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Command name

  1. 1. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuAbout HelpAccept All Changes in Doc AcceptAccept All Changes Shown AcceptAccept Changes SelectedActivate ObjectAdd CaptionAdd Record DefaultAddr FontsAddressAll Caps Ctrl+Shift+ AAnnotation Alt+Ctrl+ MAnnotation EditAnnotationsApp Maximize Alt+ F10App MinimizeApp MoveApp Restore Alt+ F5App SizeApply Heading1 Alt+Ctrl+ 1Apply Heading2 Alt+Ctrl+ 2Apply Heading3 Alt+Ctrl+ 3Apply List Bullet Ctrl+Shift+ LArrange All WindowArrange Side By SideAuto CaptionAuto Correct ToolsAuto Correct Caps LockOffAuto Correct DaysAuto Correct ExceptionsAuto Correct HECorrectAuto Correct Initial CapsAuto Correct Replace TextAuto Correct SentenceCapsAuto Correct SmartQuotesAuto Fit ContentAuto Fit FixedAuto Fit WindowAuto FormatAuto Format Alt+Ctrl+ KAuto Format Begin FormatAuto Format StyleAuto Manager
  2. 2. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuAuto Mark Index EntriesAuto ScrollAuto SumAuto SummarizeAuto Summarize Begin ToolsAuto Summarize CloseAuto Summarize Percentof OriginalAuto Summarize ToggleViewAuto Summarize UpdateFile PropertiesAuto TextAuto TextAuto Text F3Auto Text Alt+Ctrl+ VAutomatic ChangeAWBackground Fill Effect Format BackgroundBackground More Colors Format BackgroundBackground Watermark Format BackgroundBold Ctrl+ BBold Ctrl+Shift+ BBold RunBookmark Ctrl+Shift+ F5 InsertBookshelf DefineReferenceBookshelf Lookup ToolsReferenceBorder AllBorder BottomBorder HorizBorder InsideBorder LeftBorder Line ColorBorder Line StyleBorder Line WeightBorder NoneBorder OutsideBorder RightBorder TLto BRBorder ToolbarBorder TopBorder TRto BLBorder Vert
  3. 3. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuBordersBottom AlignBottom Center AlignBottom Left AlignBottom Right AlignBreak InsertBrowse Next Ctrl+ Page DownBrowse Prev Ctrl+ Page UpBrowse Sel Alt+Ctrl+ HomeBullet DefaultBullet List DefaultBullets and NumberingBullets NumbersBusuCalculateCalloutCancel EscCaptionCaption NumberingCell OptionsCenter AlignCenter Para Ctrl+ EChange ByteChange Case FormatChange Case Shift+ F3Change Case FareastChange KanaChangesChar Left LeftChar Left Extend Shift+ LeftChar Right RightChar Right Extend Shift+ RightChar ScaleChartCheck Box Form FieldCheck For Updates HelpCheckin FileCheckout FileClear Del ClearClear Form FieldClear Formatting ClearCloseClose AllClose or Close All
  4. 4. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuClose or Exit Alt+ F4Close Pane Alt+Shift+ CClose PreviewClose Reading ModeClose Up ParaClose View Header FooterCodeColorColumn Break Ctrl+Shift+ ReturnColumn Select Ctrl+Shift+ F8Column WidthColumnsColumnsCombine CharactersComma AccentCompare VersionsCondensedConfirm ConversionsConnectConsistencyConsistency CheckContact Us HelpContents ArabicContext HelpContinue NumberingControl RunControl ToolboxConvert All EndnotesConvert All FootnotesConvert NotesConvert ObjectConvert Text Box toFrameCopy Ctrl+ CCopy Ctrl+ InsertCopy As PictureCopy Format Ctrl+Shift+ CCopy Ink As TextCopy Text Shift+ F2Create Auto Text Alt+ F3Create DirectoryCreate EnvelopeCreate LabelsCreate SubdocumentCreate Table
  5. 5. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuCreate TaskCross Reference Reference MenuCss LinksCustomize ToolsCustomize Add Menu Alt+Ctrl+ =ShortcutCustomize KeyboardCustomize Keyboard Alt+Ctrl+ Num +ShortcutCustomize MenusCustomize Remove Menu Alt+Ctrl+ -ShortcutCustomize ToolbarCut Ctrl+ XCut Shift+ DelDatabaseDate Field Alt+Shift+ DDate Time InsertDecrease IndentDecrease ParagraphSpacingDefault Char BorderDefault Char ShadingDelete All Comments in RejectDocDelete All Comments RejectShownDelete All Ink AnnotationsDelete AnnotationDelete Back Word Ctrl+ BackspaceDelete ColumnDelete GeneralDelete HyperlinkDelete RowDelete StyleDelete Table Toolbar 32780Delete Word Ctrl+ DelDemote ListDemote to Body TextDiacritic ColorDictionaryDisplay DetailsDisplay Final Doc Show MarkupDisplay For ReviewDisplay Original Doc Show Markup
  6. 6. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuDisplay Shared Workspace ToolsPaneDistribute ColumnDistribute GeneralDistribute Para Ctrl+Shift+ JDistribute RowDo Field Click Alt+Shift+ F9Do Not DistributeDoc Close Ctrl+ WDoc Close Ctrl+ F4Doc Maximize Ctrl+ F10Doc MinimizeDoc Move Ctrl+ F7Doc Restore Ctrl+ F5Doc Size Ctrl+ F8Doc Split Alt+Ctrl+ S WindowDocument Actions PaneDocument MapDocument Map ReadingModeDot AccentDotted UnderlineDouble StrikethroughDouble Underline Ctrl+Shift+ DDraftDraw AlignDraw CalloutDraw Disassemble PictureDraw DuplicateDraw Insert Word PictureDraw Menu Shadow ColorDraw Menu3 DColorDraw Reset Word PictureDraw ReshapeDraw Select NextDraw Select PreviousDraw Snap to Grid DrawDraw Text BoxDraw Toggle LayerDraw UnselectDraw Vertical Text BoxDrawingDrawing ObjectDrawing Object WrapBehind
  7. 7. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuDrawing Object WrapFrontDrawing Object WrapInlineDrawing Object WrapNoneDrawing Object WrapSquareDrawing Object WrapThroughDrawing Object WrapTightDrawing Object Wrap TopBottomDrawing ToolbarDrop CapDrop Down Form FieldEm SpaceEmail Attachment OptionsEmail Check NamesEmail Choose AccountEmail EnvelopeEmail FlagEmail Focus IntroductionEmail Focus SubjectEmail Message OptionsEmail OptionsEmail Save AttachmentEmail Select Bcc NamesEmail Select Cc NamesEmail Select NamesEmail Select to NamesEmail SendEmail Signature OptionsEn SpaceEnclose CharactersEnd of Column Alt+ Page DownEnd of Column Alt+Shift+ Page DownEnd of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ EndEnd of Document Ctrl+ EndEnd of Line EndEnd of Line Extend Shift+ EndEnd of Row Alt+ End
  8. 8. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuEnd of Row Alt+Shift+ EndEnd of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page DownEnd of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page DownEnd ReviewEndnote AreaEndnote Cont NoticeEndnote Cont SeparatorEndnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ DEndnote SeparatorEnvelope SetupEnvelope Wizard Letters and Mailings MenuEnvelopes and LabelsEquationEServicesExcel TableExit FileExpandedExtend Selection F8Fax Service Send ToFieldField InsertField Chars Ctrl+ F9Field Codes Alt+ F9FileFill ColorFind Ctrl+ FFindFind Reading ModeFit TextFix Broken Text ToolsFix Me HelpFont Ctrl+ DFont Ctrl+Shift+ FFont ColorFont SizeFont Size Select Ctrl+Shift+ PFont SubstitutionFooterFootnoteFootnote AreaFootnote Cont NoticeFootnote Cont Separator
  9. 9. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuFootnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ FFootnote SeparatorFootnotes ViewForm FieldForm Field OptionsForm ShadingFormat CellFormat Ex ToolbarFormatting PaneFormatting Properties Shift+ F1 FormatFormatting RestrictionsFormula TableFrameFrameFrame or Frame PictureFrame PropertiesFrame Remove SplitFrame Split AboveFrame Split BelowFrame Split LeftFrame Split RightFrameset TOCFrameset Wizard Frames MenuGetting Started PaneGo Back Shift+ F5Go Back Alt+Ctrl+ ZGo To Ctrl+ G EditGo To F5 EditGo to Header FooterGo to Next CommentGo to Next EndnoteGo to Next FootnoteGo to Next PageGo to Next SectionGo to Previous CommentGo to Previous EndnoteGo to Previous FootnoteGo to Previous PageGo to Previous SectionGoto Comment ScopeGoto Next Linked TextBoxGoto Prev Linked TextBoxGoto Table of Contents
  10. 10. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuGram SettingsGrammarGrammar HideGraphical Horizontal LineGreeting SentenceGridlinesGridlinesGrow Font Ctrl+Shift+ .Grow Font One Point Ctrl+ ]Hanging Indent Ctrl+ THanja DictionaryHeader ViewHeader Footer Link Alt+Shift+ RHeading NumberingHeadings TableHelp F1HHC Alt+Ctrl+ F7 LanguageHidden Ctrl+Shift+ HHighlightHorizontal in VerticalHorizontal LineHTMLBGSoundHTMLCheck BoxHTMLDropdown BoxHTMLHiddenHTMLImage SubmitHTMLList BoxHTMLMarqueeHTMLMovieHTMLOption ButtonHTMLPasswordHTMLResetHTMLSource ViewHTMLSource Do NotRefreshHTMLSource RefreshHTMLSubmitHTMLText AreaHTMLText BoxHyperlinkHyperlink Ctrl+ KHyperlink OpenHyphenation LanguageHyphenation ManualIchitaro Help
  11. 11. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuIgnore All ConsistenceErrorIgnore Consistence ErrorIMEControlIMEReconversionIncrease IndentIncrease ParagraphSpacingIndent Ctrl+ MIndent CharIndent First CharIndent First LineIndent LineIndexIndex and Tables Reference MenuInk AnnotationsInk CommentInk Split MenuInsert Column Toolbar 32782Insert Column Right Toolbar 32782Insert GeneralInsert RowInsert Row Above Toolbar 32782Insert Row Below Toolbar 32782Insert ScriptItalic Ctrl+ IItalic Ctrl+Shift+ IItalic RunJapanese Greeting ClosingSentenceJapanese GreetingOpening SentenceJapanese GreetingPrevious GreetingJustify Para Ctrl+ JLabel OptionsLanguageLanguage LanguageLearn WordsLeft Para Ctrl+ LLetter Properties Letters and Mailings MenuLetter WizardLetters Wizard JToolbar Letters and Mailings Menu
  12. 12. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuLicense Verification HelpLine ColorLine Down DownLine Down Extend Shift+ DownLine SpacingLine Up UpLine Up Extend Shift+ UpLinks EditListList CommandsList IndentList Num Field Alt+Ctrl+ LList OutdentLock DocumentLock Fields Ctrl+ 3Lock Fields Ctrl+ F11LoweredLtr ParaLtr RunLTRMacro DialogsMacro Alt+ F8MagnifierMail As HTMLMail As Plain TextMail As RTFMail Check NamesMail Hide Message HeaderMail MergeMail Merge Address BlockMail Merge Ask toConvert ChevronsMail Merge Check Alt+Shift+ KMail Merge ConvertChevronsMail Merge Create DataSourceMail Merge Create HeaderSourceMail Merge Create ListMail Merge Data FormMail Merge Edit AddressBlockMail Merge Edit Data Alt+Shift+ ESourceMail Merge Edit Greeting
  13. 13. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuLineMail Merge Edit HeaderSourceMail Merge Edit ListMail Merge Edit MainDocumentMail Merge Field MappingMail Merge Find EntryMail Merge Find RecordMail Merge First RecordMail Merge Go to RecordMail Merge Greeting LineMail Merge HelperMail Merge Insert AskMail Merge Insert FieldsMail Merge Insert Fill InMail Merge Insert IfMail Merge Insert MergeRecMail Merge Insert MergeSeqMail Merge Insert NextMail Merge Insert Next IfMail Merge Insert SetMail Merge Insert Skip IfMail Merge Last RecordMail Merge Next RecordMail Merge Open DataSourceMail Merge Open HeaderSourceMail Merge Prev RecordMail Merge PropagateLabelMail Merge QueryOptionsMail Merge RecipientsMail Merge ResetMail Merge Set DocumentTypeMail Merge Shade FieldsMail Merge to Doc Alt+Shift+ NMail Merge to EMailMail Merge to FaxMail Merge to Printer Alt+Shift+ M
  14. 14. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuMail Merge Toolbar Letters and Mailings MenuMail Merge Use AddressBookMail Merge View DataMail Merge Wizard Letters and Mailings MenuMail Message DeleteMail Message ForwardMail Message MoveMail Message NextMail Message PreviousMail Message PropertiesMail Message ReplyMail Message Reply AllMail Select NamesManage FieldsMark Citation Alt+Shift+ IMark Index Entry Alt+Shift+ XMark Table of Contents Alt+Shift+ OEntryMaster DocumentMenu Mode F10Menu Org Chart InsertMerge CellsMerge Field Alt+Shift+ FMerge Revisions ToolsMerge Split GeneralMerge SubdocumentMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Fox ProMicrosoft MailMicrosoft On The Web1Microsoft On The Web10Microsoft On The Web11Microsoft On The Web12Microsoft On The Web13Microsoft On The Web14Microsoft On The Web15Microsoft On The Web16Microsoft On The Web17Microsoft On The Web2Microsoft On The Web3Microsoft On The Web4
  15. 15. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuMicrosoft On The Web5Microsoft On The Web6Microsoft On The Web7Microsoft On The Web8Microsoft On The Web9Microsoft Power PointMicrosoft ProjectMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft ScheduleMicrosoft Script Editor Alt+Shift+ F11Microsoft System Info Alt+Ctrl+ F1Middle Center AlignMiddle Left AlignMiddle Right AlignMMEmail OptionsMMFax OptionsMMNew Doc OptionsMMPrint OptionsMove Text F2Multilevel DefaultNever Use Balloons BalloonsNew FileNew CommentNew ContextNew Default Ctrl+ NNew DialogNew EmailNew PrintNew ToolbarNew WebNew Window WindowNext CellNext Change or CommentNext Field F11Next Field Alt+ F1Next InsertNext Misspelling Alt+ F7Next Object Alt+ DownNext PageNext Window Ctrl+ F6Next Window Alt+ F6No Insertion Deletion BalloonsBalloonsNormal Alt+Ctrl+ N ViewNormal Font Position
  16. 16. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuNormal Font SpacingNormal Style Ctrl+Shift+ NNormal Style Alt+Shift+ Clear (Num 5)Normal View Header AreaNormalize TextNote OptionsNumber InsertNumber DefaultNumber List DefaultNumber of PagesObject InsertObjectOCXOCXButtonOCXCheckboxOCXDropdown ComboOCXFrameOCXImageOCXLabelOCXList BoxOCXOption ButtonOCXScrollbarOCXSpinOCXText BoxOCXToggle ButtonOffice Clipboard EditOffice DrawingOffice On The Web HelpOKOnlineOnline Meeting Online CollaborationOpen Ctrl+ OOpen Ctrl+ F12Open Alt+Ctrl+ F2Open FileOpen or Close Up Para Ctrl+ 0Open SubdocumentOpen Up ParaOptionsOptions ToolsOptions Auto FormatOptions Auto Format AsYou Type
  17. 17. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuOptions BidiOptions CompatibilityOptions EditOptions Edit Copy PasteOptions File LocationsOptions FuzzyOptions GeneralOptions GrammarOptions HHCOptions PrintOptions RevisionsOptions SaveOptions SecurityOptions Smart TagOptions SpellingOptions TypographyOptions User InfoOptions ViewOrganizerOther Pane F6Other Pane Shift+ F6Outline Alt+Ctrl+ OOutline Collapse Alt+Shift+ -Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+ Num -Outline Demote Alt+Shift+ RightOutline Expand Alt+Shift+ =Outline Expand Alt+Shift+ Num +Outline LevelOutline Master ViewOutline Move Down Alt+Shift+ DownOutline Move Up Alt+Shift+ UpOutline Promote Alt+Shift+ LeftOutline Promote Heading1Outline Show First Line Alt+Shift+ LOutline Show FormatOutline Split ToolbarOvertype InsertPage Alt+Ctrl+ P ViewPage Break Ctrl+ ReturnPage Down Page DownPage Down Extend Shift+ Page DownPage Field Alt+Shift+ PPage Number
  18. 18. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuPage Numbers InsertPage SetupPage Up Page UpPage Up Extend Shift+ Page UpPara Down Ctrl+ DownPara Down Extend Ctrl+Shift+ DownPara Keep Lines TogetherPara Keep With NextPara Page Break BeforePara Up Ctrl+ UpPara Up Extend Ctrl+Shift+ UpPara Widow OrphanControlParagraphPaste Ctrl+ VPaste Shift+ InsertPaste Append TablePaste As Hyperlink EditPaste As Nested TablePaste Format Ctrl+Shift+ VPaste from ExcelPaste OptionPaste Special EditPause RecorderPermission FilePhonetic GuidePicturePicturePicture BulletPicture EditPost Send ToPostcard Wizard Letters and Mailings MenuPresent It Send ToPrev CellPrev Field Shift+ F11Prev Field Alt+Shift+ F1Prev Object Alt+ UpPrev PagePrev Window Ctrl+Shift+ F6Prev Window Alt+Shift+ F6Previous Change orCommentPrint Ctrl+ PPrint Ctrl+Shift+ F12
  19. 19. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuPrint DefaultPrint Preview Ctrl+ F2Print Preview Alt+Ctrl+ IPrint Preview Full ScreenPrint SetupPromote ListProofing F7PropertiesProperties FileProtect ToolsProtect FormProtect UnprotectDocumentPSSHelpRaisedReading ModeReading Mode Grow FontReading Mode Ink OffReading Mode Layout ViewReading Mode LookupReading Mode MiniReading Mode PageviewReading Mode ShrinkFontRecord Macro StartRecord Macro StopRecord Macro Toggle MacroRedefine StyleRedo Alt+Shift+ BackspaceRedo or Repeat Ctrl+ Y EditRedo or Repeat F4 EditRedo or Repeat Alt+ Return EditReject All Changes in Doc RejectReject All Changes Shown RejectReject Changes SelectedRemove All ScriptsRemove Bullets NumbersRemove Cell PartitionRemove FramesRemove Record DefaultRemove SubdocumentRename StyleRepaginateRepeat Find Shift+ F4Repeat Find Alt+Ctrl+ Y
  20. 20. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuReplace Ctrl+ H EditResearchResearch Lookup Ctrl+Shift+ OReset Char Ctrl+ SpaceReset Char Ctrl+Shift+ ZReset Form FieldReset Note Sep or NoticeReset Para Ctrl+ QReset Side By SideRestart NumberingRet Addr FontsReturn ReviewReview RevisionsReviewing PaneRevision Marks AcceptRevision Marks NextRevision Marks PrevRevision Marks RejectRevision Marks Toggle Ctrl+Shift+ ERevisionsRight Para Ctrl+ RRouting Slip Send ToRow HeightRtl ParaRtl RunRTLMacro DialogsRulerRun Print ManagerRun ToggleSave Ctrl+ SSave Shift+ F12Save Alt+Shift+ F2Save AllSave As F12 FileSave As Web Page FileSave Frame AsSave HtmlSave TemplateSave VersionSchedule Meeting Online CollaborationScreen RefreshSCTCTranslateSearch FileSection Break
  21. 21. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuSection LayoutSecuritySelect All Ctrl+ A EditSelect All Ctrl+ Clear Edit (Num 5)Select All Ctrl+ Num 5 EditSelect Cell Toolbar 32778Select Column Toolbar 32778Select Cur AlignmentSelect Cur ColorSelect Cur FontSelect Cur IndentSelect Cur SpacingSelect Cur TabsSelect Drawing ObjectsSelect NumberSelect Row Toolbar 32778Select Similar FormattingSelect Table Alt+ Clear Toolbar 32778 (Num 5)Send For Review Send ToSend MailSend to Fax Send ToSend to Online Meeting Send ToParticipantsSent LeftSent Left ExtendSent RightSent Right ExtendSet Drawing DefaultsShadingShading ColorShading PatternShow Add Ins XDialogShow All Ctrl+Shift+ 8Show All ConsistencyShow All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow Changes andCommentsShow Comments Show MarkupShow ConsistencyShow Formatting Show MarkupShow Heading1 Alt+Shift+ 1Show Heading2 Alt+Shift+ 2
  22. 22. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuShow Heading3 Alt+Shift+ 3Show Heading4 Alt+Shift+ 4Show Heading5 Alt+Shift+ 5Show Heading6 Alt+Shift+ 6Show Heading7 Alt+Shift+ 7Show Heading8 Alt+Shift+ 8Show Heading9 Alt+Shift+ 9Show Hide HelpShow Ink Annotations Show MarkupShow Insertions and Show MarkupDeletionsShow LevelShow MeShow Next Header FooterShow ParaShow Prev Header FooterShow Property BrowserShow RepairsShow Script AnchorShow Signatures ToolsShow Sm PaneShrink Font Ctrl+Shift+ ,Shrink Font One Point Ctrl+ [Shrink Selection Shift+ F8Shrink to FitSign Out of Passport FileSimple Number DefaultSkip NumberingSmall Caps Ctrl+Shift+ KSort TableSort ATo ZSort ZTo ASoundSound CommentSpace Para1 Ctrl+ 1Space Para15 Ctrl+ 5Space Para2 Ctrl+ 2Speech ToolsSpell SelectionSpellingSpelling HideSpelling RecheckDocumentSpike Ctrl+Shift+ F3Spike Ctrl+ F3
  23. 23. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuSplit TableSplit CellsSplit SubdocumentSqm Dialog HelpStart of Column Alt+ Page UpStart of Column Alt+Shift+ Page UpStart of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ HomeStart of Document Ctrl+ HomeStart of Line HomeStart of Line Extend Shift+ HomeStart of Row Alt+ HomeStart of Row Alt+Shift+ HomeStart of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page UpStart of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page UpStatus BarStrikethroughStyleStyle Ctrl+Shift+ SStyle By ExampleStyle GalleryStyle ModifyStyle Separator Alt+Ctrl+ ReturnStyle VisibilitySubdocumentSubscript Ctrl+ =Summary InfoSuperscript Ctrl+Shift+ =Swap All NotesSymbolSymbol InsertSymbol Font Ctrl+Shift+ QSync Scroll Side By SideTable of AuthoritiesTable of ContentsTable of FiguresTabs FormatTask Pane Ctrl+ F1TCSCTranslateTCSCTranslationTemplates ToolsText Box LinkingText Box UnlinkingText FlowText Form FieldTheme Format
  24. 24. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuThesaurusThesaurus RR Shift+ F7 LanguageTime Field Alt+Shift+ TTip of The DayTo or from TextTOACategoryToggle Character Code Alt+ XToggle Field Display Shift+ F9Toggle Forms DesignToggle FullToggle Header FooterLinkToggle Main Text LayerToggle Master DocumentToggle Master Subdocs Ctrl+ Toggle Page BoundariesToggle PortraitToggle Reading ModeHelpToggle Reading Mode InkToggle Reading Mode2PagesToggle Scribble ModeToggle Text FlowToggle ThumbnailToggle Web DesignToggle XMLTag View Ctrl+Shift+ XToolToolbars ViewTop AlignTop Center AlignTop Left AlignTop Right AlignTranslateTranslate ChineseTranslate Pane Alt+Shift+ F7 LanguageTwo Lines in OneTxbx AutosizeUn Hang Ctrl+Shift+ TUn Indent Ctrl+Shift+ MUn Indent CharUn Indent First CharUn Indent First LineUn Indent LineUnderline Ctrl+ U
  25. 25. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuUnderline Ctrl+Shift+ UUnderline ColorUnderline StyleUndo Ctrl+ ZUndo Alt+ BackspaceUnlink Fields Ctrl+ 6Unlink Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F9Unlock Fields Ctrl+ 4Unlock Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F11Update Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ UUpdate Fields F9Update Fields Alt+Shift+ UUpdate IMEDicUpdate Source Ctrl+Shift+ F7Update Table of ContentsUpdate TocUpdate Toc FullUse Balloons BalloonsUsing HelpVBCode Alt+ F11Versions FileVersions Server Ve&rsion HistoryVertical FrameWeb ViewWeb Add Hyperlnk toFavoritesWeb Add to FavoritesWeb AddressWeb Component InsertWeb Copy HyperlinkWeb Go Back Alt+ LeftWeb Go Forward Alt+ RightWeb Hide ToolbarsWeb Open FavoritesWeb Open HyperlinkWeb Open in NewWindowWeb Open Search PageWeb Open Start PageWeb OptionsWeb Page Preview FileWeb RefreshWeb Select HyperlinkWeb Stop LoadingWeb Toolbar
  26. 26. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuWeb ToolboxWizard TableWord Count ToolsWord Count List Ctrl+Shift+ GWord Count Recount Ctrl+Shift+ RWord Left Ctrl+ LeftWord Left Extend Ctrl+Shift+ LeftWord Perfect Help HelpWord Perfect HelpOptionsWord Right Ctrl+ RightWord Right Extend Ctrl+Shift+ RightWord Underline Ctrl+Shift+ WWrap BoundaryWrappingWW7_ Decrease IndentWW7_ Draw Text BoxWW7_ Draw Vertical TextBoxWW7_ Format DrawingObjectWW7_ Increase IndentWW7_ Tools OptionsXMLDocumentXMLOptionsXMLStructureZoomZoom Page WidthZoom Whole PageZoom100Zoom200Zoom75