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Because I am a Girl supporters can now help Plan Canada spread the word by using this tool at a presentation. Visit for the speaking notes and other great presentation tools.

Because I am a Girl supporters can now help Plan Canada spread the word by using this tool at a presentation. Visit for the speaking notes and other great presentation tools.

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  • 1. In Support of Because I am a Girl Presentation: The GIRL ISSUE
  • 2. The GIRL ISSUE is real, and its affecting girls and women around the world – but what is it? Girl Effect, courtesy of The Nike Foundation
  • 3. The POWER and PLIGHT of GIRLS There’s an urgent need to stand up for the rights of millions of girlsaround the world who face barriers to survival and development simply because they’re girls.
  • 4. “I never understand why boys and girls are not equal to each other. In rural areas elders think that girls are born to give birth and to marry and for cleaning the house. Girls who live in rural areas… are not sent to schools. Their parents are not aware of the changing world yet.”- Girl, 15. TurkeyBecause I am a Girl: State of the Worlds Girls Repot (2007). Italy: Amadeus.
  • 5. Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl Reports• Plan Canada has taken Year Topic leadership on the global girl 2007 The State Of The World’s Girls issue creating a series of 2008 In The Shadow Of War research reports about girls 2009 Girls’ In The Global Economy: Adding It and development. All Up• Read the report at 2010 Digital And Urban Frontiers: Girls In A Changing Landscape 2011 So What About Boys?
  • 6. The PLIGHT of GIRLS• Discrimination against young girls and women remains deeply entrenched and widely tolerated throughout the world.
  • 7. The POWER of GIRLS• Despite the obstacles GIRLS face, they have a unique power to uplift not only themselves, but everyone around them.• "When girls reach their full potential, through improved status, better health care, and education, it is the most effective development tool for society as a whole. As a countrys primary enrolment rate for girls increases, so too does its gross domestic product per capita." - Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General
  • 8. The Because I am a Girl Initiative• Plan Canada’s social movement to unleash the power of girls and women to claim a brighter future for girls in the developing world. - Girls have the right to be educated. - Girls have the right to eat. - Girls have the right to be safe. - Girls rights are human rights.• Because I am a Girl is all about harnessing the incredible power that girls and women have here at home and in the developing world, to change the future.
  • 9. The PLAN for GIRLS: Projects• Clean water• Constructing health centers• Nutrition• Girl scholarships• School construction• Training opportunities• Business skills education• Entrepreneurial initiatives• Food security• Birth certificate registration
  • 10. The PLAN for GIRLS: Water Sanitation• A clean supply of water ensures health and hygiene.• They need a source of safe water close to home so that girls can go to school rather than spending their days traveling great distances to bring clean water home.
  • 11. The PLAN for GIRLS: Maternal and Child Health• Provides nourishment and care for expectant mothers, and children with limited access to food and health care.
  • 12. The PLAN for GIRLS: Education• Many girls stay home while their brothers go to school.• Send girls to school and see their futures improve as they learn valuable skills and delay marriage and pregnancy.
  • 13. The PLAN for GIRLS: Microfinance• Teaches the benefits of saving while providing training in life skills, such as basic numeracy and literacy, financial literacy, and information and communication technology.• Young women can use these skills to earn a living for their family and improve their community.
  • 14. How YOU Can Help As a Canadian, youve got the power to make a difference for girls futures in the developing world. Help us change the world for – andthrough - girls and women everywhere. There are so many ways you can be part of the growing social movement.
  • 15. GET INVOLVED• Spread the Word• Sign the ePetition to claim September 22 the International Day of the Girl• Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter• Sign up for our monthly newsletter• Read our blog
  • 16. FUNDRAISE• Make your next birthday, anniversary or other milestone event an ethical celebration by asking for donations to Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative in-lieu of a gift• Ask for donations to Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative in-lieu of hostess gifts at your next dinner party• Select a GIRL ISSUE related book like Half the Sky at your next Book club, and spread the world about the Because I am a Girl movement• Clean out your garage and home to host a Yard Sale and donate proceeds• Clear out your closet and ask your friends to do the same and host a clothing swap with an entry donation fee
  • 17. SHOPPlan Canada’s Gifts of Hope• Ethical giving is real dollars going to real projects that change real lives.Ethical gifts give twice - here and abroad. They are gifts that carry powerand meaning. Your donation goes to buy the very items you arepurchasing. Items like a girl’s scholarship, literacy training for 2 women, orclean water for a family.•You can also purchase a “Givable” like our Because I am a Girl T-shirt toWEAR THE CAUSE, including a donation to the Girl Fund from everypurchase!
  • 18. GIVE• Sponsor a GIRL• Donate to the Because I am a Girl Fund• Sponsor a project
  • 19. THANK YOU!For more information about Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl initiative visit