Responsive Mobile - The Next Phase of Retail


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Today, nearly all consumers pre-shop before stepping into a store, begging the question of retailers worldwide: are you where they are?

Become familiar with the next phase of retail and learn:

- What the new path to purchase looks like
- Why retailers must keep consistent brand messaging across all mediums
- How responsive design and mobile apps are critical to conversions

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Responsive Mobile - The Next Phase of Retail

  2. SPEAKERS MODERATOR Stephen Derksen Business Development Manager, Retail and Hospitality Pivotal Labs @StephenDerksen PANELISTS Jeremy Black Director, Retail, CPG and Automotive Pivotal Labs @JeremyWBlack Jennifer Lee Omnichannel Retail Leader Deloitte Pivotal Labs Confidential
  3. AGENDA Opportunities and Trends Path to Purchase Omnichannel Responsive Design Mobile Apps Platform Key Takeaways/Q and A Pivotal Labs Confidential
  4. OPPORTUNITIES Consumers expect an omnichannel shopping experience that is seamless across in-store, web and mobile channels •  65% of consumers prefer a browser experience for shopping activities •  Shoppers who interact with more than one channel spend 18%-36% more •  mCommerce will skyrocket from $3 billion in 2010 to $31 billion in 2016 Pivotal Labs Confidential
  5. TRENDS •  Shopping is social •  Millennials are setting the tone •  Mobile is the medium •  Create one seamless, omnichannel shopping experience •  Big Data provides great insight Source: Pivotal Labs Confidential
  6. PATH TO PURCHASE Purchase path was seen as traditionally linear Pre-Purchase Purchase Post-Purchase Pivotal Labs Confidential •  •  •  •  Social interaction Product discovery Marketing Price-checking •  Cashless/cardless purchase online or in-store •  Self-checkout •  Order management •  Customer service •  Loyalty
  7. PATH TO PURCHASE Connected consumers define the path - it is not linear! How Erica buys Pivotal Labs Confidential
  8. PATH TO PURCHASE How do you fit mobile into that path? •  80-90% of customers are pre-shopping before coming into store – if you’re not part of this process, you’ll lose customers •  Mobile allows for collection of behavioral data Pivotal Labs Confidential
  9. BUSINESS MODEL DISRUPTION: OMNICHANNEL The Past: Store 1.0 “Customers will come to us” The Recent Past: Store 1.5 e-commerce “We need to sell online” The Present: Store 2.0 Multi-Channel “Many customers shop across channels” Pivotal Labs Confidential The Future: Store 3.0™ OmniChannel “Relevant products and services anywhere”
  10. TRANSFORMING THE BUSINESS MODEL Retailers will experience significant profit improvement and brand awareness by investing in OmniChannel capabilities Store OmniChannel E/M-Commerce Sales Sales ($ 000s) $900 $300 Gross Margin 47% 47% Occupancy and Labour 26% 0% 0% 15% SG&A 11% 11% EBIT ($ 000s) $90 $63 Conversion 20% 3% 90 200 Online Costs Traffic (000s) Pivotal Labs Confidential
  11. OMNICHANNEL DIFFERENTIATORS Pivotal Labs Confidential
  12. PRE-EMPTIVE DISTRIBUTION Why is it important? Allows retailers to gain easier and greater access to consumers beyond the traditional existing retail network Presenting products where customers are Pivotal Labs Confidential
  13. FOCUS ON CONTENT Why is it important? By developing a content strategy for targeted customer demographics, retailers can unify the content-driven experience across all devices and channels Providing unified, device-agnostic shopping experience Pivotal Labs Confidential
  14. BIG DATA Why is it important? Allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of customers to enhance customer experience and increase profitability Linking data to provide personalized experience Pivotal Labs Confidential
  15. GAMIFICATION Why is it important? Allows retailers to better engage customers throughout their paths to purchase as well as outside of their shopping time, driving loyalty and action Creating multichannel customer engagement Pivotal Labs Confidential
  16. DIGITALLY ENHANCED SHOPPING Why is it important? Digital technology allows retailers to maximize limited selling space by creating “endless aisles” and increasing advertising opportunities, as well as to enhance the shopping experience Introducing ‘endless’ virtual toy aisles Pivotal Labs Confidential
  17. ENGAGE ACROSS MEDIUMS The mediums you use to engage your customers on the path to purchase and through omnichannel should be responsive and mobile Pivotal Labs Confidential
  18. RESPONSIVE DESIGN Pivotal Labs Confidential
  19. MOBILE APPS Pivotal Labs Confidential
  20. ONE PLATFORM You need a platform that addresses Omnichannel, Responsive Design, and Mobile Apps Pivotal Labs Confidential
  21. PLATFORM BENEFITS A Responsive Mobile Platform enables the creation of high performance web and mobile applications that deliver a rich user experience Benefits: •  Rich user experience increases conversions •  Broad device coverage attracts more visitors •  Provides content parity across devices •  “One web” vision enables a lower TCO •  One codebase to manage •  Improved website performance •  One URL drives higher SEO and SMO Pivotal Labs Confidential
  22. WHAT TO LOOK FOR An ideal platform has:  •  Tools to create a Responsive Design website for all devices •  A Server that provides browser and device optimization for displaying content •  Middleware that creates mobile-ready APIs for your applications •  Connectors that simplify integration with backend systems •  Pre-built modules that reduce the cost and effort of development Pivotal Labs Confidential
  23. KEY TAKEAWAYS/Q&A •  Path to purchase: be part of the pre-purchasing process •  Omnichannel: be consistent across all mediums and highlight your differentiators •  Responsive Design: provide a consistent online experience, irrespective of device •  Mobile Apps: offer your customers access to your brand wherever they are •  Platform: use a provider who has one platform that addresses all your needs Pivotal Labs Confidential
  24. Thank you! Pivotal Labs Deloitte Pivotal Labs Confidential