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Video in internet marketing


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I gave this presentation on 21 July at the Social Media Academy in Manchester, England. I will add a voiceover going forward to give it more context, but the basic business case for video, platforms …

I gave this presentation on 21 July at the Social Media Academy in Manchester, England. I will add a voiceover going forward to give it more context, but the basic business case for video, platforms to use and dos and don'ts are included.

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  • YouTube – 2bn views daily – really easy to create – PR audience: what’s the business case and how can you upsell that your clients. how many people have created and uploaded a video to the web?
  • The talk roughly breaks down into these areas....- Video is 52 times more likely to show up on the front page of Google (socialmediaexaminer)SHOW OF HANDS – who’s a regular YouTube user...? Who’s uploaded video already or used it in a marketing context?
  • Mention Planet Content and RunMarketing – podcasts etc = Have used YouTube regularly for personal and business use. Test on a personal level before embarking on professional level, that way any lessons you learn will come back on you and not the brand
  • Bloggers adding video to add value PR opp: add voxpops, for example, or a message from your CEO all in all, how can video help you or your clients communicate messages to customers, employees, partners and prospects. How can video help your company showcase what it does, generate sales and even act as a customer service tool?
  • YouTube most popular: 2bn daily hits, 5 years oldVideoJug: more about practical, self-help vids – great if your business provides something practicalTubeMogul: syndicator of content, saving you from having to upload and manage multiple sites
  • – reached influencers (Guy Kawazaki, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post),retweeted 61,000+ times on 13 July - – more than 12 million views
  • - Face-to-face is still the most effective form of communication. I saw some research saying communication is 7% words, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language: surely that makes video POTENTIALLY the most effective form of communication?
  • Ideas – I can’t tell you ideas but think of what works, what appeals to you. Something popular recently online were World Cup moments recreated in Lego. Animals are always popular...Video: Budget – Flip, Mid-range – JVC handheld etc (Which is what I use) , High end – TV qualityVideo editing: Free – Windows Movie Maker, Mac iMovie; Medium – Nero 9 or High-end – Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Video Editing
  • Cost: the 'market' hasn't figured out how much ££ video costs.  fact.  you can quote me on that. a goal would be £300-500 a pop for a simple shoot and edit.  represents a days work or under.  that's my experience in what the market will bear. (Content and Motion)
  • Brand consistency etc.
  • Firstly, what’s your objective? If you want to draw traffic, host it on your own site, if you want eyeballs, go third party – remember that they’re one click away. If both, be careful – see final point Use keywords in description, introduce with optimised text if embedded on own site final point: important. Third party sites have high authority, so if you use the same keywords/title on these sites as you do on your own site, then the third parties could suck traffic away from your site. Therefore, experiment with sexy, peripheral keywords on title on third party sites and keep your main keywords at home
  • Google analytics, Socialmention,Addictomatic, YouTube Insight
  • Transcript

    • 1. The importance of video content to engage audiences online
      Chris Lee, managing director, Planet Content
    • 2. Agenda
      • Introducing online video
      • 3. Examples of online video success
      • 4. The business case for video
      • 5. How to create, manage and optimise online video
      • 6. Measuring success
      • 7. Questions
    • About me
      • Run my own online PR consultancy
      • 8. 12 years in technology PR and journalism
      • 9. Write for New Media Knowledge
      • 10. Won “Best Business Blog 2007” from Communicators in Business
    • Introducing online video
      Engagement - video offers tremendous opportunity to engage audience groups online
      Media thirst – traditional media sites are constantly trying to compete with the BBC’s extensive libraries of content
      PR opportunity – creates opportunity for high-profile story placement
      Creative extension – opportunity to add further depth to a story
    • 11. It’s not just about YouTube...
      Communities - embed and share
      Syndicate video - use sites that syndicate and seed on other social networks
      Relevance - make sure video is accurately targeted
      Monitor - comments and reach
    • 12. Examples
      Old Spice (2010)
      Samsung LED TVs(2009)
    • 13. Building communities
      Social networks – more than just video posting
      Shared interests – people connect to other users who like similar content, or post videos they like
      Channels – YouTube channels create audience bases that are informed when new content is uploaded
      Comments – people post comments and views on videos. Star ratings are a powerful determination of ranking in YouTube and whether it achieves the all-important feature on the front-page
    • 14. Business case for online video
      Reach new audiences – creating and seeding content offers new search traffic possibilities
      Engage - video offers tremendous opportunity to engage audience groups online
      Cost effective – creating and seeding video need not be expensive
      Personal touch – creating video adds a human face to your organisation and makes your own website that much more appealing
      Market trends – people research online more before making a purchase. Let them see your product or service in action
      Growing trend – in 2009, 67 per cent of US marketing managers said video would be an important part of their digital marketing*
    • 15. Getting started in online video
      Objectives – what do you want to get out of your video marketing?
      Strategy – how are you going to position/integrate your video marketing within your wider marketing mix?
      Budget – how much time and money are you willing to spend on video creation and seeding?
      Content – what type of content are you going to create and how will you brand it?
      Seeding – aside from video sites, which other social platforms do you plan to use to push your video content?
      Measurement – how do you intend to measure the success of your video campaigns?
    • 16. Potential content
      Training videos
      Product reviews
      Customer testimonials
      Video blogs
      Press announcements
      Company presentations
      How to play Flamenco guitar (YouTube)
    • 17. How to create online video
      What you need:
      Video camera*
      Sound equipment
      Video editing suite
      File converter
      Clue up on copyright law
      **iPhone 4
    • 18. Video production
      Affordable quality – the explosion of video consumption online has brought with it a reduction in the expectancy of video quality and resolution
      Script writer – finding a good script writer is a very valuable exercise. Substantially reduces expensive to and fro
      Production – hiring a video producers is extremely important – more often that not they will manage the whole project, including editing
      Budget – costs can be in the hundreds, depending on the scope of work
      Length – it is best if videos do not shoot past one minute in length online – further reducing production costs
    • 19. Creating a channel
      Create account
      Personalise your page
      Upload video
      Optimise content
      Share content
      Manage comments
    • 20. Optimise your videos
      What’s the objective: home or hosted?
      Think of your audience
      Make title relevant
      Use keywords and tags: classic SEO best practice
      Balancing video hosted both on your domain and third party sites
    • 21. Moderation
      Hugely active sites such as YouTube attract a large number of ‘spammers’ – people posting inappropriate links and content in comments to capture people’s attention
      Popular videos can also attract abusive comment as a means to scandalise and shock
      When it is your own video post, it is possible to control the following:
      - Removal of inappropriate comments
      - Complete removal of ability to comment
    • 22. Measuring success
      What metrics to consider when measuring success:
      Channel subscribers
      Social media posting (e.g. Tweets)
      Inbound traffic
      Link backs
      Use analytics tools
    • 23. In summary
      Agree objectives
      Keep it short and compelling
      Optimise content
      Make it socially sharable
      Moderate comments
      Measure, test and adjust accordingly
    • 24. In summary
      Hard sell
      Use audio/video content you have no right to use
      Use same keywords on third party sites if hosting on your own
      Take yourself too seriously
    • 25. Small Business Case Study
      Escape Studios (visual effects firm) - offers VFX courses
      Channels - YouTube with Twitter and Facebook
      Campaign - Competition to win work placement and free courses
      * Video watched 3,000+ times on YouTube
      * Overall site registration/conversion goals increased by 63.36% month on month
      * Contact requests increased by 35.16%
      * Purchases increased by 209.09%
      * e-Learning service subscriptions increased by 107.62%
    • 26. Useful sites
      YouTube Insights:
      YouTube blog:
      How to make a YouTube video:
      Flip Video:
      Royalty Free Music:
    • 27. Thank YouAny Questions...?