[Webinar] How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Local Presence Online and Offline


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Learn how to focus your social media efforts and grow your offline business

Together with social media strategists, Katie Lance and Chris Smith, we’ve put together a simple roadmap that capitalizes on the recent changes in location based social media to provide step by step tactics and help you grow your communities online, creating meaningful relationships and business in the real world.

Local Social is heating up. With the release of Facebook’s Nearby feature to focus on local businesses and Google+ reinforcing their commitment to location based apps and search, it’s time to start gearing your social media strategy to support you local presence.

This Webinar Will Show You How To Build Communities Online That Engage Your Local Market Offline.

Learn simple tactics to connect online and offline relationships to build trust where you live and work.
Learn how to use social to have your business found when people are looking for real estate.
Find out how to amplify the reach of your content and increase you search ranking.
Gain the skills to identify who your tribe is, and the tools to get them psyched to engage online and offline.
Stop wasting time posting willy nilly and focus your efforts in ways that provide real value to your business and your audience..

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[Webinar] How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Local Presence Online and Offline

  1. 1. Social and Local Trends
  2. 2. PEOPLE LOVE SOME ONLINE SEARCH waterfront condos in hotlanta 93% 75% Of consumers begin on a Of searchers never scroll past search engine the first page of search results
  3. 3. The Power of Search used to be a strictly desktop affair.Local That ship has already sailed...MobileSearch local search volume is growingexponentially @ 50% every year! 1 billion local searches a month in 2009 1.5 billion local searches 2010 2.3 billion local searches 2011 3.45 billion local searches 2012
  4. 4. Get on the MAP: Local Search & BusinessesSearchers looking for businesses online believe that local search resultsare more relevant and trustworthy than paid or general search results 61% 58% Consider local search Consider local search results to be more results to be more relevant trustworthy
  5. 5. Of all those who An increasing number of submit reviews, local business searchers most have done so expect to find consumer in the past 30 days.91% reviews 37% 15% of local searchers use 30% social media to conduct 25% 14% local searches.Social Media Used for Local Search
  6. 6. GETTING STARTED ON LOCAL SEARCH CHECK LIST1. Optimize website(s) for local 2. Claim your business listing Targeted, hyper-local keywords Google Maps (most important) Relevant content to support keywords Yelp Address and contact info prominent Bing Local SEO friendly CMS Yahoo Local Indexable listings Best of the Web Local3. Get citations, “online references” 4. Become an inbound marketer Local Blogs Focus locally Hyper local blogs Make a plan Locally focused directories Analyze your progress Industry focused directories/blogs Be consistent and don’t stop
  7. 7. Social and Local Tools
  9. 9. Be Useful