Launchpad Evaluation Summary Mackay


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Launchpad Evaluation Summary Mackay

  1. 1. COURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: 2 Launchpads Urban Design + Placemaking (3hours)▸ Client: Mackay City Council▸ Location: Mackay, QLD▸ Date: 5 December 2012▸ Feedback received from 26 participants▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸ Wood St, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  2. 2. BROAD PARTICIPANT BACKGROUND▸ Councillors▸ Planning – statutory & strategic▸ Sport and Recreation▸ Open Space Planning▸ Legal▸ Landscape Architecture▸ Engineering▸ Environmental Management▸ Community development▸ Marketing Gordon St, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  3. 3. YOU RATED US HIGHLY▸ The quality of the presenter was 8.7 out of 10. Victoria St – Mackay, QLD, AUS
  4. 4. YOUR EVALUATION - RELEVANT▸ 100% of participants said the launchpad met or exceeded their expectations▸ with 62% stating it exceeded their expectations▸ 100% of participants said the launchpad content was good to excellent▸ with 42% stating it was excellent▸ 100% of participants found the launchpad relevant to their job▸ 100% of participants would recommend the launchpad to others River St, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  5. 5. WHAT YOU SAID...CHANGE & CHALLENGE▸ “Awesome - the reason I put my hand up for Council was to achieve change and this gave me hope that I can achieve it”.▸ “Very interesting. Opened my eyes as to the list of possibilities. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”▸ “I recommend this course to challenge your own thinking.”▸ “I would recommend this course to directors and councillors to ensure changes occur.”▸ “Innovative which is what I am looking for - being the Mayor, the launch pad is very relevant”.▸ “Motivational”.▸ “Need more of it!. Brisbane St, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  6. 6. WHAT YOU SAID...INFORMATIVE▸ “Very relevant to job, great refresher A very interesting and informative, new information from varying sources”.▸ “Excellent overview for 3 hours Good content for 3 hours, but could take 2 days!”▸ “Very informative and interesting”.▸ Very interesting ideas”▸ “Very informative and engaging”▸ “Great work, thanks got me thinking”.▸ A lot to cover in a short time, thanks”.▸ “Great ideas”. Gregory St, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  7. 7. WHAT YOU SAID...ACTION▸ “A course that you can lift information from and easily insert it into your day to day decisions.”▸ “A great introduction to a topic that is not widely known. Lots of examples”.▸ “Greater awareness for decisions I will make”.▸ “I really appreciated the emphasis on promoting people into action.” Macalister Street, Mackay, QLD, AUS
  8. 8. OUR DETAILS▸ Placefocus: training and information on urban design and placemaking▸ “We are passionate about creating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds (0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watch our PPTs on Slideshare Victoria St, Mackay, QLD, AUS