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A presentation of some of the work of Andras Szalai

A presentation of some of the work of Andras Szalai

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  • 1. My (professional) life in N+1 pages Andras Szalais portfolio April, 2009
  • 2. Vép, Vas county, Hungary vI come from a small village of 3500 inhabitants 30% are farming even now 40% are above 60 I always loved computers
  • 3. I spent summers with v friends renting campsites and turning them into geek reservoirs we spent these summers mostly indoors and learned a lot about democoding
  • 4. I study at BME v Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)Computer Science since 2006 and made 130 ETSC credits I’ve learned Mathematical Analysis Probability Theory Digital Technologies Software Architecture Embedded Systems Algorithm Theory Computer Architecture FPGA programming FPGA layout, hedera, 2009
  • 5. I worked for MOKK (Media Research Centre) and created visualizations 2007of talks at the Hungarian Parliament of the past 16 years my role: Data mining Natural Language processing Writing relevance filter
  • 6. I met Massimo Ban- vzi (!) and Adam 2007 Somlai-Fischer in an Arduino Workshop my role: Arduino hacking Linux programming We built a flower that adjusts its color according to the website you visit got published at
  • 7. June 2007 I applied to and was invited to joinKitchen Budapest media lab and so I started working on...
  • 8. a multitouch screen 2007 We wanted to build a multitouch wall, same what you’ve seen at the Obama inauguration on CNN. But a D.I.Y one. We succeed well before Obama...
  • 9. The Multitouch Wall was the first real group-work in Kitchen Budapest. For the sake of this projectI started experimenting with Computer Vision we organized a soldering tea partywhere we produced all the circuit boards needed my role: Initial experimenting Brainstorming Programming Computer Vision
  • 10. 2007 During the opening ceremony of KIBUI hacked the internetconnection of the Lab and run real time visualisation of the web traffic with Gáspár Körtesi my role: WIFI Hacking Network traffic analysis Visualization
  • 11. I started working on landprint 2007 with Zoltan Kovacs Tamas Bagi Gyorgyi Galik Maxigas Melinda Sipos The goal was to use grass as a medium to communicate to move beyond UFOs and crop circles my role: brainstormingbuilding a low-cost displacement sensor teaching the 16 blenders DRIVING :)
  • 12. The result of the Landprint project was put into action in Millenaris Park, Budapest we got published in many blogs including ‘we make money not art’
  • 13. in my spare time I started playing with quick one-night-hacks likemotion sensor games//interactive tables//low-tech-ir-finger interfaces 2008 One Night Hacks
  • 14. Low-tech finger 2008 interfaceA tribute to Minority Report: IR LED on the finger IR filter on the webcam catch the rabbit program in Processing Two dimensions are more than enough tags: one-night, DIY my role: all concept programming building hardware design
  • 15. Why not use the whole v2008 computer as a game controller? The built in accelerometer is fun to play with tags: one-night, mac-hack, motion-sensor-game I coded a set of simple and small games that you play by tilting the laptop a spaceship simulator my role: all concept programming design
  • 16. ..or an LP scratch 2008 applicationI tried to create realistic scratch device that was controlled by shaking my computer my role: all concept programming design
  • 17. ... and a Nintendo Wii gamewhere you need to roast your bacon at a campfire it is a game of slow steady hands if you rotate fast, the bacon falls if too slow, it burns 2008 with Christopher Baker Gina Haraszti Bence Samu Virtual Firecamp my role: concept programming design
  • 18. I learned J2ME mobile java programming to create 2008 Mobile Jam together with Barna Kantor my first attempt in interaction design a mobile interfaced jamming devicewhere people can play music on their mobil phones together
  • 19. tags: game, mobile, interconnection, music We also linked Mobile Jam to KIBU’sAnimata real time animation software and invited many composers to help making the loops best my role: concept mobile programming in J2ME music programming in PureData
  • 20. Under the mentoring of Gabor Papp I started experimenting with live coding and I learned Fluxus Scheme programming language 2008 with Agoston Nagy Gábor Papp Zoltán Kovács Péter Németh tags: performance, art, Scheme Lisp dialect my role: live coding performance in Fluxus environment
  • 21. Became member of the 2008live coding group NoCopyPaste and took part in a performance in Helsinki at Pixelache 08 ‘Scheme is a beautiful language...’ the following becomes a 5 minutes animation (clear) (colour (vector 0 1 0)) (hint-wire) (hint-anti-alias) (define (rend n)) (if (> n 0) (begin (rotate (vector (* 10 (cos(/time 10))) )) (translate (vector 0 1 0)) (push) (colour (vector (/100 n) 1 1)) (scale (vector (/500 n) (/ n 10) (/n 50))) (draw-cube) (pop) (rend (- n 1)) )))
  • 22. Crossconnect2008 v with Ramyah Gowrishankar Melinda Sipos David ‘dogi’ Lakatos we built a levitating RF receiver which amplifies free phone calls to the public Improved version of Crossconnect and Flight is invited to Pixelache Festival 09 Helsinki learned: Building levitating Balloons phreaking on landline phones my role: brainstorming programming arduino mini soldering and building hardware
  • 23. continued with a more Social Balloon installation 2008 fLight balloons react to each other as the owners communicate No more secrets! If you are drunk your balloon flashes with: Ramyah Gowrishankar Melinda Sipos David ‘dogi‘ Lakatos Peter Puklus my role: brainstorming programming arduino mini soldering building hardware
  • 24. I had the chance to organize and teach a Locative Media Summer Course with 25+ participants from 12 different European countries at Kitchen Budapest 2008 tags: Locative Media, Rapid prototyping with: Milan Korsos Jeff Knowlton my role: teaching setting up course structure
  • 25. I was invited to the 2008 Mediamatic Social RFID Hacker’s Camp at the PICNIC 2008 Conference in AmsterdamDuring only one week of the hacker’s camp we came up with...
  • 26. The Department of InformationSecurity and Privacy Media Tower with Rui Guerra Irad Lee Menno Steenvoorden my role: content visual programming in Max MSP
  • 27. ... everything is so peaceful at the conference Except those guys in black with their ’DISP’ shirts and their huge mobilized mediatower with several screens on it. That’s scary. They are said to be the officers of the Department of Information Security and Privacy. At least they have the uniform. They are here to make sure you are safe.But are the others safe from you? To make sure, they also have to check you. They seem to be using some kind of high-tech RFID scanner. You should behave! It won’t hurt! Suddenly the huge media tower start to flicker. Noise. A machine voice announces your name pretty loudly. The mass stares at you. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Is that you on the screen? Yes. You and another you on the other monitor. Your personal data and your friends’. Is there anything these people don’t know? But hey again, what’s with the porn and war pictures on the smallest display? It’s so annoying and embarrassing at the same time. But... You have to behave! This is for your purpose...
  • 28. Social RFID based tamagochi evolverAn interactive table strictly for 2+ people where you can play with your own creatures The Breedrs tags: genetic algorithm, evolution, darwinism, social catalyst with Luis Fernandez Neil Mendoza Robin Gareus my role: concept brainstorming initial experimentation
  • 29. Gmouse (patent pending) 2008 FitBall Human Interface Device A supplementary computer mouse in a form of a FitBallYou can control the pointer by rolling your hip You jump to click with Edina Horvath David ‘dogi’ Lakatos Gábor Valamilyen my role: building early prototypes signal processing on Arduino designing production level device firmware programming
  • 30. Gmouse prototype at100% Design Tokyo 2008
  • 31. Tone TagzvCharliiiieee!!Come to thecandy mountain 2008Charliiee! Tone tags are small devices that can record and loop sounds Once the button is pressed you can make some noise and each tag starts cycling it endlessly You can throw it on any surface it stays there and your sound is fixed at that specific point with Agoston Nagy Marton Juhasz David ‘dogi’ Lakatos Maria Mendez Tone tagz debuted succesfully at Les E-magiciens Festival 2008 in France my role: AVR programming
  • 32. I did Snowflakes installation with! Generate your own unique snowflake out of your Oyster card 2008 with John Nussey Jon Hewitt! my role: visual design programming snowflake generator physical simulation of snowfall computer vision to interact with the snow
  • 33. Hedera (Art) Digitalis Hedera is a wall installation utilizing 50 reused mobile phone displays which play back live generated visual content It is a commisioned installation for the office of CEO of the Hungarian Telekom with Zsolt Korai David ‘dogi’ Lakatos Bence Kovács Robin Nagy my role: electronics architecture design FGPA programming driver programming
  • 34. Now I’m ready for the challenge
  • 35. Education since 2006 BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics 2008 programming for! Work experience 2007 distincted researcher at Kitchen Budapest 2007 researcher at MOKK, Media Research Center 2006-2007 Department of Cognitive Science, BME 2005-2006 journalist at Linux World, Hungarian Computer MagazineConferences/Festivals/Exhibitions/Publications 2009 Transmediale, Berlin Workshop with Kitchen Budapest 2008 100% Design Tokyo 2008 Mediamatic RFID Hacker’s Workshop, Amsterdam 2008 Picnic, Amsterdam 2007 Millenaris Center, Budapest 2007 Contemporary Art Festival, Szekesfehervar 2007 Pixelache Helsinki Experiences in old platforms and languages C64/ Scheme/ Lisp Computer skills Objective oriented programming languages Java/ C/ C++/ C#/ Python/ Django/ EcmaSript/ AS3/ Unix Linux programming Shell programming/ Kernel drivers Scripting ed/ sed/ awk/ python Programming experiences in most current operating systems Unix/ Linux/ MacOS/ iPhone OS Low level programming FPGA programming/ Verilog/ AVR Assembly Prototyping technologies of choice Arduino/ Processing/ Pure Data/ Max MSP/ Jitter Arduino Workshop at Kitchen Budapest Teaching Processing Workshops at Kitchen Budapest, Pure Data Workshop, Bakonykuti Locative Media Summer Course with Jeff Knowlton
  • 36. contacte-mail slymsg@gmail.comskype sly010mobile 0036305850834web