Classroom procedures


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Classroom procedures

  1. 1.  By definition a procedure is  An act or a manner of proceeding in any action or process  Particular course or mode of action.  A fixed, step-by-step sequence of activities or course of action
  2. 2.  Within a small classroom procedures limit the amount of movement and chaos within the classroom.  No confusion on what I expect from you and you expect from me day in and day out.
  3. 3.  Asking/Answering Questions  If you would like to answer or ask a question during a lecture or presentation please RAISE your hand and you will be called on.  Talking out will NOT be permitted and constant disruption will be dealt with according to the Team Stallions discipline plan.  Asking and answering questions is strongly encouraged.
  4. 4.  Directions to all emergency procedures such as Fire, Tornado, and Lock Down are located in the front of the room near the door. These procedures will practiced throughout the year.  During all emergency drills silence is expected any talking or horse play will result in a consequence. When we arrive outside please stand quietly and wait for your name to be called. When responding be loud and speak up.  While walking through the halls entering and exiting the building we will always be in a straight line!
  5. 5.  You will enter the classroom in a quite adult like manner.  You will turn in assignments, get your materials organized and quickly sit in your assigned seats.  Get warm ups out and prepare for the CNN Student News
  6. 6.  We will be watching the CNN Student News everyday in this class. The video will begin at the start of class. You are expected to be sitting in your seat and quiet when the video begins.  Assignments will be centered around the CNN Student News such as  Journal Entrees  Debates  Mock interviews
  7. 7.  Each day there will be a certain assignment that will be completed at the beginning of class. Some examples are  Word Wall Words  CNN Student News Journal Entrees  Introduction/Review Questions  On Friday before your Word Wall Quiz you will turn in one piece of paper with all 5 daily questions answered. This will make up your warm up grade for the week
  8. 8.  Every week there will be 5-10 new social studies vocabulary words located on the board when you walk into the room. You are to look up these words are write down the definition as your Monday warm up question.  Every Friday you will have a Word Wall Quiz.  These words will show up on the unit test as well are daily Word Wall Quizzes.
  9. 9.  The bell does not dismiss you. Students will remain seated until I have given the class permission to line up at the door.  Excessive talking will result in punishments and sitting back down and trying again.  Pick up after yourself, do not leave a mess around your desk
  10. 10.  While in the hallway students are required to remain on the right side of the hall in a straight line. No talking or touching will be permitted while in the hallway.  Any unnecessary talking will result in the entire class returning to the room. This includes being late for lunch and other assemblies  I don’t care what other students or teams are doing you are required to follow my rules
  11. 11.  Bathroom break procedures will be the same for all team members. We will go over them as a team. You will sit quietly while waiting in the lobby.  If you have an emergency during class time please raise your hand and I will handle the situation.  At any time during the year if you feel you are going to get sick or must get to the restroom right away please do not wait for my attention.
  12. 12.  Bringing materials to class  Please bring the following items to class everyday unless I tell you other wise.  Pen/Pencil  Notebook  Folder  All assignments that are due  DO NOT SHOW UP TO MY CLASS WITHOUT YOUR MATERIALS
  13. 13.  Each bell has a labeled folder in the back of the room where you will drop all assignments that are due on that day as soon as you enter the classroom.  All collected class work including tests and quizzes will also be placed within your assigned folder.  Any assignment that is not turned in at the beginning or end of class is considered missing or late and will not receive full credit.  Do not come to me when class begins and give me some excuse about how/why you do not have your assignment.
  14. 14.  Pencil Sharpening  Students must be ready to begin working when the bell rings. This includes pencils sharpened and supplies out and organized.  If you need to sharpen your pencil during class please wait for my permission before getting up.
  15. 15.  Passing BACK assignments  I will personally hand back all graded assignments face down at the end of the bell. You will be quietly working on assignment or packing up preparing to exit the classroom.  DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR GRADES WITH OTHER STUDENTS! Grades are a personal matter and discussion will not be tolerated!  If you have a question about your grade please see me before or after school.
  16. 16.  Test/Quiz taking procedures  All materials must be off your desk and placed back in your book bag.  NO TALKING or I will assume you are cheating and you will receive a zero!  When you have completed your assignment quietly walk to the back of the room and place it in your bell’s folder. Leave your pencil or pen at your desk because no writing will be allowed once you have gotten out of your seat.  If you have a question please raise your hand and I will ether ask you to come to my desk or I will come to yours.
  17. 17.  Grading Break Down: I run a total points system. Each 6 week grading term will have the following  6 Word Wall Quizzes (25 points each)  1 or 2 Tests (100 points a piece)  1 Project (100 points)  Random homework assignments (10-25 points)  Weekly Warm Ups (15 points each week)
  18. 18.  During the school year we will have visitors coming in and out of the room. When we do have visitors nothing changes. I expect you to follow all classroom rules.  Make sure you are polite and answer any questions they may ask you.  Remember when visitors are in the room there is an extra set of eyes watching all of you. My advice to you…be on your best behavior!
  19. 19.  If you are absent and miss class make sure you report to me before or after school to make up any assignments you may have missed. I am not going to go looking for you, I expect you to make up all missed work.  All make up work/extra copies will be in a bin located in the room.  If for some reason I am not here. THE RULES DO NOT CHANGE. The rest of team will be checking on you during the day. I expect all you to follow the procedures and complete the assignment given to you.
  20. 20.  We will be doing group work often in this class. Group work is a privilege so it should be treated that way.  When you are put into groups following directions will be important. If we can not follow the directions we will no longer do group work.  When assembling into your groups you will do so in silence and will report to the location in which your group is located.  1.Stand up next to our desk  2.Walk quietly to your assigned group  3.Begin working  4.Look at the stop watch 2 minute and lights off means stop working completely
  21. 21.  Please become familiar with the layout of the classroom. There are many helpful posters and diagrams on the walls.  Monthly Calendar  I will do my best to update our calendar daily so that you will have a constant reminder. Copy these dates into your agenda Items to look for on our calendar  Test dates  Homework/project due dates  No School  School assemblies  Sporting Events
  22. 22.  Please review classroom rule #1. Respect everyone and everything in the room.  My desk should not have students around it  My computer and projector should not be touched.  Students who have been sent out of other classrooms should not be spoken to.  I trust that we will not have an issue with respect! The fastest way to upset me is by not following rule #1!
  23. 23.  As students at Moore Traditional you are expect to follow all school rules and procedures.  While in my classroom you will listen to my rules and directions. I am not asking you…I am telling you. Rules and guidelines have been created to make sure that a safe and friendly environment is created.  I expect you to trust me and do not be afraid to come to me when you have problems.