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Medical device manufacturers need to get the right products into the hands of the right customers. The goal is to get more profitable and innovative products to market—more cost-effectively—to ...

Medical device manufacturers need to get the right products into the hands of the right customers. The goal is to get more profitable and innovative products to market—more cost-effectively—to out-run the competition. Effective and innovative product development is thus dominating the business agenda.



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Microsoft office business applications Microsoft office business applications Document Transcript

  • Pivotal CRM from CDC Software:Proving the Value of Microsoft OfficeBusiness ApplicationsWhite PaperPublished: April 2010For the latest information, please see http://www.pivotalcrm.comAbstractMicrosoft® partner CDC Software, a market leader in enterprise software applications,supports businesses with Pivotal CRM®, an award-winning Office Business Application(OBA) that capitalizes on the customization capabilities of the Microsoft Office Systemto deliver a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that combines thefamiliarity and ease-of-use of Microsoft Office applications with the depth and structureof CRM systems. Pivotal CRM is built on the flexible Microsoft .NET Framework® andharnesses the power of Microsoft Windows Server®, Microsoft SQL Server® andMicrosoft Windows® to provide businesses with a CRM solution that is flexible,integrated, intuitive and value enhancing.
  • Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION: THE CASE FOR OBAS .....................................................................................1PIVOTAL CRM: AN AWARD-WINNING OBA .............................................................................1FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF PIVOTAL CRM ............................................................................2 FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE..................................................................................................2 SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED........................................................................................................4 INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE....................................................................................................6 VALUE ENHANCING................................................................................................................7CRM+ ....................................................................................................................................8CONCLUSION .........................................................................................................................9ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ...................................................................................................9
  • Introduction: The Case for OBAsAsk any Line of Business (LOB) expert what really makes or breaks a CustomerRelationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Supply ChainManagement (SCM) implementation, and youll get the same answer: user adoption.Many enterprises have invested time, money and passion into deploying the "perfect"LOB system, only to find that it is worth very little if their employees do not use it.This is where Office Business Applications (OBAs) come in. OBAs are software solutionsthat combine the familiarity and ease-of-use of Microsoft Office applications with thedepth and structure of LOB systems. More than 500 million people worldwide useMicrosoft Office for their user interface; this is why innovative companies havecapitalized on the customization capabilities of the Microsoft Office System to developOBAs — so that information workers can work with the user interface with which theyare most comfortable while accessing LOB systems. With OBAs, user satisfaction andadoption are increased, thereby boosting productivity and ensuring that enterprises getthe most out of their IT investments.Pivotal CRM: An Award-Winning OBAPivotal CRM is an ideal embodiment of the OBA concept. Developed by CDC Software, along-time Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner and winner of the 2009 Microsoft Partner ofthe Year award for Information Worker Solutions, Pivotal CRM embeds Microsoft OfficeOutlook® and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server right within the CRM system andintegrates closely with the Microsoft Office suite, allowing users to perform daily taskswith the tools with which they are most familiar while simultaneously tapping into vitalCRM data.Because Pivotal CRM is built on the flexible Microsoft .NET Framework, it also allowsenterprises to build on their existing technology investments and to tailor the systemprecisely to meet their unique needs.With Pivotal CRM, businesses receive the full benefit of both CRM and Microsofttechnologies. CDC Software has a global partnership with Microsoft; its managementand development teams work closely with Microsoft teams to ensure that Pivotal CRMmoves in lock step with Microsoft advancements, enabling enterprises to benefit fromMicrosofts cutting-edge technology developments and also from smooth integrationwith Microsoft technologies both today and in the future.Pivotal CRM is an award-winning OBA because it is a flexible, powerful customerrelationship management solution that is easy to use, easy to learn and people-centric,making it a CRM system that information workers are happy to adopt. CDC Softwaresdecade-long partnership with Microsoft further enhances the value of the system,building upon the Microsoft technologies and applications that most enterprises alreadyPivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 1
  • use in order to help them get the most out of their IT investments. As new versions ofMicrosoft products are released — such as Microsoft Office 2010 — CDC Softwarereleases new versions of Pivotal CRM soon thereafter, enabling customers to quicklytake advantage of the latest Microsoft advancements.Features and Benefits of Pivotal CRMPivotal CRM is an innovative OBA that natively combines the communication tools ofMicrosoft Office Outlook and the content management and search capabilities ofMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server to deliver a CRM solution that is easy to use and easyto adopt.Unlike some systems that duplicate and sync data, often introducing redundancies andunnecessary complexity, Pivotal CRM embeds Microsoft solutions right within the CRMsystem. This allows information workers to use the solutions theyre familiar with toperform their daily activities — when they send an e-mail or meeting request, or createa task list in Pivotal CRM, theyre actually doing so with their Outlook tools, not justsynchronizing back to them.Pivotal CRM is a highly effective business tool; built on the interoperable Microsoft .NETFramework, it harnesses the robust Microsoft Windows Server platform, the analyticaland data management capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server and the data-protectionservices of Microsoft Windows to offer enterprises a CRM solution that they can dependupon to effectively manage their sales, marketing and customer service business dataand processes.Pivotal CRM is an award-winning OBA because it is the most flexible, integrated,intuitive and value-enhancing CRM solution on the market.Flexible and CustomizableIn order to remain competitive and profitable, businesses must deploy technologywisely, investing in flexible systems that will meet their unique needs both today and inthe future.That is why CDC Software developed Pivotal CRM on industry-standard Microsofttechnologies that provide the groundwork for highly customizable, interoperableapplications, enabling businesses to benefit from out-of-the-box customization withoutcustom programming. Thanks to the widespread adoption of Microsoft technologiesand the .NET Framework, developers, implementers and users of Pivotal CRM are ableto leverage technology with which they are already familiar, rather than learning newproprietary code or processes.Pivotal CRMs flexible architecture empowers companies to mold the software to fit theway they do business. With Pivotal CRM, enterprises can:Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 2
  • Build on their existing technology.  Through the open, Web-based approach of the Microsoft .NET Framework, businesses are able to leverage their existing technology and also ensure future integration with other Web-based applications.Provide best-in-class user experiences for employees and business partners.  Enterprises can easily tailor Pivotal CRM to fit their unique strategies and visions, creating internal and external user experiences that truly reflect the way they do business.Deploy the innovative Pivotal Toolkit to customize and extend the functionality of out-of-the-box Pivotal CRM applications, including:  CRM databases and forms.  Client- and server-side business logic, including workflows, standards and data models.  Role- and task-based CRM navigational structures, including custom lists of role- specific links, tools and reports.  Rich data for custom business intelligence.Empower authorized users to access Pivotal CRM on their choice of device.  Authorized users of Pivotal CRM can access the system from anywhere, at anytime — on their choice of browser and device, including Windows Mobile.Easily deploy and manage their Pivotal CRM solutions.  With Pivotal CRM, enterprises enjoy more flexible customization capabilities, cost-effective integration and enhanced user experiences due to a smart client infrastructure that combines the best features of both rich clients and thin clients.Allow information workers to tailor their user interfaces to fit their unique roles andindividual work styles.  Pivotal CRMs smart client user interface enables administrators and end users to personalize dashboards, creating personal "hubs" that integrate pre-built, custom or third-party SharePoint Web Parts to combine the data feeds and applications of their choice.  End users can create their own shortcuts and personalized information, including performance and lead-generation metrics, to-do lists, charts and graphs, reports, KPIs, knowledge base links, Outlook e-mail inboxes and calendars and even data feeds from back-office systems, Web sites and other third-party sources.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 3
  • Figure 1: With Pivotal CRM, information workers have access to their most commonly usedfeatures on one screen.Seamlessly IntegratedPivotal CRM is an exemplary OBA that embeds Microsoft Office Outlook, MicrosoftOffice SharePoint Server and Microsoft Visual Studio right within the system. Suchseamless integration streamlines operations, provides easy access to CRM data, fosterscommunication within the enterprise and beyond and enhances customer relations inmyriad ways.Microsoft Office Outlook and Pivotal CRMBecause Microsoft Office Outlook is embedded within Pivotal CRM, it provides end userswith one central location for managing priorities, CRM data and communications andavoids the pitfalls and complexity of both integration and synchronization, such as errorhandling. With Pivotal CRM, information workers can:  Access CRM data from Microsoft Outlook or any Microsoft Office file by right- clicking on any piece of information, such as a customer or company name, toPivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 4
  • look up and even insert related CRM data without leaving the Microsoft application, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between applications.  Enforce CRM rules for data updates and insertion and workflow activities within Outlook.  Generate multiple e-mails, meetings and tasks directly within Outlook based on CRM workflow — there is no need for duplication or copying and pasting of e-mail into the CRM system.  Generate Microsoft Outlook e-mails and Microsoft Office files directly from the Pivotal CRM interface. There is no need for complex synchronization — when a user generates an e-mail in Pivotal CRM, they are doing so directly within Microsoft Outlook.  Embed calendars and e-mail inboxes within their personalized portals to make it simple to connect with business partners, vendors, clients and co-workers.  Drag and drop CRM contacts and Microsoft Outlook contacts between the two systems.  Read and manage RSS feeds and blogs within Microsoft Outlook.  Share e-mail communications and their attachments with authorized team members centrally to keep collaborators apprised of all communications without extra work — e-mail exchanges and their attachments are viewable within the CRM system and are tied to contact, company and/or opportunity records. This effectively expands the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, making them more centralized collaboration tools.Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Pivotal CRMMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that helpsimprove organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content managementand enterprise search. Because Pivotal CRM is integrated with SharePoint, it enablesbusinesses to:  Organize data from multiple sources — the CRM database, third-party sources and back-end systems — into highly valuable personalized portals via flexible SharePoint Web Parts.  Extend CRM value to include content management.  Manage document libraries within Pivotal CRM and link them to CRM entities.  Search for CRM information from within SharePoint.  Manage shared information and content in one interface.By embedding SharePoint within Pivotal CRM, CDC Software enables companies to bringusers the data they need exactly where they need it — for example, in the midst of asales quote workflow. Furthermore, it broadens access to CRM data and decreasesintegration requirements, as it provides an easy way to make CRM data accessible tonon-CRM users and to publish data from other systems within the CRM system, therebyextending the value of the CRM system. The use of SharePoint portals within the PivotalCRM dashboards turns the vast data housed within the CRM system into more usable,Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 5
  • personalized business intelligence by enabling users to view, for example, meetingalerts, their own hot leads, ticker data on their top customers stock — whatever theyneed to be more effective and focused.Microsoft Visual Studio and Pivotal CRMMicrosoft Visual Studio is embedded within Pivotal CRM as a development tool, allowingdevelopers to:  Use Visual Studios form designer to create and manage all Pivotal CRM forms.  Manage all Pivotal CRM workflow projects and code files.Incorporating this leading Microsoft development tool within Pivotal CRM enablesdevelopers to use a familiar and robust tool for form and workflow development andother customization tasks, rather than learning new proprietary methodologies. VisualStudio allows users to design forms the way they want to, without writing any code —they can control attributes such as color, justification, size and read/write rules, as wellas organize data into tabs, eliminating scrolling. The guided form designer enables themto easily take advantage of screen real estate, and they can even create different formsto display to different user groups based on authorization or needs. In addition, VisualStudio Form Designer enables users to embed URL-based Web pages and .NET controlswithin a form, allowing, for example, buttons that perform tasks outside the CRMsystem.Intuitive and Easy to UsePivotal CRMs close connection to Microsoft solutions extends to the level of the userinterface. Pivotal CRM offers a Microsoft-style interface that most users find intuitiveand familiar, enabling them to learn how to use the system in less time and with lesstraining, and to enjoy a more seamless experience when performing their daily work inboth the CRM solution and Microsoft applications. Furthermore, Pivotal CRM offerstask - and role-sensitive navigation that changes in context with the area of the systembeing used and/or the role of the user, intelligently pushing content and features to theuser when and where they are most relevant and useful.Because it embeds the Microsoft tools users love right within the CRM system, and alsoallows easy incorporation of third-party information and applications via its MicrosoftSharePoint-based portals, Pivotal CRM becomes a natural hub for information workers,providing a single central location for daily activities without compromising thefunctionality and ease of use that employees enjoy with Microsoft Outlook andMicrosoft Office applications.With Pivotal CRM, information workers can:Adapt their user interfaces to fit the way they work.  Tailor their user interfaces to fit their job-specific roles, tasks and individual work styles.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 6
  • Work fluidly in both CRM and Microsoft applications.  Work within both systems simultaneously, beelining to the tools that are most relevant to them in fewer clicks.  Deploy fewer screens and applications to get the job done.Find, assemble and analyze information quickly.  Access the specific CRM information needed to allocate resources and time effectively and to make informed, data-driven decisions that support and enhance company performance and customer satisfaction.  Access CRM information from Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint. For example, an end user can right-click on the name of a company when working on a contract in Word, and it will bring up the companys CRM record on a sidebar so that the user can get the companys fax number and other details in a snap.  Stay within the application to create documents and spreadsheets; with Pivotal CRM, there is no need to switch back and forth between applications.  Export any content to any Microsoft Office document format in one click.  Use queries to reference multiple tables in a single search.  Create sophisticated target lists in seconds, then perform mail merges to instantly generate e-mails, letters or faxes.Communicate and collaborate with ease.  Share data across multiple platforms, applications and devices.  Share and connect with others with the help of built-in, collaborative formal and informal processes.Value EnhancingBecause CDC Software developed Pivotal CRM in lock step with Microsoft technologies,businesses receive the full benefit of both CRM and Microsoft technologies, whichextends the value of their IT investments.With Pivotal CRM, enterprises can:Save on system implementation, customization and maintenance.  Pivotal CRMs powerful customization tools allow businesses to tailor the system to meet their needs, often without having to hire developers and consultants.  Easier customization and integration reduces the cost and complexity of deploying, maintaining and adapting the system to evolving needs.Boost productivity and reduce expenses.  Enabling information workers to work fluidly in both CRM and Microsoft applications saves time and eliminates redundancies.  Having immediate access to up-to-date CRM data means information workers are better equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 7
  •  Sharing data easily across multiple platforms, applications and devices increases communication and collaboration, and ultimately improves company performance.  Easy management and tracking of expenses and workflows keeps budgets in check and business processes running smoothly.Increase CRM software adoption and reduce training costs.  Familiar Microsoft technologies and customized user interfaces boost end-user satisfaction and reduce training time.  The ability for authorized users to access up-to-date CRM data any time, anywhere, on virtually any device streamlines operations and increases user adoption.Improve customer service, response and satisfaction.  By gaining centralized control of their CRM database, businesses achieve greater insight into their customers and business activities.  By tapping into the ability of SQL Server to store, synchronize and distribute data, enterprises can further enhance the value of their CRM system.Extend the value of their CRM software investment and gain a competitive edge.  With Pivotal CRM, businesses leverage their existing Microsoft technology and also benefit from the latest Microsoft technology advances.  Pivotal CRMs use of a flexible smart client allows companies to extend their IT investment, evolve with market changes and accommodate future growth.CRM+Pivotal CRM was built upon the Pivotal Platform, an innovative and flexible platformbased on Microsoft. NET Framework. This platform layer supplies the tools andcomponents companies need to build additional custom applications quickly and easily.Because Microsoft Visual Studio is available at this platform level, as well as the tools toembed Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint, the PivotalPlatform provides an innovative environment in which to quickly and easily developadditional Office Business Applications for the enterprise to meet companies customapplication needs. Pivotal CRM customers have taken advantage of this capability tobuild systems for event management, human resource management, enterpriseresource management and vendor management — as well as countless other purposes— that are fully integrated with Pivotal CRM and Microsoft Office solutions. In effect,this makes Pivotal CRM not just an Office Business Application, but also a platform forcreating custom OBAs easily.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 8
  • ConclusionTogether, Microsoft and CDC Software support enterprises with Pivotal CRM, an award-winning Office Business Application and customer relationship management solutionthat combines the familiarity and ease-of-use of Microsoft Office applications with thedepth, structure and flexibility of Pivotal CRM.Pivotal CRM is a flexible, customizable solution built on the Microsoft .NET Frameworkthat harnesses the power of Microsoft Windows Server®, Microsoft SQL Server® andMicrosoft Windows® to enable enterprises to establish the exact infrastructure theyneed to increase user adoption, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their uniquebusinesses and boost customer service and satisfaction.Additional InformationMicrosoft .Net Framework Web Office System Web Windows Server Web SQL Server Web Windows Web Software Software Pivotal CRM Web site:www.PivotalCRM.comPlease e-mail your questions to information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date ofpublication. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part ofMicrosoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 9
  • This white paper is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISDOCUMENT.Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user. Without limiting the rights under copyright, no part of thisdocument may be reproduced, stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic,mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), or for any purpose, without the express written permission of Microsoft Corporation.Microsoft may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in thisdocument. Except as expressly provided in any written license agreement from Microsoft, the furnishing of this document does not give youany license to these patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property.© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visual StudioWindows, Fluent, and Windows Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/orother countries.Pivotal CRM from CDC Software: Proving the Value of Microsoft Office Business Applications 10