Get Engaged Series - Approach with caution: 3 email best practices to think twice about


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Thomas Edison is credited with saying: “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”.

In email marketing, send volume is the workhorse of your campaign, it carries the burden and delivers the critical volume of sales needed for success. However, the workhorse depends upon being driven in the right direction.

In this webinar, Dela will discuss 3 email marketing best practices you need to think twice about and shares which are the most important things to think about if you want to make a success of your email campaigns.

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Get Engaged Series - Approach with caution: 3 email best practices to think twice about

  1. 1. 16 Brought to you by: Approach with caution: 3 email best practices to think twice about Dela Quist: CEO Alchemy Worx @delaquist
  2. 2. • A big thank you to our sponsors: • Twitter hashtag: #IEMS • Sign up to the IEMS newsletter: Welcome to the 2nd edition of IEMS!
  3. 3. Why Listen To Me?
  4. 4. When It Comes To Email People Are People B2B B2C
  5. 5. Assumptions • You work for a company or brand that you care about • Opt-in Email Program • You are trying to make money for or promote your company or client • You don’t do anything stupid
  6. 6. A/B Split Test Before You Send
  7. 7. Not All Opens Are the Same Purchase To Open Ratio Over Time
  8. 8. Purchase From Time Of Deployment
  9. 9. Purchase From Time Of Last Click
  10. 10. Opens & Clicks Over Time
  11. 11. How To Create An Effective Test Methodology • Have a clear sense of what you want to improve or optimise - Are you interested in improving opens, clicks or sales? It is not uncommon for the SL with the least opens to generate more click and/or sales. • Own the results – Make sure that whoever conducts the tests goes on the record and documents which SL they predict will win (or lose) and, more importantly, why. • Aim to develop a methodology for creating subject lines – Do not reinvent the wheel every time you send an email out, which is what happens if you focus on creating the “perfect” subject line; you are much more likely to deliver consistent results if you have a proven and well tested methodology.
  12. 12. Optimise For Open Rates
  13. 13. High Open Rates = Low Volumes Source: EDS Analyst
  14. 14. The Open Rate Paradox Data from EDS Analyst
  15. 15. 3 Ways To Improve Revenue Data from EDS Analyst
  16. 16. Subject Line Length – No of Characters
  17. 17. Top Tips For Improving Performance • Focus on numbers and NOT Rates • Make Sure To Include A General Email To The Whole List • Emails do NOT have to be opened for your brand values to register
  18. 18. Remove Inactives Or Mail Them Less
  19. 19. This Kind Of Chart Is NOT Based On Real Data
  20. 20. Active Subscribers Alone Won’t Pay The Rent Spend 400% more/subscriber but only represent 17.23% of revenue Spend 75% less/subscriber but represent 53.88% of revenue
  21. 21. •A 100g potato with skin has 535 mcg of potassium • % of potassium in the skin is about 7% • % of potassium in the skin is about 0.39% • The skin has a much higher % of potassium. • But there is actually more potassium in the flesh – 391 mcg in the potato v 144 mcg in the skin ROI Is For The Show (But Numbers Are For The Dough) Sourced from the Silverpop blog
  22. 22. No Email = No Engagement
  23. 23. mailings mailings
  24. 24. Being on the list is an expression of interest
  25. 25. Churn – No Longer Use / Rarely Check The Address
  26. 26. Honey Traps The Stuff Of Legend
  27. 27. Thank You & Stay in touch @alchemyworx www @delaquist