5 Steps to Demystifying SEO and Inbound Marketing for Real Estate - Agent Reboot
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5 Steps to Demystifying SEO and Inbound Marketing for Real Estate - Agent Reboot



As social media and mobile devices continue to reshape the way we communicate and do business online, we need to start thinking differently about how we reach our customers. Buying and begging for ...

As social media and mobile devices continue to reshape the way we communicate and do business online, we need to start thinking differently about how we reach our customers. Buying and begging for attention is a bit like leaving everything up to fate. We need to earn attention.

The key to SEO is to create compelling online content and optimize it so that appears on the first page of search results when your customers search for answers that relate to the products and services you sell.

This webinar outlines a clear action plan to gain an understanding of where you stand today and what tactics you can apply to real your goals for tomorrow. To find out more about SEO, content marketing and inbound marketing for real estate professionals, visit http://placester.com/academy or send me a tweet @sethstuff



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  • At it’s core, online marketing is about talking online. It’s the conversation that occurs between your audience and and your business\n
  • The new normal, is that the customer has power and that power will continue to grow. if companies find a way to be a part their customers online conversation they will always pay some else for their customers. It's the difference between renting and owning. You may not lose money renting but you won't benefit any longterm gain. \n
  • Marketing used to be solely about advertising or interruption marketing. I’m going to interrupt you from what you want to do with an advertising message and hopefully earn your awareness, trust and business. Inbound marketing is about earning you customers attention and awareness by providing information that they are already interested in. \n
  • We’ll I can tell you, It’s not a widget that you can say you have. Oh yeah, I’ve got SEO. It’s a process with a silly name.\n
  • Optimizing and orchestrating all of your online activities around your customers and potential customers desires. Making it easy for them to discover relevant, useful and high quality content when they want it and where they actually happen to be.\n
  • So, here’s the big picture\n
  • The consumer is at the center of of SEO\n
  • We want answers, we expect them now, we want them to be relevant and we want to know that we can trust them \n
  • Google currently has over 80% of the worldwide search market. This number is climbing steadily and doesn’t include searches into other portals, like yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Ask and AOL\nBaidu has 60% of the search in China / Yandex has 60% of the search in russia\n
  • We can break search down into two categories\n
  • With Google you can pay for clicks also called CPC, with Bing and yahoo, you can pay for clicks or impressions CPM. The trouble with Paid is that the moment you stop paying business stops.\n\nOrganic, you earn, but there is no limit to the number of people \n\n\n
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  • Google uses over 200 attributes to measure page rank. Since Page rank is Google’s measurement of how popular or authoritative a website is, on a 1 to 10 scale. It’s important to know what moves the needle.\n
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  • If you don’t create your own lead source, you will always pay someone else to\nget customers\n
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5 Steps to Demystifying SEO and Inbound Marketing for Real Estate - Agent Reboot Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Webinar: SEO for Real Estate Seth Price Director Marketing and Sales sprice@placester.com! http://twitter.com/sethstuff Placester Company Blog: http://placester.com/blog/ Marketing Academy: http://placester.com/academy/
  • 2. Before we dive into SEO, we have to talk about the online marketing landscape
  • 3. A Partial Picture SEO is not the whole picture. Rather, it’s a key part of the online marketing landscape, which encompasses content, social, email, SEO, seminars and more.

  • 4. Earned Media
  • 5. What is SEO (search engine optimization)?
  • 6. SEO is: The process of driving traffic by applying tactics to improve the ranking of a web site’s content in search engine results. Frederick Townes @w3edge
  • 7. “SEO is the way the content gets found, consumed and shared on the internet”
  • 8. The Whole Picture SEO has evolved from just keywords to include an integrated view from the consumers perspective and encompasses content, social and search
 Lee Odden describes Holistic SEO in his book: http://optimizebook.com
  • 9. 35,000 Searches are made on Google every second
  • 10. Search Growth
  • 11. There are two types of search results in the Search Engines
  • 12. Paid Organi Paid and Organic Search Results
  • 13. But, there are multiple verticals of search and each requires different yet related tactics to rank well.
  • 14. Regular Organic Search Results
  • 15. Local Listings eg: Agents, Schools, Parks etc...! http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml
  • 16. “Search is about fulfilling a need for a person. Search Quality is about better fulfilling the needs of people” Michael King @ipullrank
  • 17. Ecommerce Search Results
  • 18. Image Results
  • 19. Map Results
  • 20. News Results in Real Time
  • 21. Places vs Map
  • 22. Blog Results
  • 23. Discussion Results http://searchengineland.com/google-discussionforum-snippets-now-showing-top-answers-116737
  • 24. Sometimes it All Comes Together
  • 25. The Search Demand Curve Most search results occur in the long tail. http://www.seomoz.org/ blog/illustrating-the-long-tail
  • 26. You can outrank the big guns! There are still opportunities to outrank the top dogs
  • 27. You can dominate the long tail But, there’s more room to play in the long tail
  • 28. ? So, where do you start
  • 29. The complicated answer
  • 30. No, really ?
  • 31. Don’t Wait for Your Kids to Grow Up It’s Easier Than it Seems
  • 32. Rand Fishkin regarding the SEO Pyramid: http://www.seomoz.org/ blog/whiteboard-friday-the-seo-fundamentals-pyramid
  • 33. Get These Right
  • 34. Then Get These Right
  • 35. Start by Building a Solid Foundation
  • 36. A Good Website Should be your best unpaid salesperson by creating an intuitive experience for both users and search engines. ! Build your site with the audience in mind. Removing roadblocks before they occur is the first step to winning online.
 Start by Building a Solid Foundation
  • 37. With WordPress You’re Half-way There “(Wordpress is a fantastic piece of software, it makes your site easily crawlable by search engines, solves some 80-90% of mechanics of SEO and is the first big step anyone can take towards creating a popular online business.”
 A Talk given by Google’s Matt Cutts at Wordcamp: http:// www.howtomakemyblog.com/seo/googles-matt-cutts-wordpress-thebest-blogging-platform-for-seo/
  • 38. SEO is not just about key words anymore.
  • 39. A good place to start http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo
  • 40. Why bother with SEO/Online marketing at all?
  • 41. Ranking online is uber important
  • 42. Just Because You Build It!
  • 43. Search Engine Comparison http://www.slingshotseo.com/resources/white-papers/ google-ctr-study/
  • 44. First page is usually better, first place is always best http://training.seobook.com/google-ranking-value
  • 45. ? How does it work
  • 46. Establishing trust and creditability Links are the primary way for search engines to determine the value of one site’s content over another. Think of it as the online equivalent of a peer review.
 The value of backlinks http://just-ask-kim.com/value-of-backlinks/
  • 47. You get there by creating real value for your customers. You must create high quality linkable and shareable content with your customers persona and search in mind https://placester.com/real-estate-marketing-academy/guideto-creating-killer-content-for-real-estate-marketing/
  • 48. The higher quality and quantity links you have from other websites to your site and the more social signals your have, the more powerful your site will be and the better your content will rank.
  • 49. “PageRank” is Google’s Value System PageRank is an algorithm, used by Google’s search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element or page of the web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance.
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank. Image by Felipe ! Micaroni Lalli micaroni@gmail.com
  • 50. What Attributes Effects “PR” http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/internet/googleranking-factors.htm
  • 51. This is all lip service if you don’t have awesome content on your site that ranks for your terms and keeps your visitors engaged when they land on your site. !
  • 52. ! Figure out where you stand !
  • 53. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline https://placester.com/real-estate-marketing-academy/seth-priceinterview-lee-odden-author-of-optimize-and-ceo-oftoprankmarketing-com/
  • 54. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline
  • 55. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline
  • 56. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline
  • 57. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline
  • 58. 5 Key Audits to Establish a Baseline
  • 59. ? What does all this get you !
  • 60. Reduced Lead Cost Inbound marketing dominated efforts enjoy a dramatically lower cost per lead than their outbound marketing dominated counterparts.
  • 61. Better quality leads
  • 62. Higher Conversion Rates Inbound marketing dominated efforts enjoy a dramatically lower cost per lead than their outbound marketing dominated counterparts.
  • 63. Inevitability
  • 64. Tips • Not Online? Get a website.! • Not on WordPress? Get on WordPress.! • Not ranking? Get an audit.! • Want to learn more?! • Read placester.com/academy! • Read seomoz.org! • Read Inbound.org
  • 65. Thank You! Questions: sprice@placester.com follow me @sethstuff