Townsville Course Feedback


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Feedback from participants in our two day Introduction to Urban Design and Placemaking Module - Townsville City Council.

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Townsville Course Feedback

  1. 1. Victoria Bridge, Townsville, QLD, AUSCOURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: Introduction to UrbanDesign + Placemaking▸ Client:▸ Location: Townsville▸ Date: 27 – 28 February 2013▸ Number of participants: 39▸ Feedback received from 17participants (44%)▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸
  2. 2. Place Audit, Townsville, QLD, AUSBROAD PARTICIPANT BACKGROUND▸ Town Planning▸ Landscape Architecture▸ Engineering▸ Civil Engineering▸ Development
  3. 3. Place Proposal Preparation - Townsville, QLD, AUSYOU RATED US HIGHLY▸ The average score for thequality of the program was8.2 out of 10▸ The quality of the presenterwas 9.2 out of 10.
  4. 4. Place Proposal Preparation - Townsville, QLD, AUSYOUR EVALUATION - RECOMMENDED▸ 100% of participants said theUrban Design + Placemaking metor exceeded their expectations▸ with 47% stating it exceeded theirexpectations▸ 100% of participants said theUrban Design + Placemakingcontent was good to excellent▸ With 63% stating it was excellent▸ 100% of participants found theUrban Design + Placemakingrelevant to their job▸ 100% of participants wouldrecommend the Urban Design +Placemaking to others
  5. 5. ▸ “It was great andinteresting.”▸ “Fantastic torevitalise ideas andprincipals learnt atuniversity butforgotten in the realworld.”▸ “This course helpsfocus theimportance ofplace making ondevelopmentplanning.”▸ “Good examples,use of differenttechniques, peopleto outline thecourse topics.”WHAT YOU SAID... GREAT COURSEPlace Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUS
  6. 6. ▸ “Brings common sense and low costthinking to places. Andrew was anexcellent presenter giving me new insightinto placemaking. Thankyou”WHAT YOU SAID... COMMON SENSEPlace Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUS
  7. 7. ▸ “Can really tell the idea of place making is onrelevant addition to urban design/ planning.”▸ “Good opportunity to relate with the relevantpeople in my industry. Great to know my thoughtsare in line with that of council.”▸ “Essential for the vitalisation at an urban area. Youwill not only improve your skills in placemaking butit will then benefit your community long term.”▸ “As a planner I could use the information / lessonstaught daily. I felt it appealed to all disciplines.What ever your profession or background theressomething here for you - challenge your mind.”▸ “Nice wake up call to how much I am actuallydoing in my job. I am seeing place makingopportunities everywhere I look. This coursehelped to remind me why I wanted to be a townplanner in the first place.”WHAT YOU SAID... RELEVANT & USEFULWalking Tour - Townsville, QLD, AUS
  8. 8. FEEDBACK DURING THE COURSEIn-module Feedback - Townsville, QLD, AUS
  9. 9. WORKSHOP IDEAS FOR THE OFFICEThe Briefcase - Townsville, QLD, AUS
  10. 10. Flinders St, Townsville, QLD, AUS▸ Placefocus: training andinformation on urban designand placemaking▸ “We are passionate aboutcreating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds(0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter,Facebook and Instagram(Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watchour PPTs on SlideshareOUR DETAILS