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Another one snapshot explaining
a revolutionary cloud base service for doctors, hospitals, clinics (Healthcare)..
offers free online listing, appointment management system, billing & prescriptions system, patient relationship management, clinic intelligence, & much more.....

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  1. 1. Everyone wonders why there are long queues at clinics and hospitalswhen queues are a thing of past ! But no more Tuesday 12/14/2011 Kalyani Nagar 10:30 am 11:00 am 11.30 am 1 Find doctors near your area 12:10 pm 12:45 pm 01:10 pm 2 Get an appointment when you need it. 3 Get the treatment you need on time. better patient care!! Call: 86000-88000
  2. 2. WHAT IS GETDOCTORAPPOINTMENT?GetDoctorAppointment is a revolutionary service that aims to connect doctors andpatients in a way that benefits both and uses modern media including Mass SMS,online portal and IVR based communication systems all of which facilitate searchingfor doctors based on specialty/locality, web presence for doctors and clinics and asophisticated appointment management system.WHAT ARE FEATURES OF GETDOCTORAPPOINTMENT?Online Listing of Doctor/ClinicBy following a simple registration process that comprises submission of few key detailsand photograph uploads, doctors can have a 24*7 online presence - a dedicated website for the clinic and the profile contains:a Professional information like your education, speciality, experience, awards & recognitiona Clinic information like Locations, visiting hours, consulting charges, contact details anda Personal as well as clinic photographsThe above will enable patients to search for doctors based on various criteria including location, speciality and also write blogs &feedback about the visit.Appointment Management SystemAn intelligent tool that helps you manage daily appointments schedule and the flow of patients. Its a very simple web-based tool thata Online web-based appointment scheduling for patient. a Patient history.a Online appointment schedule. a Block your time or book your day for special activities.a Weekly, monthly appointment reports. a Rescheduling/ cancellation of appointments.a Provide Intelligence by demography, gender, illness and a Simultaneous access to your multi-location schedule.a Type of patients (new or existing). a Special provision to accommodate walk-in appointments. e-Assistant Anywhere Patients Kiosks GETDOCTORAPPOINMENT.COM Better Patient Care!! Appointment Details is also Date:15/02/2011 Time:10:30 am A Kiosk is an advanced electronic device that can be placed at available on new mobile handheld withDoctor: Dr. Avinash Choudhary Clinic Address: 15, Clover clinic reception. It registers walk-in patients for appointment and tablet devices which make it Center, Kalyani Nagar, Pune-411045 displays current appointment status. It is very user-friendly convenient to carry and access your and simple to use (just like an ATM machine) and personal appointment management interacts with patients independently through from anywhere with latest 3G technology. its touch screen or IVR and registers Besides the ability to manage appointments, this device also appointments in the appointment provides extra features such as email, eBook reader, taking management system. It also shows current snaps and videos, internet surfing and can be used as mobile. appointment status and estimated waiting time for the patients in queue. Patients Relations Clinic Intelligence With GetDoctorAppointment you can In today’s world of information, key information about your always keep in touch with your Patients patients can help you to take faster and correct decisions to and have healthy relationship by utilizing provide better patient care, add more revenue and efficiency to mass SMS subscription for any of your existing work. GetDocotorAppointmnet provides following following reasons: intelligent reports about your patients and their appointments as follows: a Appointment Cancellation or reschedule a Opening New Clinic/ Location a Patient Statistics a Special day Wishes a Medical Reason Reports a Visit Reminder a Multi-location Report a Advanced Instrument Checkups a Monthly/Quarter/Annual Appointment a Health Camps Report go to or call 86000-88000
  3. 3. Health Desk For patients preferring to call, our helpdesk personnel trained in multiple languages (Hindi/English/Marathi) are well placed to cater to them. For this, we have multiple and dedicated phone lines to book appointments. Patients will be sent reminder SMS in advance with expected waiting time. Our executives can also reschedule or cancel appointments. This service can help doctors manage appointment scheduling without any additional manpower at clinic. Hardware Requirements – working PC/ Laptop/ Tablet PC Internet – Internet/Broadband/USB/3G connectionWHAT SUBSCRIPTIONS DOCTOR CAN BUY ? Subscriptions FeaturesGo-Online 1) Registration on GetDoctorAppointment. 2) Upload all Personal as well as professional Details.E-Assistant 1) Go-Online 2) Access to Online Appointment management System for Doctor. 3) Access to Online Appointment booking for Patient.Health Desk -Silver 1) E-Assistant 2) 500 Appointment Booking 3) Reminder SMSHealth Desk-Gold 1) E-Assistant 2) 1000 Appointment Booking 3) Reminder SMSHealth Desk-Platinum 1) E-Assistant 2)1500 Appointment booking 3) Reminder SMSHealth Desk-Diamond 1) E-Assistant 2) Unlimited Appointments 3) Reminder SMSWHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GETDOCTORAPPOINTMENT.COM?Benefits to Doctors Benefits to Patientsa State of the art and automated Appointment Management System. a Easy to find right doctors.a Increased patient base and better communication with existing patients. a Get an appointment from anywhere & anytime.a Online presence & marketing. a Lesser patient waiting time in clinics.a Operational Excellence & business intelligence by using latest IT Tools. a Better Patient Care.a More time to focus on core activities.a High Level of Data Security. Server Appointment Book AppointmentHOW IT WORKS? Cancellation/ Rescheduling Health Desk Appointment better patient care!! Online Access Status/ Confirmation GETDOCTORAPPOINMENT.COM Better Patient Care!! Appointment Details Date:15/02/2011 Time:10:30 am withDoctor: Dr. Avinash Choudhary Clinic Address: 15, Clover Center, Kalyani Nagar, Pune-411045 Patient Doctor go to or call 86000-88000
  4. 4. WHAT PATIENTS ARE SAYING…GetDoctorAppointment ran a survey among patients/guardians to identify common problem faced with their doctors appointments. a “Clinic support staff is too busy attending calls, they hardly get time to talk to patients and answer queries.” – Rajesh Gawade , 52 Yr Govt. Servant a “Whenever I visit clinic with my 1 year old, I have to wait there for 40-50 minutes it is worrisome since kids pass on infections pretty easily” – Sameer Chaudhary, 35 Yr Father of a Kid. a “Even after taking appointment, I have to sit in a queue for at least 40-50 minutes every time I visit clinic, many a time it was very painful since I was very sick”. – Devyani Ingale, 32 Yr Pregnant Lady, Suhas Desai, 64 Yr Old Man. a “I called for appointment, but phone was continuously busy and even though I didnt want but, had to visit another doctor ” – Aneez Kunju, 30 Yr. IT professional. a “I called for appointment but nobody in clinic picked up so I have personally visit clinic to get the appointment and wait for an hour for my turn, I wish appointment can be booked online” – Rohini Shrama, 28 Yr Working Lady. a “I just missed the time slot for booking the appointment of a doctor and I could not get that days appointment” – Sohan Kulkarni, 21Yr Engg Student. a “I arrived on my time but there is still a long queue, I wish I had received information when appointments are running late” – Rajeshree Patil, 26 Yr. Bank Employee. Go to or Call 86000 88000 to register and let us help you provide better patient care!! better patient care!! 7 Kemps, Road 13, Opp. Jogger’s Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 411006, India, Ph: +91 20 26612499 go to or call 86000-88000