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Spellbinding legacy 3.3
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Spellbinding legacy 3.3



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  • 1. CHAPTER 3.3
  • 2. LEGACY
  • 3. We’ll start this chapter off with Cookie who is now an elder, notice the silver hair on her back. I didn’t even realize it was her birthday until the notice popped up in the corner of my screen saying that it’s time for her to kick back.
  • 4. The boys brought Nora home from school. Notice the new wall paper, plant, table and oriental kitty, and the new chair. The TV came from Jasmyn’s inventory. Oh and the arch is new too…I’ve been decorating lately. If you pay close attention you’ll see what’s new.
  • 5. The principal came over again and I was distracted by him so I didn’t even realize that Ethan was dead until the insurance benefit message came on the screen…Ethan was supposed to be making dinner for the headmaster.
  • 6. There it is! Dang, I had a hard time finding this urn…
    And just in case you’re wondering, they didn’t get into private school because the headmaster disappeared…
  • 7. CHANGELING: So are we gonna do it or not?
    NORA: No way, I can’t have the police bringing me home. Unlike you my mom is a spare which means that I don’t have a lot of money. My getting into university is riding on a good record.
    CHANGELING: Geez Nora, you’re so boring…just like Grif. Speaking of Griffin…where is he?
  • 8. GRIFFIN: Oh god! I’m so hungry…*keel*
    Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. I completely forgot about Griffin and he had the thinking cap thingy on. When I remembered him he was passed out on the bathroom floor, going into hunger failure, exhaustion and boredom. So I sent him to the kitchen to get some food and by the time he got the chili out of the fridge it was too late.
    NOTE: I just realized that it was actually the mood cap…whoops my bad
  • 9. REAPER: Let’s see here. Griffin Spelman…didn’t I just get one of those yesterday?
    CHARMING: Wait! Please don’t take my son.
    REAPER: Um…who are you?
    CHARMING: I’m his father, Charming.
    REAPER: Oh…come on kid, it’s time to go.
  • 10. CHARMING: No wait! Please Mr. Reaper Sir. I’ve never begged anyone for anything in my life but you don’t understand, this is the sexy one. We need him, there’s a good chance that he can be the heir. Please don’t take him…
    REAPER: The sexy one you say. Okay, I’ll tell what, if you can guess which hand I have his life orb in then I’ll give it back to him.
  • 11. CHARMING: Uh…the right one.
    REAPER: Aw frog’s balls…I thought I was being so sneaky. Alright, fine. You can have the sexy one back, but take better care of him next time you hear?
    CHARMING: Yeah, sure, I promise.
  • 12. CHANGELING: Dude, you were like…dead.
    GRIFFIN: I know…that was…strange.
    CHANGELING: It’s good to have you back though, you’re the only brother I have.
  • 13. Remember this hunk of junk? It’s the same car that was being worked on since…I think Marylena and Lucus. Hopefully Charming will be the one to finish it.
  • 14. Wow, that’s a nice engine.
    CHARMING: It is isn’t it? It’s a V12, only found in sports cars like Ferraris or a Bugatti. I call this car The Beast.
    Uh…Charming, I think an engine that large will destroy this car…
  • 15. CHARMING: We’ll see about that when I test drive.
    I think you’re gonna blow up.
    CHARMING: I don’t care what you think.
  • 16. After the scare last night with Griffin, Charming decided that in the event that one of his sons can’t cheat death, at least they’ll die looking good. And the new heir will need something to wear once he gets back from college. So he bought more than $3000 worth of clothes.
  • 17. Reaper…again? He was here every day this week! Wait…Oh my gosh Fair!!! Noooo!!!
    Grimmy took Faridae at 76 days old…*sigh* I’ll miss her…no more random sobbing…waaaaahhhhhh!!!
  • 18. Lookit, Spelman family skilling time. This is how Jasmyn bonds with her sons, she needs a couple mechanical points for work and the boys need skill points to get scholarships, it’s perfect!
  • 19. What do we have here?
  • 20. Just when I’d given up hope that these guys would get a genie lamp. It’s not like they really need one, they’re not starving or desperate for money, I’ve got nothing better to spend their money on than decoration…it’s perfect.
  • 21. With his parents gone and his wife and kids at work and school Charming has nothing better to do than study his spell book. He goes to work like three days a week and only works from 10-2, yeah, he’s living the life.
  • 22. CHARMING: So Grif, did you have any more of those visions?
    GRIFFIN: Yeah…but I don’t want to talk about them right now. I’m still a bit freaked out…
    CHARMING: About the dying thing?
    GRIFFIN: Yeah, thanks Dad, I would have been dead if you weren’t around.
    CHARMING: Well, until Pixx decides on the heir we’ve got to keep both of you alive and well.
  • 23. GRIFFIN: Does Pixx even know how she’s choosing the heir yet?
    CHARMING: I doubt it, she is thinking about letting people vote. She’s kinda torn between you and Changeling. See, you’re the hot one but even though she’s scared of your brother’s genes she’s curious about them. But she promises that we’ll know before it’s time to send you off to college.
  • 24. This picture is only in here because I liked it so much. It’s the twins going to school standing in the order of their birth.
  • 25. This picture is in here because Fair is haunting. She just died like yesterday and her ghost is already making an appearance.
  • 26. Lucus is haunting outside, that’s Ethan’s tombstone by the way, Lucus’ urn is inside…in the dining room.
  • 27. Cute bonding picture. Since he became a teen Griffin has been spending a lot more time with his family.
  • 28. CHARMING: Cee, what are you doing?
    CHANGELING: I’m hungry Dad.
    CHARMING: Turn around you dipstick.
  • 29. Okay, pay attention, this is where things get freaking annoying! Ethan makes his first haunt and mourns his own passing.
  • 30. Lucus scares poor Griffin who was already hungry after a long chess match with the house master. So he dies of starvation.
  • 31. Charming is at work so it was up to Changeling to prevent his brother from staying in the land of the dead. While he negotiating with Grimmy, Lucus pops out of nowhere and scares Jasmyn.
  • 32. Jasmyn peed herself and went to take a bath.
    CHANGELING: Come on Grim Dude, I’ve only got one brother, don’t take his soul.
    REAPER: Wait…this is Griffin Spelman? Again?Eeeewww…please tell me this is water I’m standing in.
  • 33. Grimmy played the same game he did with Charming and always the unsportsmanlike player, Changeling ‘wooed!’ right in Grimmy Boy’s face.
  • 34. The spinning Grimmy icon thing is cute…I wish they had one for decoration, it would replace the sacred cat in no time.
  • 35. See the red moodlet thing over Changeling’s head, this is what happened…
  • 36. …Ethan popped out of Grimmy’s chest and scared the pee out of him.
  • 37. Lucus was pretty ticked off that Changeling undid all his hard work.
    LUCUS: Have you ever tried scaring somebody to death? It’s pretty hard work.
  • 38. GRIFFIN: Er…Mom, maybe you should go to bed, Dad’ll be home soon.
    JASMYN: No, I must stay up in case the ghosts kill one of you again.
    GRIFFIN: Aww, go on, we’ll be fine.
  • 39. ETHAN: Hey Grif, boogaboogabooga!Did you see that Lucus I got him, that’s two scares for me.
    LUCUS: I haven’t seen that daughter of mine tonight, I wonder where she could be…
  • 40. GRIFFIN: Hmmm, I have no pulse…oh crud…
  • 41. REAPER: Seriously!?! I already did this tonight.
  • 42. GRIFFIN: I’m so sorry Mr. Reaper.
    REAPER: Yeah, yeah. Yuck! You people are disgusting, I hope you’re not waiting for me to clean that puddle the lady made on the floor.
  • 43. LUCUS: Boo!
    GRIFFIN: Yikes!
  • 44. REAPER: Okay now I’m really getting pissed off. Does anyone realize that this is my third trip here tonight, and my fourth for this kid. Damnit, look at the time, great I just missed the season premier of True Blood. If I have to get back out of bed tonight I’m keeping the kid.
    The next day Charming was furious with Griffin and Jasmyn. And it only lasted a day, I guess he had enough of Griffin’s deaths and was angry because his wife hadn’t tried to bring the boy back once.
  • 45. Because I was so scared that there won’t be anyone to save him next time, I had the boys make the college call. Their cousin Nora will be joining them.
  • 46. Académie
    It’s time for the hideous outfits…take a deep breath and prepare for the horror
  • 47. First up is Nora, I love her dress but she needs something a bit more…artsy…
  • 48. Next up is Changeling…Dude, you look like a sugar daddy…This is totally going to be changed…maybe…
  • 49. LOL doesn’t he just look like a comic geek?
  • 50. Yes, this is Nora again. My game crashed so this boring outfit is what she ended up in…and I really liked that dress too.
  • 51. After they chose their rooms I sent the Spelman kids shopping. They desperately needed to shop.
  • 52. I had Changeling get the clothes. This picture also gives you a close up of his face. I love his bone structure, although those lips will have to go. I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy want to see what his genes will do to my legacy. But then again, I’m afraid of them. But think about it, his kids minus the lips will look so awesome.
  • 53. CASHIER: Girls’ clothes?
    CHANGELING: They’re for my cousin.
    CASHIER: Riiiigggghhhttt…
  • 54. Meanwhile, Nora was getting some cell phones that will mysteriously disappear from their inventories…This is the second time it happened in this family.
  • 55. While everyone was busy spending money, Griffin was busy trying to break out of his comfort zone and chat it up with Secret Society Guy.
  • 56. Later on at the dorm, Griffin continued being social, while maxing the logic skill.
  • 57. Later he started working on his term paper.
  • 58. Nora was getting close to the Llama Mascot whose name is Peter Somethingortheother.
  • 59. And that ends the Spelman’s first semester at university. They all passed their classes with flying colors. Nothing much happened. They’re not having as much fun as their parents did at uni, that’s because I want to get university over and done with because I’ll be heading back to school soon and I won’t have internet connection. Now, moving on…
  • 60. NORA: Wh-where are we?
    Welcome to your Académie Le Tour Greek House.
    CHANGELING: Oh crud…
    As you can see this is a very crappy Greek House, that’s because I want each generation to contribute something (more specifically a wing). So I’ll send the next few generations of Spelmans to ALT. This generation’s project is the living area and kitchen.
  • 61. So, because Nora has maxed the creativity skill, she’ll be our Greek House painter and bring in money while they wait until the end o the semester.
  • 62. Because there’s only one computer (that wasn’t in the first picture because I had to sell the exercise machine and one painting to get it) the kids will have to take turns writing their term papers. Hopefully things will work out and nobody will fail…*bite nails*
  • 63. After selling another painting, they were able to get another bed. Yes, there were only two beds, whoever didn’t get to sleep at night got to work on their term paper, yay!
  • 64. …Oh Griffin…your luck sucks so bad…Five mechanical skill points and you get electrocuted.
  • 65. Surprisingly at the end of their sophomore semester, the Spelman kids did pretty well. Everyone got a 4.0. That’s where I’ll leave you. Just wanted to show you a little bit of the boys so you can tell me who you want for heir.
    On the next slide is information on voting   
  • 66. VOTING
    It’s pretty easy actually. All you have to do is tell me which of the boys you want for heir in your comments

    CHANGELING with the interesting genes or GRIFFIN with the interesting gift
  • 67. END