Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quotes For Online Job Success


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Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quotes For Online Job Success

  1. 1. Online Job Site Philippines ReportThis is just a brief summary. For the complete article, visit our site Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  2. 2. “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig ZiglarOne of the most difficult things that an outsourcer has to go throughis to discipline oneself in doing his or her assigned tasks.Since an online job is home based, there will be lots of temptationsand distractions lying around the house. One effective way to solve thisis to set goals. Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  3. 3. Long term goals and Short term goalsMost employers will want to hire someone who already has backgroundon how to do personal goal setting.In your online job, you can set daily goals, weekly goals and monthlygoals.It is even advised that an outsourcer make hourly goals too. Since ourwork entails us to stay in front of the computer for long hours, thatkind of work can lead to burn out. Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  4. 4. How To Do Personal Goal Setting?One way to save yourself from being over worked is to set a goal foryourself working straight for one hour and avoid all distraction aspossible.After one hour of straight work, you can take a few minutes breakand relax.Setting short term goals and making it a habit will help you improveand set higher goals for yourself. Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  5. 5. “A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job.” – Zig Ziglar There are candidates who become too complacent and lose the burning desire and motivation they have in the beginning and they become less and less effective. They count the hours and just wanted to end their day so they can do what they want elsewhere. They begin to hate their job and work just for the hours they spend and not really put their heart into it. Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  6. 6. What’s The Catch?Some candidates may retain their online jobs doing this kind ofmediocre service. But if they do not change the way theythink, employers may seek more dedicated employees who has thepassion and drive, not just to do “clicking jobs” but really put theirminds and their hearts to the success of whatever company is hiringthem.Most online job seekers are very eager to get hired and find a jobwhere they can work from home and still earn dollars.But the moment they are hired and they are going about their dailytasks, a lot of things go through their minds, and often many losefocus. Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
  7. 7. The Lesson From Zig Ziglar’s Words Be professional in your online job. Love your work and strive to meet small goals. When you develop the good habit of aiming fo small goals and making sure you meet them, aim for higher goals. Always seek self-improvement and do your best in your online job. When you have this winning attitude in you, there is no doubt, an simple online job can later turn out to be a great career for you.  Thanks for reading and good luck in your online job! See YOU at the TOP! Source: http://www.onlinejobsite.ph
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