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Pinterest Do's and Don'ts
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Pinterest Do's and Don'ts


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This presentation covers the do's and don'ts on Pinterest and contains successful Pinterest cases of international brands. We've also included our research on Dutch brands on Pinterest.

This presentation covers the do's and don'ts on Pinterest and contains successful Pinterest cases of international brands. We've also included our research on Dutch brands on Pinterest.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Sanne van den BarselaarMarketing & Communication
  • 2. We are a creative agency crafting digital solutions for good companies. We believe great digital work is about inspiring people.This presentation covers the do’s and don’ts on Pinterest, containing cases of both International and Dutch brands on Pinterest.
  • 3. Pinterest Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the images you find on the web. Pins Posts are called pins. A pin is an image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website, or it can be uploaded from your computer. Boards A set of pins is called a board. A board can be created on any topic, such as Cool posters, Recipes for Dinner, or a Wishlist. A board can contain an unlimited amount of pins.
  • 4. Pinterest Facts & Figures 80% 20% The platform has about Pinterest is being dominated by women Online shoppers referred from Pinterest 2.2 million daily active users. (80% vs. 20% men) in the age category are 10% more likely to buy something 25-34, with 34-44 close behind. and spend 10% more than visitors from other social networks.
  • 5. Brands killing it on Pinterest
  • 6. Brands killing it on PinterestWhat they have in common Personal touch Humor Pins are related to company Pins are relevant to audience Pins are authentic A lot of colour and variety in boards >800 pins Lots of followers (40k - 115k)
  • 7. Whole Foods Market The world’s leader in natural & organic foods As you can see Whole Foods uses a lot of different boards and each of them has its own theme. Of course they stay close to their product; food.
  • 8. Etsy Online marketplace for handmade & vintage goods Etsy has about 2750 pins and 38 colorful boards. They know exactly what the consumer wants as they focus on different themes, from weddings to pets and from food to furniture. And that pays off! Their pins are good for a total of 121k followers! Interesting fact: Nearly 1 out of 5 online shoppers claim that their recent purchase was made after seeing an image from Etsy on Pinterest.
  • 9. The largest independent news source dedicated to covering digitalMashable culture, social media and technology. Mashable has a lot of traffic on its website and implemented ways to pin images from the site. This causes a lot of people to navigate from to their Pinterest channel and vice versa.
  • 10. Pixelfarm researchResearch Dutch Market 7% 5% active no contentPixelfarm researched the activity of 330 well known Dutch 7%brands on Pinterest. Results show that just a small percent- upcomingage (5%) are active on Pinterest. About 7% are upcomingwith several boards and some pins, against another 7%that does have a Pinterest account but without any contenton it.If you do the math, you see that over 81% of the Dutchbrands aren’t using Pinterest at all while it’s one of thefastest growing social media platforms this year! 81% not using
  • 11. Dutch brands on Pinterest Followers Pins Boards Following 366 1491 26 22 445 226 16 27 421 202 13 7Data from 08/08/2012
  • 12. Do’s and Don’ts Are you on Pinterest or thinking about doing something with this fast growing platform as an online marketing tool? Then have a look at the following do’s and don’ts. They might come in handy for you.
  • 13. Do’sFirst make sure you have a complete profile: Brand it with your logo and make sure it’s of good quality Add a (company) description Make sure you integrate your website and other social media platforms Don’t place empty boards on your wall Make sure your boards are placed into the right category
  • 14. Do’s Optimize your pins with hashtags(#), links, categories and keywords. This way you make it easier for your audience to find you as Google notices new content and social signals. Note: don’t add too much text to the image unless it’s relevant.
  • 15. Do’s Follow individual boards instead of persons to avoid content overload in your stream.
  • 16. Do’s Discover when to pin On your Pinterest homepage you find an overview of the latest likes, repins and followers.
  • 17. Do’sAnalyze popular pins and find outwhere they’re pinned from.Simply put, a pin is popular when it’s getting pinned andliked by a lot of people and therefore shows up in yourstream more often.
  • 18. Do’s Follow inspirational platforms like Colossal or Boredpanda to get fresh visuals to pin.
  • 19. Do’s Make sure you download the ‘pin plugin’ or ‘pin it’ button for your browser. This way you can pin every image from the web!
  • 20. Don’ts Don’t pin everything! Be selective in what you pin and repin. The 3 basic elements of great pins: Colorful Relevant for your audience Fun, aesthetically or a wide public attractive or newsworthy
  • 21. Don’ts Don’t upload pins that are not yours! It’s social media, so if someone finds out be ready to get burned.
  • 22. Don’ts Post good quality pictures The photo on the left is a great example of a good quality picture. It’s sharp and it enlarges to the original size when clicked. Avoid bad quality pictures The photo shown above is not only of poor quality, its also too small. If you were to click on this image it would not enlarge and that can frustrate the followers of your boards.
  • 23. Don’ts Don’t hide the source. Make sure you give credit where credit is due.
  • 24. Don’ts SPAM Above all: don’t spam your followers with irrelevant, non-authentic content.
  • 25. EngagementThree ways to create Pinterest engagement:1. Get to know your followers. Your pins should be interesting enough for them to like and repin2. Add board contributors and work together on a board3. Create opportunities for followers to promote you (through competitions for example)
  • 26. Draw attention Other interesting ways to get yourself noticedSmart Trike Uniqlo
  • 27. PinspirationWomens inspiration dayKotex was responsible for one of the world’s first Pinterestcampaigns. They focussed on 50 active, female Pinterestusers and sent each of them a package with personalizedgifts. The campaign was a big success as the women startsharing their gifts on Pinterest and other social networks,resulting in almost 700k impressions. Check out their campaign.
  • 28. PinspirationPeugeot’s Panama PuzzleAnother brand that came up with an original cross mediacampaign is Peugeot. Peugeot’s Panama unit ran acontest that awarded fans who completed a Pinterestpuzzle. The brand’s Pinterest profile featured images ofcars running over two or more boards. In each case, aboard was missing. Fans had to go to Peugeot Panama’sFacebook page or website to get the missing pieces.
  • 29. Pinterest Even if you don’t consider your business as a visual brand there are ways to reach out to your audience. Get into the head of your followers. Analyze what they pin, repin and like. Pin what’s interesting for them without losing sight of your (brand) identity and values. And above all INSPIRE!
  • 30. Bijdorp Oost 42 +31(0)180 642060 2992 LA Barendrecht Questions?