4. Noisy, busy, distractedHave you ever seen an 11 year kid use a computer or a smartphone ? My son is 11 years old and its afrightening experience sitting next to him as he crashes his way through the levels of an iPad game,flicking over to YouTube to find the videos tips then dropping the iPad on the sofa to IM (instantmessage) his friends on his Blackberry.Or have you ever been in a restaurant or bar where lots of people have their smartphone outconstantly checking their Facebook comments, texting, tweeting and then coming up for breath for adrink ?This is the way of the world today. People are busy and distracted. They want things to happen in aninstant. If they dont get what they want, they hit the back button and leave your website. 5
  • 5. Go and do a Google search for anything.Theres 40 million results for everything. Follow a current topic via a hashtag on Twitter and you seethousands of people making comments and adding more and more noise to the already cluttereddigital space.And heres you.The business man or the web person trying to generate some business via a website or the internet.Whats an honest bloke gotta do to cut through all the clutter and get some interest or sales for hisbusiness ?This book attempts to help you find a way to generate interest and enquiries via the internet for yourbusiness. Its based on my 20 years working in marketing and sales and the experience taken from thelast 50 websites Ive built under the Platonik name. 6
  • 6. Your website needs a banana !Its my sons birthday party this week, so his mum asks me to find the discount vouchers or promotionsfrom Frankie and Bennyʼs restaurant. So I go to their website and bang, smack in the middle, is their20% off your meal offer.This is exactly what I wanted. Soimmediately I fill out the form and get thevoucher; which I print off.In fact this restaurant group even havean iPhone and Android app so you canshow the offers on your smartphone atthe restaurant. 7
  • 7. So, what just happened here ?If I were a horse standing still and the restaurant, 10 paces in front of me, held out an apple, Id walktowards that apple.If I were a tiny mouse, like Tom in the Tom and Jerry cartoon, peering out my little cut-out door in thewall and you put cheese at the other end of the room, damn sure Id start making moves on thatcheese.Seth Godin uses the monkey and banana story in his book, the Big Red Fez, to explain that a monkeywould climb over a wall and through a bath of Jell-O to reach the banana.Yes, perhaps its a bit crude to think of people like animals who respond to bait like these animals do.But lets consider a normal business website.It gets a 700 visitors in a month, mainly from people looking for a product. 90 of them get to the fill in acontact page but only 20 of them complete the web form.So for every 100 people visiting this website, only 3 take any action. In internet terms today, thatsactually a respectable ratio. But theres no banana to entice more of these people to take immediateaction. 8
  • 8. Once Upon a Carpet BombI graduated in marketing from Stirling University in 1990 walking out with a bit of paper that said I couldmemorise marketing books and pass exams. But it wasnt until I worked for a telecommunicationscompany where marketing and sales really worked in tandem and made sense for me.We called some of our monthly marketing activity "carpet bombing". We would select a geographicarea, buy a postal mailing list, design up an offer and send out 50,000 of them in the mail.For example, Call now and receive free installation worth £149 when you switch to us.Or Sports Channel free for 3 months, offer ends 30 June, Call Now.Every month, we did this. With direct mail, with leaflets dropped through letterboxes, in newspaperadverts and on billboards. These offers were the apples, banana or cheese designed to provokepeople to take action.When I was responsible for football sponsorship activity I would invite prospective business customersto dine and watch football matches in our corporate boxes. Call them bribes or apples, bananas orcheese but these people took action and we took their business as a result of it.In both instances we knew who to target, what carrot to dangle in front of them, we knew our cost,likely response rate and the revenue we would generate. 9
  • 9. People have problemsHave a think about the last purchases you made. There are bound to be some memorable purchasesyou made which you can recall the reasons why you made them. Let me describe to you the last fewpurchases of mine.• A Zara jacket and shirt• A car service and mot• Cinema tickets to see Star Wars in 3D• iPhone 4SWhy did I buy them?• Zara – needed to look good going to a corporate hospitality function.• Car Service and MOT – I had to. Itʼs the law. I donʼt want pulled over by the police.• Cinema tickets – I needed something to do with my son on Friday night.• iPhone 4S - so I can project the iPhone screen onto my Mac to give App demonstrations without jail baiting my phone. Thereʼs only one App and only the 4S that can do that.Notice that in every single instance there is a problem involved. If I didnʼt get my car serviced, I wouldget in trouble. 10
  • 10. People have problems. Problems need solved.Pure and simple thatʼs why they buy. People may not be able to express the problem they have. Theymay not know of the right solution or even how to find the right solution.There are problems that need solved and products that offer a solution to these problems.Not convinced ?Why do you go to your local doctor ? You have a problem with your leg, knee, arm or whatever. Youwant it solved.So whilst I was trained as a marketer to understand why people bought stuff and about productfeatures and benefits, people really buy to solve their problem. 11
  • 11. Whose problem do you solve?You have an existing product or service. Youve done what youve always done and in a way thatyouve always done it. And you figure that if you just put together some web pages about who you areand what you do, people will simply gravitate to you and all your existing business problems will besolved with a website ?Not anymore. There are millions of other people doing what you do, all competing for a share of thesame pie. And your bite of the pie is getting smaller. 12
  • 12. You have a solution dont you ?So lets introduce a company who sell travel insurance.They have been selling travel insurance steadily for the past 20 years. But the internet came along andthe big boys who used to spend their money on television advertising have diverted considerablemoney to internet marketing and OWN the internet for "travel insurance" searches.So our insurance man has to think differently. He cannot compete in this general market for insurance.He has to dig deeper. 13
  • 13. He breaks his solution, travel insurance, down.• Travel insurance for students• Travel insurance for over 60s• Travel insurance whilst pregnant• Gap year travel insurance.And so forth.So now hes starting to think about who would want to travel and why they would need travelinsurance.And then he casts his mind back a few years and remembers there was the volcanic ash problem inEurope.So theres another one "volcanic ash travel insurance"Our insurance man spends a few more days figuring out who travels and why. 14
  • 14. Sorry, that seat is takenThe phone rings and you answer it. "Hello, this is Blah Blah Blah. We are a company who can saveyou money on your gas and electricity bills. Who is your current gas and electricity supplier and howmuch do you pay per month ?"I know youve had that phone call.Whilst its a bit intrusive of them to telephone you during dinner, the real issue is that you ALREADYhave your gas and electricity problem solved. Its way too much hassle to consider switching. That seatis already taken.No matter what that telephone sales person says to you, 98% of the time people will not take up thesales personʼs offer to switch supplier and save money.If the seat is taken, the market has just shrunk by 98%. 15
  • 15. Getting on the bus too earlyImagine you went to Pontefract local market on a Tuesday morning. Thereʼs no one there.If you did a bit of research it would tell you that 3000 people go to that market to buy and sell things.But the market only exists on Wednesday and Saturday when buyers and sellers come together. Amarket only exists when people show signs of buying and selling.The rise of social mediaNow everyone is connected to friends, family, business contacts primarily sharing what they are doingwith some possibly trying to sell something. The problem, in the main, is that there arent many signs ofpeople buying. But Ill come to that later on.At the turn of the millenium, I worked for a company where I was marketing and selling broadbandinternet. At the time the old crackly 56k connect a wire from your computer to your phone line washow most people got online. We tried to sell them 10 times faster, always on broadband. It met withlots of blank stares and rejection by most.The market was there but people were not ready to buy. Most people just presumed they did not havean internet connection problem. 16
  • 16. Step 1 - What are people searching for ?Now, back to our insurance man, who has come up with over 50 different scenarios. Sure, he has 50different insurance policies, but are enough people actually searching for these types of solutionsonline ?This is what he wants to figure out• How many people are searching for his stuff?• How many visits is he likely to get if hes number 1 in Google?• Can he realistically get to number one and beat the competition?So, he uses a bit of research software and plugs in the names of his policies; the things he thinkspeople might be searching for. And the research comes back and delivers him a list of 700 differentsearch phrases. 17
  • 17. But he has to filter those 700 search phrase results down. He eliminates search phrases that are toogeneral and competitive, like travel insurance, and search phrases where there are less than 10people a month searching. And he filters out the brand names of some competitors as well.So, his product called travel insurance has now turned into 350 different problems searched over oneand half a million (1,500,000) times a month (in the UK); of which 500k are likely to click to a websiteresult. 18
  • 18. Step 2 - The bananaLets face it, insurance is a boring commodity people shop around for and grudge paying for. Insuranceis a necessarily evil but always at the back of our mind is "what if".So whats the apple, banana or bit of cheese for someone selling insurance ? Let me assure you it isnot an a sales person in a suit turning up on your doorstep with a briefcase.Its a meerkat. Yes that cute butannoying little creature in thetelevision adverts for the insurancecompany, Compare the Market.Take out insurance with these guysand you get a cuddly Meerkat toy.After years of raising awareness thatthey are the insurance brand ofchoice and when you are finallyready to switch or purchaseinsurance, a nice cute little toy is theapple or banana thats going toprompt you to take action. 19
  • 19. 20
  • 20. Step 3 - Dangle the carrot on a website ?Now lets pull all this together and construct a website that can address the thousands of differentproblems people search for and convince them to take some action towards your company orproducts.We need to figure out where to dangle the carrot on the website; that bait to prompt them to fill out thecontact form or telephone you.Someone searches for "over 60s travel insurance"And they land on the following page. 21
  • 21. So the problem they are looking for is presented right in front of them. They see a picture of a couple on holiday and some text about the policy. The page says to the website visitor "This is the right place for me" We have a telephone number throughout the website in the top right hand corner. Then we have two large buttons "Get a Quote" and "Click here to get a quote". We also have a Get Quotation link in the middle of the horizontal navigation; which, upon reflection, could be displayed more prominently. One click and they are on the quotation page. Thats fine if you have only one product, but we have to cater for hundreds and thousands of different products on this website.22
  • 22. Wireframing itMany web companies will start with designing a home page. Not I. My focus is on the call to action, theapple, the banana or whatever you want to call it.The telephone number always goes top right hand corner of the website. And since millions of peoplenow have iPads and iPhone, make sure the website visitor can call you directly when they click thephone number.Then we have our Get A Quote and TelephoneQuote buttons on the right side of the productpage.The right hand side of the page is wherepeople take action. If you look at any heatmapstudies, youll see these are the most effectiveplaces to position your call to action.You will see on subsequent examples, I evenplaced the enquiry form on the right hand sideof every page; to save the user one extra click.Then we build the product copy and informationaround this. 23
  • 23. Once I am happy Ive done a good selling job on one product, then its time to think about how to groupall related products together with a left and upper horizontal navigation.Whilst the items on the left navigation have been altered from the mocked up wireframes, youll seethem grouped together below as they appear on the live website. 24
  • 24. Moment of truthThere are only 3 things which can happen on this website.• The person clicks the Get A Quotation button.• They pick up and telephone.• They click and go elsewhere or worse, they leave the website.If you are a Seth Godin reader, this is the Knock Knock e-book in action. So the user has clicked theGet a Quotation button and they are presented with an web form.Its our job to get as many people to complete that web form.But not everyone does. 25
  • 25. The form could have too many questions to fill out. It could ask questions irrelevant to this type ofenquiry. The live version of this form asks the user to do 14 things. Could we trim it down ? Absolutely.If 100 people visited this page, yet only 25 completely filled in the form, youd want to improve, wouldntyou ? 26
  • 26. Step 4 - Pretty pictures sellIf you were going on a date, a party or a job interview, youd want to present yourself in the bestpossible way. Some people can dress impeccably well, others either dont have the dress sense ordont make the effort.An internet website is no different. Pretty pictures sell. The end user wants to know they are dealingwith a trustworthy and respectable company. Im not here to sell you on design. Whilst I invest inworking with good designers for all my clients, Im here to sell you on generating business enquiriesfrom the internet.Before and After 27
  • 27. Step 5 - Building itAfter I give my designers the wireframes, which they "paint" their designs over the wireframes and myclient has approved them, then its time to providethe web developer with the functionality requiredfor the build and development of a website.So heres my designed product page with thesome orange circles Ive draw. These are theareas myself and my client will need the flexibilityto change or edit.• We want the ability to change the phone number or the Call Us message.• We want a search function.• We want to change, reorder, add or remove products displayed on the left hand menu or items on the horizontal menu. 28
  • 28. Step 6 - Measure itYou finally get your website live. First thing I do is to install Google Analytics code into the sitetemplate. This allows Google to tell me how many visits a client receives each month, how did peoplefind the website and what did they type into Google to find the site.But more importantly, Google enables you to create a goal. What this free Google tool will do is tell youhow many people visited the website, how many people visited the enquiry page and how manypeople completed the enquiry page.For ExampleTotal Website Visits = 700Enquiry page visits = 100Completed forms = 20Funnel Conversion = 20%Visitor Conversion = 3% 29
  • 29. Tweak ItSo lets say this sales funnel happens fairly consistently for 3 months. We could improve it, right ?Total Website Visits = 700Enquiry page visits = 100Completed forms = 20 (lets say we make the form easier to complete and improve it to 30)Funnel Conversion = Was 20%, Now 30%Visitor Conversion = Was 3%, Now 4.3% 30
  • 30. The FunnelNow lets say the business sells a service for £100. Of those completed forms, 50% of people whoenquired will pay for this service.20 x 50% x £100 = £1000.Our business owner now has a sales funnel.Visits|Enquiry Page|Completed Enquiries|Completed Sales. 31
  • 31. Step 7 - Scale it upSo now that you have a system or a model for turning website visitors into enquiries and following upand closing the sale, you can feel pretty confident in spending some money to generate more visitorsand more business.Lets say you are a car garage in London. You charge £100 for a standard car service. But you knowthat there are always extras on top of the service; new tyres, new windscreen wiper blades etc.And on average that initial £100 quotation becomes a £200 sale.So you decide to purchase some additional visitors. You are going to use Google Per Pay Click to findthose additional website visitors. 32
  • 32. You can purchase one visit forjust under £1.You target people in Londonsearching for a "car service".The user clicks and lands onthe relevant "Car ServiceLondon" page.From your experience ofcreating and refining your webpages, you can convert 20%of them into an enquiry.£1 divided by 20% = £5 perenquiry. 33
  • 33. And your girl on the telephone has a red hot enquiry for someone who is looking for a car service, hasa 2009 BMW that needs an interim service and the tyres may need replace.Your lovely girl on the telephone can convert 50% of enquiries into a sale.£1 divided by 20% = £5 per enquiry x 50% = £10 per sale.It has cost your car garage £10 to get a new customer who will spend around £200.If your car garage has the capacity to do an additional 100 car services per month, you turn on yourGoogle Pay Per Click tap and buys more clicks.You buys 1000 clicks at £10001000 clicks x 20% enquiry rate = 200 enquiries200 enquiries x 50% sales conversion = 100 sales at £200 = £20,000 per monthYou have turned £1000 into £20,000 (less your costs)You have added £240,000 revenue to your annual business turnover. 34
  • 34. Example 1 - United Sports USAHaving been on a golf scholarship to the USA in 1985,I knew a little bit about the mindset of a teenagerdreaming of going to play sport and study abroad. Sowhen I was approached by this consultancy, I advisedthem to tear down their previous website and startagain.After some online research, we knew kids werelooking for "football scholarships to the USA" but also"soccer scholarships to the USA".So when they land on the website, they knew theywere in the right place. A headline and football image,text and an application form down the right hand sideof every single page.For the parent visiting the website, the rest of thecontent is to ensure them that are working with acredible, professional and trusted consultancy.When this consultancy had a visitor to enquiry conversion ratio, then it was simply a case of themscaling up with marketing activity with SEO, PPC and other media. 35
  • 35. Example 2 - EarlsfieldBefore and after.From an old 4 page website to a 150 page website built around what people are searching forgenerating business enquiries consistently every week from the internet. 36
  • 36. Things dont always go to planClients who come directly to me, get my medicine. But sometimes I receive work via a 3rd party. Thisis where things dont always go to plan.Heres a wonderfully designed and unique website for a Dutch business club who are located inScotland. 37
  • 37. The idea is a paid-for monthly business club and a space for people who work remotely to work from.However, when it came to the website, their off the wall branding agency did not quite understand thatpeople searching for meeting room space or conference rooms just wanted to see pictures of therooms, the room capacity and the cost.So, on the left image below, the website visitor receives a page with a large image and a book nowbutton. Yes, I take personal responsibility for the implementation of such a minimalist website. On theright image, in pink, is how the page should be. Photo of the room, details, prices, book now. 38
  • 38. Summary. 1000 piece jigsaw, no lidSo you are reading this thinking "great". But then the other part of you is thinking "this is far toosimplistic, I was expecting far more from this book".This guy has completely missed out everything about Facebook, Twitter, responsive design and therise of mobile phone usage. And besides "my business is nothing like this".A former client of mine, Luther Blacklock, a master golf teacher, uses the 1000 pieces of a jigsawpuzzle, no lid analogy when explaining the teaching of the golf swing.The golf swing is very simple. If you know how to blend the body, arms and hands, you can quicklylearn to hit golf shots consistently well.The golfer who goes out there seeking little tips from a magazine, different golf coaches providingconflicting advice and tips from lots of well meaning friends is going to get into a right muddle withoutcomprehending the fundamentals of golf.And I use the same analogy when it comes to business owners websites. 39
  • 39. You must understand the fundamentals of business.Whos problem do I solve ?Can I buy traffic cheaply?Can I convert traffic profitably?Am I constantly measuring and refining ?When you have the fundamentals of your website in place and you have an "engine of revenuewebsite" then you can go ahead and add all the fancy bells and whistles.When you are spending £1 per click and generating £10 in revenue, then go ahead and start up aFacebook page, go start Tweeting, go and get a celebrity to endorse your product.Up to this point in the life of your business website, you have a 1000 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and nolid.When you see a lid on a jigsaw puzzle, it looks easy to do, doesnt it ? Thats why this books messageis simple. Its a jigsaw lid. Of course the lid looks easy. Your job is to put all the pieces in place, which isthe hard graft. 40
  • 40. About the authorI am Fraser McCulloch and heres the short version of how this booklet came into existence.After a marketing degree and being brand and marketing manager for Reebok, NTL and some otherbusinesses, I was introduced to a web development company that needed some help growing theirbusiness.I ended up project managing the website builds of the various clients I brought to them. But theyneeded an army of designers and developers and lots of different bits of technology to make a websitework.I was then contracted to redevelop the website, e-commerce shop, email marketing, contactmanagement and marketing of another business. They still printed off email enquiries and faxed themto their USA sales manager and they had no means for following up on leads or customers.I specified a company called Adobe Business Catalyst to become the technology behind the business.I fell in love with the solution. Every bit you need to run a web business under one roof and all the bitstalk to each other.One night in the pub with a good friend and his client who said "built us a website". So I did. I thenbecame an Adobe Business Catalyst Partner and 40 clients later Ive never looked back. 41
  • 41. Further ReadingIm heavily influenced by Seth Godins marketing books and blog. Ive read them all and by far Idrecommend :The Big Red FezKnock KnockFixing Micahs SiteIt will cost you about £6 to purchase The Big Red Fez from Amazon, the other 2 are free e-books; justgoogle them.The other guy I suggest you read is an American branding expert called Rob Frankel. Buy his book,The Revenge of Brand X.And then theres the author Steven Pressfield. I first found out about Mr. Pressfield when I discoveredhe wrote the book of the movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance. I delved further into his work and it washis War of Art book that helped me to stop quitting on things.To your successFraser McCulloch.www.platonik.co.uk 42