Making Both Wallet And Body Happy When Working Online


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Making Both Wallet And Body Happy When Working Online

  1. 1. Online Job Site Philippines ReportThis is just a brief summary, to read the whole article, visit our site Source:
  2. 2. A lot of companies and small online business owners are using outsourcers ( it’s what they call people who work for them online) to help them run their business or for some minor tasks within their business.But despite this great work and career opportunity, there are health buffs who are a bit concerned about this kind of work.They know for a fact that working from home maybe great but it also almost immediately follows a sedentary lifestyle. Source:
  3. 3. Almost every person who is working from home has this problem. How can you keep physically healthy if all you does is just sit on your computer all day? Here are some tips to make sure you reap the dollars without sacrificing your own health while you’re at it:Source:
  4. 4. According to one health report, people who are working on their yourcomputer and sitting most of the time are more prone to heart attacksthan those who has a lot of physical activities in his work.So one way to keep your body healthy while keeping your wallet in tiptop shape in your online job is to buy an office desk set up where youcan work sitting down and if needed, also allow you to work standing up.Now that’s versatility for you with your health in mind. Source:
  5. 5. Spend at least 30 minutes of exercise before you start working – one thingyou will notice when you are working online as an outsourcer, time flies sofast. Frankly, if you are not careful how you spend your time, you can findyourself accomplishing fewer tasks than expected.So the tendency of someone who works online is to just really rush it. Andthis mindset can often lead to having no time for other things, evenexercise. Source:
  6. 6.  If you have a dog or maybe a baby in the house, here is a novel idea. You can take advantage of your dog’s hyperactivity and just play with him in your backyard or any open area near your home or take him for a walk. Letting your pet chase you or play catch is one simple way to get your body moving; and you’ll have fun in the process. Source:
  7. 7.  A good idea is to eat fruits in the morning, instead of your usual coffee and bread. Fruits will give you a natural sugar boast that can keep you alert the whole morning. Drinking coffee can give you a good wake up spank, but too much caffeine can actually be counterproductive and make you more sleepy and nervous. So if you want to stay healthy in your online job, you must watch the food that you eat. Source:
  8. 8.  Use a time management quadrant – For you to get the exercise you need while working in a home based job, first you have to have time to do it. And for you to find the time, you need to manage it wisely. Knowing how to set priorities is one way to achieving more free time to do what you need and want, in this case some form of exercise. Source:
  9. 9. Thank you for checking this short slide show presentation. To read the whole article, click the article title below: Making Both Wallet And Body Happy When Working OnlineYou can also get in touch with us by connecting with the team on through our social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and LinkedIn CONNECT with You can create a FREE account in our Online Job Portal, upload your resumeand tell us your skills and professional background. Employers can view your profile and contact you if there are any online job openings Online Jobs Portal THANK YOU FOR CHECKING THIS PRESENTATION! SEE YOU THERE! Source: