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Presentation of PlanetObserver geodata (satellite imagery and elevation data) and communication products - More information on

Presentation of PlanetObserver geodata (satellite imagery and elevation data) and communication products - More information on

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  • 1. PlanetObserver Your supplier for global satellite imagery products and elevation data
  • 2. The company PlanetObserver is a French company created in 1989, dedicated to the production of imagery products in natural colours and elevation data. The company's mission is to produce value-added products with outstanding visual quality, aimed for both professional and consumer applications.
  • 3. PlanetObserver product range
  • 4. PlanetObserver Geodata
  • 5. Global satellite imagery We offer high-quality truly global imagery products using cutting edge technology
  • 6. Global satellite imagery Source data Landsat 7 ETM+ Source data Landsat 5 TM 2 resolutions
  • 7. Global satellite imagery Product benefits
  • 8. Global satellite imagery Product benefits
  • 9. Aerial photography BEFORE AFTER
  • 10. Digital Elevation Data New Digital Elevation Model with global coverage at 90m resolution Exclusivity PlanetObserver Global 90m-resolution
  • 11. Digital Elevation Data Product benefits
  • 12. Digital Elevation Data Detailed and corrected elevation data at 30m resolution over the Alps NEW : Alps at 30m
  • 13. Communication products
  • 14. Printed floor maps
    • Technical floorings for special events, trade shows and all communication purposes.
    Paris La Défense Montélimar Clermont-Ferrand
  • 15. PlanetObserver3D Virtual Globe
    • PlanetObserver3D is an outstanding 3D real time visualization solution of geospatial data, perfect to showcase a large variety of themes and issues on the planet.
    Technology partners :
  • 16. Videos in 3D
    • New service for video-on-demand, best adapted for the touristic and economic promotion of any territory :
      • Touristic tours
      • Hiking and walking
      • Cycling rides and cross-country skiing
      • Ski resorts
      • Road and train maps
      • Coastal itinerary …
  • 17. Themed exhibitions
    • Stunning aerial photography of France and satellite images from any place in the world, perfect to illustrate a large range of issues and themes.
    Lyon Chaîne des Puys Port Grimaud Puy-de-Dôme
  • 18. Markets and applications
  • 19. Webmapping Maps and route planner French national geographic information portal Geoportail API used in the official website of the French Government
  • 20. Broadcasting & media Content production tools for the digital media industry TriVis Weather Graphix solution for TV stations and weather services companies
  • 21. Publishing & cartography PlanetObserver satellite imagery used as backdrop of Michelin cartography Selection of the most striking satellite images of the planet Regular use of satellite images to illustrate Earth Sciences issues Image Bank partners:
  • 22. Museums & science parks Giant size floor map and satellite images on demand for a great eye-catching exhibition on French overseas PlanetObserver3D virtual globe highlighting biodiversity issues around the world
  • 23. Local authorities, corporations & institutions Use of PlanetObserver global DEM product as part of Sentinel-2 space mission License for the European Union Satellite Center based in Madrid
  • 24. Visualization & simulation Air Navigation app : Real-time aircraft moving map navigation application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Development of a 3D virtual globe program based on PlanetObserver imagery and terrain data
  • 25. Channel partners
  • 26. Contact us PlanetObserver 25 boulevard Gergovia 63000 Clermont-Ferrand – France T. +33 (0) 4 73 44 19 00 F. +33 (0) 4 73 44 19 09 [email_address]