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It used to be that having an innovative product itself provided enough impetus for a company to reach its ultimate customer. But today, your go-to-market strategy is just as vital

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Medical device

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM for Medical Device Manufacturers Move beyond product differentiation to increase competitiveness and speed time-to-market.Pivotal Medical Devices™ is an intuitive, It used to be that having an innovative product itself provided enoughcomprehensive set of applications to helptake your products to market—faster. impetus for a company to reach its ultimate customer. But today, your go-to-market strategy is just as vital. It’s time you start going to market• Accelerate time-to-market with effective segmentation, the optimal sales teams, and the way you innovate—precisely and effectively. high-impact marketing campaigns Medical device manufacturers are under constant pressure to bring new, innovative products to• Profit from influential relationships by market. Forward-thinking companies are embracing new business strategies, new organizational leveraging relationships with physicians, approaches, new processes, and new enabling technology to effectively manage and improve facilities, and GPOs their product-development efforts and bring more profitable, innovative products to market in a disciplined and cost-effective manner.• Increase sales margins through visibility into profitability, up-sell opportunities, and But in today’s increasingly aggressive, high-growth environment, focusing on product-development accurate pricing processes alone is insufficient. The distribution network is becoming more concentrated. Hospitals• Extend process efficiencies to continue to consolidate. Physician practices are becoming more interconnected. Purchasing distributors to manage volume departments and GPOs tend to control vendor selection, product pricing, and the awarding commitments, pricing structures, and of contracts. Buying entities and large distributors are joining forces, engaging in preferred co-sell opportunities provider contracts.• Improve visibility with insight into sales The sheer complexity of managing their operational and business challenges necessitates team and distributor activities, opportunities, enabling them with applications that accelerate time-to-market and profitability. It’s for this reason and performance that some have turned their attention to the other side of the medical device manufacturing opportunity: their go-to-market capabilities.• Evolve quickly and enhance your competitive edge by quickly and easily Pivotal Medical Devices is unique in the breadth of its capabilities. Its end-to-end, industry-specific incorporating new processes as your integration can help companies put as much thought and effort into how they go to market as business evolves they are putting into product innovation and development. The combination of technology-enabledTo learn more about Pivotal Medical Devices sales, lead management, and more industry-specific capabilities can provide medical deviceand how it can address your unique needs, manufacturers advantages that go beyond product differentiation, maximizing value for thecall 1-877-PIVOTAL (1-877-748-6825). entire network of relationships and helping to rapidly commercialize products and accelerate time-to-market. Build a More Customer-Focused Organization Pivotal Medical Devices is a consolidated repository—a single, unified 360-degree view—that establishes better communication and collaboration between departments, divisions, teams, and business users, resulting in marked productivity gains, a shorter sales cycle, and improved quality of customer interaction. No matter where, when, or how customers come in contact with the company, the response is personalized and consistent and demonstrates that medical device manufacturers and their distributors know their customer—regardless of the number of team members touching the account and despite their area of specialization. Every business user gets instant access to all appropriate customer-account information and interactions, enabling them to provide informed, personalized service that optimizes sales performance and continues to retain physicians’ and influencers’ loyalties. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  2. 2. Complete Sales Force Automation Built on an Open, Flexible Architecture• Opportunity management The Pivotal CRM approach ensures faster time-to-market with a lower total cost of ownership by delivering solutions on an award-winning, flexible, and scalable Microsoft platform, which supports• Quote and proposal management rapid and easy integration, customization, and deployment. Pivotal Medical Devices efficiently• Revenue forecasting integrates fragmented data from disparate systems, including front- and back-office, legacy, and Web-based applications, and it handles variances in data needs across the company. Easily• Team selling customized to meet unique and evolving business challenges, such as new regulations, process-• Multi-channel sales integration improvement initiatives, and growth through acquisition, medical device manufacturers can rapidly and cost-effectively adapt the Pivotal CRM solution to grow with their business—today, tomorrow,• Real-time product configuration and in the future.• Expense management Designed for the Industry, Customized for Your Business• Territory and role management Generic CRM and point solutions that address industry-specific needs cannot meet the specialized• Relationship management requirements of medical device manufacturers—not without extensive and costly customization. Pivotal Medical Devices offers comprehensive functionality and a fully integrated CRM solution• 3-tiered product catalog that’s also designed to meet the specific requirements of the industry and the unique way a• Up-/cross-selling automation business operates. Out of the box, Pivotal Medical Devices includes industry-specific capabilities for territory/role management, relationship management, quoting and contract management, event• Call-activity management management, and marketing automation.• Accurate pipeline view• Unified customer data Territory and Role Management: Assign the Right Sales Team to Each Account Pivotal Medical Devices enables organizations to assign exactly the right team members to each• Activity and contact management account, from any department, based on flexible business rules—the rules that fit a business’• Miller Heiman blue, gold, unique way of segmenting the market. Assignment rules can be customized based on geography, and LAMP sheets organizational divisions, product line, organization type, a combination of these, or virtually any other criteria—product specialty, type of facility, and facility size, for example.• Mobile sales Pivotal Medical Devices ensures only the appropriate qualified and specialized employee is• Sales analytics assigned to each facility, and only within their defined geographic area. Businesses can assign one or multiple account managers to a team with shared responsibility for the account; they can assignComplete Marketing Automation multiple roles to employees based on their area of specialty or responsibility (including training,• Lead management installation, or support); and they can assign third-party partners such as distributors and suppliers to a team—improving visibility into potential distributor deals and co-selling opportunities.• Campaign management• Promotion management As business evolves, medical device manufacturers can plan and easily modify territories or roles to accommodate new hires and distributors or plan future territory assignments in advance of their• Continuing Medical Education effective date. Pivotal Medical Devices makes it easier to adapt as a result of growth, consolidation, (CME) event management or acquisition, and saves the time it would normally take to realign territories and staff up the right• e-Marketing team for an account.• Partner/channel management Relationship Management: Profit from Influential Relationships• Marketing analytics Pivotal Medical Devices provides insight into the complex relationships that exist at each facility and between physicians. With built-in relationship management capabilities, sales teams can drill down to the physician level—they can track the key influencers and the facilities and departments they work in and have influence over. Leveraging these relationships allows sales representatives to close deals faster by tapping into the correct and most influential contacts at each facility—maximizing the value of their time and effort. Beyond the relationships within a facility, Pivotal Medical Devices can track the relationships a facility has with other organizations, including GPOs and distributors. In understanding the relationships that exist between organizations, sales representatives can ensure they provide accurate and competitive price quotes. They can also track the facilities that comprise Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)— leveraging the relationships that exist between the facilities to uncover new sales opportunities and effectively shorten the sales cycle. Catalog, Quoting, and Contracts: Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction Pivotal Medical Devices helps companies create, validate, manage, and approve quotes and orders with a flexible product catalog, pricing configuration, and quoting capabilities. Designed to easily develop, manage, and track critical product information—including product type, product lines, and product models—the product catalog supports complex sales bundles and provides visibility into both required and optional components. Tracking product details in a single database provides a better understanding of the relationship between the profitability of products and the sales and marketing activities associated with them. It helps define and monitor roles by product line, segment facilities by product line of interest, and provide visibility into product-specific campaign effectiveness. Using these processes, companies
  3. 3. can maximize revenue through up-sell and cross-sell offers, while ensuring product compatibilityand purchase eligibility.A pricing configurator ensures quotes are accurate, complete, competitive, and valid. It createseffective quotes by enforcing business rules such as pricing breaks and volume discounts, leaseversus purchase financing, and minimum pricing, and it considers relationships with GPOs anddistributors—mitigating the request for price rebates. Sales representatives can share proposals withsales managers before sending a quote to a customer, preventing over-discounting and ensuringquotes are within established ranges.From quote to contract, sales representatives and support staff can monitor and track the detailsof every contract—volume commitments, contract expiration dates, and renewals—increasing theirefficiency and capturing revenue.SmartPortal provides management visibilityinto sales performance—assigned contracts,quotes pending approval, opportunities, andactivated and expiring roles. Opportunity Snapshot provides visibility into the status of an account—the assigned sales team and distributors, pending quotes, and sales milestones.Facility Relationship Tree provides visibility into a facility’sorganizational structure, the key influencers in each department,and their relationships with GPOs and distributors. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  4. 4. Event Management: Obtain Higher Response Rates and Move Prospects into the Sales Pipeline Pivotal Medical Devices improves communication and product promotion by allowing sales representatives to invite prospects and customers to Continuing Medical Education (CME) events. It allows marketing teams to easily design events, target the right audience, promote the event, and perform real-time follow-up—effectively increasing response rates. Pivotal Medical Devices tracks the sales representatives, speakers, literature, promotional items, and any other cost attached to an event. It also tracks which physicians were invited, registered, and attended—helping sales representatives keep on top of the cost per attendee. Marketing Automation: Build Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships Pivotal Medical Devices can help marketers capture profile data at every point of interaction for highly targeted campaigns that deliver improved response rates and higher-quality leads. Marketers can target their communications to the interests of each physician and can proactively deliver appropriate clinical research studies, journal articles, and product collateral, and invite them to tradeshows and events. With a fully integrated sales and marketing solution, leads are automatically routed to sales representatives according to the way customers are segmented and prioritized. From geography to product of interest to customer characteristics, Pivotal Medical Devices ensures that the right lead gets to the right sales representative at the right time, accelerating the conversion of prospects to leads. Pivotal Medical Devices supports real-time reporting, helping marketers analyze and track leads throughout the sales process to determine which will result in revenue. It can help identify which campaigns have been most effective and can help to optimize the marketing mix, maximizing lead generation while reducing the cost of capturing and qualifying leads. Pivotal Medical Devices: Designed for Total Business Fit Through CRM, medical device manufacturers become far more customer-centric and increase their competitive edge. By selecting and deploying a comprehensive and integrated CRM software solution that meets the special requirements of the medical device manufacturing industry and the unique, differentiating needs of their business, a company can ensure the effective implementation of its CRM strategy—one that maximizes the value of every relationship. As a result, medical device manufacturers can rapidly commercialize products and build stronger customer relationships for improved performance and increased profitability.Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal CRM for Medical Device ManufacturersTo learn more about Pivotal Medical Devices and how it can address your unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.