Winter legacy pic spam gen.1


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Winter legacy pic spam gen.1

  1. 1. WINTER LEGACYGeneration 1 Pic Spam
  2. 2. The best place to begin pic spamis at the beginning. So we’ll beginat the wedding with Jackadmiring Claus’ shoes.
  3. 3. This was nearly the coverpage, then I hated Claus’angle. OMG I love these twosoooo much!!!
  4. 4. I have noidea who thisgirl is…
  5. 5. Then there was this pic of Regantraining for work, but it looksmore like she’s practicing forlabor. Grrr! Push!!!!
  6. 6. This is one of thosepics where I look atit, like stare at it for awhile and think‘hmmm there was apoint to this…what isit…?’
  7. 7. This is actually a picture of theburglar, it looked like Claus had theupper hand doesn’t it? LOL
  8. 8. The thief did actually stealeverything but thelights…*sigh*
  9. 9. This outfit was actually so tackyI nearly puked!!! Regan that hatdoes not go with your nighty. Hush I’m admiring my bump.
  10. 10. Do your remember this car? If this were RL thisthing would have looked like a beat up buggyand it probably wouldn’t even be able to movefrom point A to point B, gotta love the sims!
  11. 11.  Do you know this guy?
  12. 12. Regan went into labor in thepark and everyone presentgathered around to freak out.
  13. 13. While that was happening Claus was checkingout Vita’s walk in closet….at least that’s what Ithought it was because it was a giant room witha mirror and this one dresser. Powder roommaybe?
  14. 14. There were actually a lot of pictureslike this, Claus spent a lot of time inthe garbage.
  15. 15. I thought Noel was a spoiled baby, then along came Mistletoe. While she was anonly child she was doted on…she ever had a moment alone! It was crazy theywould wake up in the middle of the night to go tend to her, sometimes she wasjust there, being fine lying in her crib then one of her parents would go andinterrupt her!
  16. 16. In addition to interviewing Kate, Claus also interviewed one of her friends. I actually decided to use this picture at the last minute.What is up with these socks!!!
  17. 17. This house was a wreck, Reganmaxed handiness by repairingbroken things only. Seriously, therewas no reading of books orcompleting of oppertunities.
  18. 18. Regan’s friend’s name is actually Melanie…when I realized what hername was I actually had most of mychapters done and I was too lazy to go back and change it 
  19. 19. Mom isscreaming inpain but I’msleepy so I’ll care later
  20. 20. *Gasp* A sound
  21. 21. Does anyone think this iscute?
  22. 22. I see what you did there…
  23. 23. Not as good as Noel’s tot picbut I love it just the same.BTW Rudy’s eyes aren’texactly gray, they’re thisreally light green that Ididn’t pick up on until Gen2, and I will be explainingthem in Gen 2 
  24. 24. When picking traits for my sims Inever really pay attention, I justclick the dice and get on with thegame. I didn’t realize Mistletoe wasinsane until she did this…. Wall, why you no reply?
  25. 25. Claus was my mostglitched sim ever!!! Thiswent on for about 3 simdays until I finallydecided to try themoveObjects-deletething
  26. 26. Rawr! Mistletoe bite!
  27. 27. Hey! This guy actually goes on tobe Snowie’s husband, but theydidn’t have a good date and henever wanted to come over….heeventually cheats on her of hisown accord (I had nothing to dowith it). I didn’t realize that thiswas Broussard until I wentthrough my pictures
  28. 28. Gotta love the sciencecareer 
  29. 29. Dude I do not wanna play tag with you so you can stop running right now. Ice? The little green men are comingrun for your life!!!
  30. 30. The Winters got robbed againbut this time they were readymwahaha!
  31. 31. Regan and Snowie werelike best friends, andthey did that all on theirown.
  32. 32. The Winters on the way to thebeach, see it was right behindtheir house
  33. 33. Remember the picture with Iceand Rudy plotting on how toinitiate Navi into teenagehood?They were always sittingtogether….plotting…
  34. 34. Maybe their sharing a room hadsomething to do with it, or because theywere born so close together. Whatever itwas I loved these two together, they werelike RL mischievous little boys.
  35. 35. Right here is where I installed Town LifeStuff  yay for clean clothes
  36. 36. And I love these two sooooo much!!!!They just make me squeal!!!
  37. 37. Snowie’s wedding was a private affair.
  38. 38. And immediately afterBroussard had hisbirthday!
  39. 39. This picture shows off Ice’sinappropriateness. Seriouslydude, no shirt, no shoes, noreading. *bleep* The police!
  40. 40. For as long as I was playingTS3 this is my FIRST EVER setof TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. 41. This was also nearly my cover page.There’s just so many cute picturesof Regan and Claus!!!
  42. 42. Rudy, are you copying your sister’s homework!?!Yeah. *bleep* the system!
  43. 43. Come here, I just wanna see your neck, with myfingers, really tightly
  44. 44. This is actually the reality of therelationships in this house….
  45. 45. Seriously, these two are sodoooohhhh!!!! 
  46. 46. LOL, I think I’m gonna upload Rudolph foryou to play, he’s literally the mostrebellious sim ever! And at this point Ihaven’t installed Late Night orGenerations yet.