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The Cost of Being a Real Estate Agent [Infographic]
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The Cost of Being a Real Estate Agent [Infographic]


If you're like most people, deciding on a new career has lots of hidden cost and opportunities, but finding a break down of what is really involved in becoming a successful agent can be a challenge. …

If you're like most people, deciding on a new career has lots of hidden cost and opportunities, but finding a break down of what is really involved in becoming a successful agent can be a challenge. This infographic is part of a series we are doing on being a real estate agent, what other agents are spending on advertising and marketing, what you can expect to spend yearly and how you might budget.

Good luck. Let us know what you think.

Published in Real Estate , Career , Technology
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  • If an agent is not keeping 90% of his/her commissions then it is time to consider a move to owning your own brokerage. For $15,000 an agent is able to get a web site designed (with full integration into the ML Service provider), CRM software and accounting software installed, set up with a virtual office administrator (who tracks all the activities of a transaction and ensures file compliance-and charges based on a closed transaction) and operated a full brokerage office paying out less than 10% in expenses on each transaction (with no need for a brick & mortar office typical of traditional brokerages).
    Every dollar of commissions translates into $0.90 of gross revenue after all business expense (and YOU own the business- truly a entrepreneur)
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  • @rsf01757 Dear any choosen field is with a view to aim at honest earning.As far as Real Estate Field is concerned, marketing survey in terms of cost of inheritence has not been so far carried out.The key area which needs special attention.
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  • Some of these costs are the same if you were commuting to a job back and forth daily, gas, insurance, home office, etc. Around where I live and my experience in parts of the US, their commission is roughly 5% of the selling price of a home. A home that is $250k higher brings them incremental commission straight to the bottom line with little or no costs relating to the higher priced homes or am I missing something . . .
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  • I absolutely agree with Christine. Real Estate Agents are consultants, and consultants are experts in their chosen field. Therefore, they are hit with these costs.
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  • 1. Gas&Maintenance $0.21 /mile AAAestimateforamedium-sizedsedan. Itmaynotsoundlikemuch,butmany Realtorslogmorethan20,000 milesayeamilesayear. AutoInsurance $1,020 /year AAAestimateforfullcoverageonaAAAestimateforfullcoverageona medium-sizedsedan.Thegoodnews: manyautoinsurancecompaniesoffer discountsthroughtheNAR. Foragentslookingtostayrelevantandknowledgeableina changingindustry,competitioncomesatacost. EDUCATION& ENRICHMENT AveragevehicleexpenseforRealtorsin2012, accordingtotheNAR $1,790/year Somelessobviousexpensescantakeasignificanttollona realestateagent’sbottomline. OTHER COSTS Realestateagentsputanestimated3.6billionmilesontheir carseachyear,previewingpropertiesandshuttlingclients fromhousetohouse. TRANSPORTATION Gettingthewordoutaboutyourrealestatebusinessisone ofthemostdifficultaspectsofthejob.Itcanalsobeoneof themostexpensive,particularlyfornewagentstryingto growtheircustomerbase. 31%ofrealestateagents spendover$1000a yearononline marketingefforts. 17%ofagentsemploya marketingassistant. MARKETING& ADVERTISING RealEstate Website $100-500 /month WhetheritWhetherit’sanIDX websitewithlistings,a realestateblog,orboth, amarketingwebsite includesmanysmaller costs,including developmentanddesign, hosting,andSEhosting,andSEO. 70%ofagentssay they’vehadawebsite foratleastfiveyears. Online Advertising $100-500 /month PPay-per-clickads, Internetleadgeneration, socialmedia,premium placementonbigreal estatesites,andother onlinesourcesnowmake upover55%ofagents’ totaladspend.totaladspend. Print Advertising $100-500 /month YYardsigns,mailers, billboards,newspapers, andrackpublicationsare justafewoftheways agentsuseprinttoget thewordout. 40%ofagentsstilluse directmailmarketing. Continuing Education $50-100 /year EachstaterealestateEachstaterealestate authorityrequiresagents totakeanywherefrom 10-30credithoursof continuingeducation everylicensurecycle (typically2-4years). Conferences $50-1000 /each ConferencesofferanConferencesofferan opportunitytonetwork withotherprofessionals andkeepupwiththe latesttrendsinreal estatetechnology. Additional Courses& Designations $100-500 /course SupplementarySupplementary courseworkadds expertiseinniche marketsandemerging technologiestoraise yourprofileamonglocal competitors. Income Taxes $VARIES YYourtaxburdenwillvary basednotjustonyour income,butalsoyour location.Californians,for instance,bearatop incometaxrateof13.3%. Health Insurance $50-500 /month ThetheNARoffersbasicThetheNARoffersbasic coveragewithits RealtorsCoreHealth Insuranceprogram,but thoselookingforbetter optionstoinsuretheir familiesmustcontend withexpensiveindividualwithexpensiveindividual policies. Community Outreach $50-100 /course 13%ofagents(20%of13%ofagents(20%of thoseearningmorethan $100k)supportthe communitythrough sponsorshipslikeLittle League,highschool plays,andtheirlocal 49%ofrealestateagents spendover$500a yearoneducation andtraining. 16%ofagentshave workedwithareal estatecoach. Createbeautifulrealestate WEBSITESTHATWORK INFOGRAPHICBYPLACESTER BuiltwithindexableIDXforbetteronline marketing,localsearch,andSEO.Forexperthelp, Sources h Attributions BillboarddesignedbyCaseyFlusterfromtheNounProject( BookdesignedbyDiegoNaivefromtheNounProject( BuildingdesignedbyMartinDelinfromtheNounProject( BuildingdesignedbyMartinDelinfromtheNounProject( CardesignedbyOlivierGuinfromtheNounProject( CCashdesignedbyTonyMichielsfromtheNounProject( ChalkboarddesignedbyAsierBilbofromtheNounProject( CheckdesignedbyBrandonManningfromtheNounProject( ChurchdesignedbyAlexFullerfromtheNounProject( ConferencedesignedbyDesbenoitfromtheNounProject( FirstAiddesignedbyAnsteyDesignfromtheNounProject( GGaveldesignedbyDiegoNaivefromtheNounProject( MegaphonedesignedbyChristopherReyesfromtheNounProject( MegaphonedesignedbyMisterPixelfromtheNounProject( OutletdesignedbyKorokorofromtheNounProject( PropaneTankdesignedbyAmbarBhusarifromtheNounProject( TraindesignedbyJamisonWieserfromtheNounProject( WWomandesignedbyLemonLiufromtheNounProject( GlobedesignedbyJuanGarcesfromtheNounProject( CursordesignedbyRenatoSilvafromtheNounProject( NewspaperdesignedbyJohnCasertafromtheNounProject( DeskFees $25-$750 /month IneInexchangeforkeepingallormostof yoursalescommission,somebrokers chargeaflatfeetousetheirdeskspace andbranding.Somebrokersmayalso chargetransactionfeesonsomeorall ofanagent’sdeals. CommissionSplits 30-85% /transaction WhileWhile50/50dealsarecommon, commissionsplitsvarywidely dependingonfactorslikeexperience andperformance. Office Supplies $20 /month PPaper,ink,andbusiness cardsarejustafewof theofficesuppliesmany agentsmustfurnish. Utilities $75-150 /month Software $20-250 /month Broadbandinternetand smartphoneservicesare essentialforagents--and notoriouslyexpensive. Fromcontact management,tomarket analysistools,tocloud storage,softwarecosts canpileupforagents. Mostrealestateagentsalignthemselveswithabrokeror firm,andmustpayfortheprivilege.Whilebrokershavea varietyofwaystodeterminethiscost,twocompensation modelsdominatetheconversation. BROKER COSTS Brokerscoversomeofficeexpenses,butagentsareoftenon theirownfortherest..Sincemanyagentsworkoutsidethe office,personalcomputers,mobilephones,andhome internetservicesmayalsobeconsideredbusinessexpenses. increaseinITbudgetforsmall andmidsizebusinessesworldwide, January-June201319% OPERATION COSTS Licenses& Permits $100-500 /year Initialsaleslicenseand renewalfeesvarywidely fromstatetostate. Realtor Association Dues +$120 /year WhileNARmembershipWhileNARmembership startsat$120,stateand localrealestateboards addtothiscost. MLS Fees $25-$100 /month AccesstorealestateAccesstorealestate datacancomeatahigh price,andmayinclude astartupfee. Likeanyprofession,realestateishighlyregulated.Thereare licensestoearnandrenew,organizationstojoin,andavariety ofotherofficialhoopsagentsmustjumpthrough. OFFICIAL& PROFESSIONAL COSTS Still,onenumbercan’ttellthefullstory.That’s whywe’vebrokendownalltheexpensesagents face.Fromadstoautoinsurance,conferencesto commissionsplits,herearethetruecostsofdoing businessasarealestateagent. Whenpeopletalkabouttherealestateprofession,theytendtofocusonhowmuch moneyagentsandbrokerscanmake.Buthaveyoueverconsideredhowmuchitcosts? TALKISCHEAPREALESTATE, NOTSOMUCH APLACESTERINFOGRAPHIC RealEstateAgent THECOSTOFBEING A Realtors’total businessexpenses areincreasingrapidly. TotalCosts 4800 5000 5200 4600 4200 4400 4000 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 2012 2011 $4,520 2012 $4,900 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $