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Urban design + placemaking 101   section 1 intro to urban design and placemaking
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Urban design + placemaking 101 section 1 intro to urban design and placemaking


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This PPT introduces urban design and placemaking by discussing the differences, confirming our shared focus on form and social fabric, and providing clarity on urban design leadership. More …

This PPT introduces urban design and placemaking by discussing the differences, confirming our shared focus on form and social fabric, and providing clarity on urban design leadership. More information is available at
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  • It does this by placing the garages at the rear of the house. A little parsley on the pig though as the rest of the estate utilises standard garages at the front which impact on the street. (WA is leading the charge in good suburban (and inner city) development).
  • A good introduction to urban design – which hasn’t dated. Beautiful hand drawn illustrations of European cities by the author.
  • A city masterplan for Brisbane identified the opportunity to close the left turning lane (shown on the Google image with the zebra crossing) to create the plaza.
  • The finished product courtesy of Nearmap. Cars have to slow down from 100 to 40km/hr to make the turn! Which is also the new city speed limit for Brisbane.
  • The finished product courtesy of Nearmap. Cars have to slow down from 100 to 20km/hr to make the turn! Which is also the new city speed limit for Brisbane.
  • When I was at HASSELL I led a team in a 2 day design workshop with public stakeholders to plan a new library, senior school and recreation centre with a main street outcome. We also included a laneway, central park and on street carparking.
  • Keep your eye out for
  • CNU is tackling car dominated urban places at the grand scale.
  • Transcript

    • 1. PROGRAM What + Why 1 Urban Design + Placemaking 101 2 Civic Principles 3 Place Qualities 8 Outcomes 4 Place Typology How + Who 5 Place process 6 Place roles 7 Toolkit - placemaking ideas 9/10 Links+ conclusions 1728 Map of Rome, by Giambattista Nolli //
    • 2. 1.1 INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS URBAN DESIGN?▸ Urban design creates authentic, sustainable and quality places for people across the range of urban environments. Federation Square - Melbourne
    • 3. 1.1 OUR NEW PROTOCOL▸▸ It is concerned with the arrangement, appearance and function of our suburbs, towns and cities.▸ It is both a process and an outcome of creating localities in which people live, engage with each other, and the physical place around them.▸ It involves many different disciplines.▸ It operates from the macro to the micro scale.▸ It influences economics, the physical scale and the social and cultural nature of a locality▸ It is a long-term process that continues to evolve over time. Gozzard St, Gungahlin, Canberra, ACT, AUS
    • 4. 1.1 PIA URBAN DESIGN CHAPTER “Urban design aims at the creation of useful, attractive, safe, environmentally sustainable, economically successful and socially equitable places. Good urban design pursues local identity and sense of place, cultural responsiveness and purposeful environmental innovation. It achieves a high level of quality, comfort, safety, equity, beauty and cohesion in the overall, physical outcome of all the development, planning, engineering, architectural and landscape design decisions that contribute to urban change.” Hibberson St, Gungahlin, Canberra, ACT, AUS
    • 5. 1.1 AILA DEFINITION (?)▸ “Urban Design has emerged as an area of design practice shared between, and at the nexus of, the professions of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Architecture and is concerned with the visioning and implementation of sustainable urban public spaces and settlements.” Surrey Hills Library, Crown Street, Surrey Hills, NSW, AUS
    • 6. 1.1 RAIA URBAN DESIGN POLICY “Urban Design aims to maximise public benefit by ensuring development is coordinated and assessed in relation to long term urban outcomes.” Ocean Keys Boulevard, Clarkson, Perth, WA, AUS
    • 7. 1.1 INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS PLACEMAKING?▸ “Placemaking is the art of creating public places of the „soul‟ that uplift and help us connect with people” Course Participant▸ “Placemaking is about creating memorable places which are potentially transformative” David Engwight Coronation St, Bardon, QLD, AUS
    • 8. 1.1 INTRODUCTION: URBAN DESIGN V PLACEMAKING?▸ Urban design: ▸ Placemaking: ▸ House ▸ Home ▸ New buildings and ▸ Existing buildings and infrastructure places ▸ design ▸ social programs ▸ space ▸ place ▸ new places ▸ existing ▸ Utilitarian ▸ Social ▸ Experts? ▸ Ownership by the people (spirit) ▸ People watchers? Parap Markets, Parap, Darwin, NT, AUS
    • 9. Wandoo St, Tenneriffe, Bne, QLD, AUS_
    • 11. 1.2 QUALITY PUBLIC SPACES▸ The area around buildings which people use▸ Public vs private space.▸ The focus of urban design▸ Easily left out?▸ Pre WWII (design over expense) Alan + Lindy‟s house (my street) – Brisbane, QLD
    • 13. 1.2 QUALITY PUBLIC SPACES▸ Post WWII: the rise of the car Stanhope Gardens – Sydney, NSW
    • 16. 1.2 RANGE OF PUBLIC SPACENEW CITY LIFE Jan Gehl ▸ Urban stroll ways: boulevards, avenues, streets ▸ Main city space: squares, frame events ▸ Local city space: playing and staying ▸ Ceremonial city: seats of power, celebrations ▸ Deserted city space: large surfaces few activities ▸ Transport hubs: dominated by people in transit ▸ Green city spaces: variety of uses ▸ Staged city space: staged sensory experiences ▸ Temporary city space ▸ Aquatic city space ▸ Waterfront city space: access to views and water; and ▸ City space for play and sport: permanent specialised equipment Subiaco, Perth, WA, AUS
    • 17. 1.2 QUALITY PUBLIC SPACE▸ Urban designers believe that the arrangement and the qualities of the public space affects the way people react, interact, behave and feel.▸ William H Whyte : It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished .▸ Urban design must create public spaces of quality. Apartment Building - Cairns Deicke Richards
    • 18. 1.2 QUALITY PUBLIC SPACE Apartment Building - Cairns Deicke Richards Portside Markets, Hercules Street, Brisbane, Queensland, AUS
    • 19. 1.3 URBAN DESIGN▸ Activity + end result▸ Verb – the process of urban design▸ Noun – the quality of the place Leigh St, Adelaide, SA, AUS
    • 20. 1.4 URBAN DESIGN V URBAN DESIGNERS Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD, AUS
    • 21. 1.5 WHAT DO URBAN DESIGNERS DO?▸ Develop „visions‟ for places ▸ Present ▸ Evaluate▸ Design urban spaces ▸ Plan ▸ Teach ▸ Deliver▸ Lead▸ Advise▸ Research and Analyse▸ Influence people▸ Develop guidance and policies▸ Engage▸ Consult Jacob‟s Ladder – Brisbane
    • 23. 1.5 WHAT DO URBAN DESIGNERS DO? MacGregor Tce, Bardon, QLD, AUS
    • 24. 1.5 WHAT DO URBAN DESIGNERS DO? Jacobs Ladder, Brisbane, QLD, AUS
    • 25. 1.5 WHAT DO URBAN DESIGNERS KNOW?▸ Cities, towns and villages ▸ Transport ▸ Landscape▸ Planning system ▸ Conservation ▸ Retail▸ Development ▸ Sustainability ▸ Built form.... ▸ (People) French Concession Area Science + Technology Station, Pudong Shanghai
    • 26. 1.5 URBAN DESIGNERS▸ They cannot be an authority in all these areas▸ They need to be experts in integrating information and ideas▸ From their team, client, stakeholders and the community▸ Critically they need to see the big picture Town Planning Museum - Shanghai
    • 27. 1.6 URBAN DESIGN AND FORM▸ Built form influences our use and appreciation of place▸ Urban designers influence place through - ▸ buildings (location, shape and size) ▸ structures and; ▸ quality of spaces. The hierarchy of form Wellard – Perth, WA Urban Initiatives 2003
    • 28. 1.7 SENSE OF PLACE “Urban design is not just about physical form, but lived experience as well. It has a social and psychological dimension. At its best, urban design is about feeling at home in the world: creating a sense of continuity and authenticity.” (Buchanan, 2009) Valley Fiesta - Brisbane
    • 29. 1.7 SENSE OF PLACE▸ Broader meaning > built form▸ Negative connotation of space?▸ Our favourite part of the city is a place▸ Place may have a purpose, blurry edges, identified by name...▸ A personal connection with people▸ Engwicht Secret 1 - make people feel at home▸ “Place is a feeling not a location” Given Tce, Paddington, Brisbane, QLD, AUS
    • 30. 1.7 SENSE OF PLACE▸ Soul of the place – attachment and belonging▸ Built environment +++ features, events, people and activities▸ Social Fabric▸ Emerging attributes: opportunity, identity, innovation, creativity, authenticity – more powerful attractors
    • 31. 1.7 SENSE OF PLACE▸ Characteristics of successful and highly valued places (Morrison Institute): ▸ quality natural environment ▸ innovation and cultural capacity ▸ distinctive amenities ▸ street life, “hipness”, tolerance ▸ choice and diversity ▸ accessibility. Queensberry Street, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    • 32. 1.8 OUR ROLE?▸ Urban design – not one person or profession▸ Fundamentally multi- disciplinary and collaborative▸ Planning – traditionally the right mix of uses in the right location...▸ Successful places depend on physical form of development as well▸ Plus the social fabric (soft infrastructure)▸ No accreditation for urban design in Australia - AILA City Square, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    • 33. 1.8 URBAN DESIGN LEADERSHIP?▸ Planners – big picture thinkers with broad training, project management skills and collaborative mind set... broad scale master planning▸ Architects – much more than buildings and design, offer solutions. Increasingly focussed on place, not just the building... form in urban design▸ Landscape Architects – strong site analysis and design skills... designing the space into place▸ And others….▸ Good urban designers often have more than one qualification Riverbank Drive - The Ponds, Sydney, NSW, AUS
    • 34. 1.8 URBAN DESIGN LEADERSHIP? Northlakes, QLD
    • 36. 1.8 URBAN DESIGN LEADERSHIP? Northlakes, QLD
    • 38. 1.0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION▸ Page 22 (USA DoT)▸ Design▸ Public Places▸ Value of Urban Design Byron Bay, NSW
    • 39. 1. SUMMARY▸ What is urban design?▸ Quality public spaces▸ Urban design – activity and end result▸ What do urban designers do?▸ Urban design and form▸ Sense of place▸ Our role in urban design Hunterford Estate Oatlands - Sydney, NSW
    • 40. 1. REFLECTION▸ Individual – group: short answer test p155 1.1 What is your definition of urban design? 1.2 Explain the meaning of placemaking and its relationship to urban design 1.3 Name two examples of private urban space and public space. What‟s the difference? 1.4 Who should take the design lead on urban design projects?▸ Group discussion ▸ How is urban design delivered in your workplace?▸ Aussie tour of our bonza places Adelaide Arcade, Rundle St Mall– Adelaide, SA, AUS
    • 41. 1. CONTEXT – URBAN SPRAWL (Texas style)▸ Sprawl is to blame for a host of problems from obesity and traffic injuries to environmental destruction.▸ In 2000 a total of 38.8 million American adults met the classification for obesity, putting themselves at risk for chronic diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke (American Journal of Public Health, vol 93, no. 9, 2003)
    • 43. Leader People Placeship +governance 1.0 CREATING PLACES FOR PEOPLE