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Pivotal eMarketing is a simple e-mail marketing solution that lets you segment your audience, send electronic communications, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

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crm for marketing

  1. 1. Pivotal® eMarketing Use electronic marketing to cost-effectively deliver personalized e-mail to customers and prospects in your Pivotal CRM databasePivotal eMarketing allows you to target Pivotal eMarketing is a simple e-mail marketing solution that lets youcustomers and prospects with personalizedcommunications. segment your audience, send electronic communications, and analyze the success of your campaigns.• Integrate seamlessly with prospects and contacts in your Pivotal CRM system E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective method for mass communications, and it is most• Design campaigns easily, using a flexible successful when recipients are targeted with timely and relevant communications. The detailed campaign creator with templates and a customer and prospect data in Pivotal CRM gives companies the information they need to WYSIWYG designer for HTML and text effectively segment audiences by their common interests and attributes. Now, with Pivotal e-mails eMarketing, companies are further empowered to maximize the marketing value of this data by automating communications.• Create and combine distribution lists using Pivotal CRM’s static-list and Built as an add-on to Pivotal CRM 6.0, Pivotal eMarketing lets marketers create segmented lists search features from their Pivotal CRM contact database and target customers and prospects with HTML and plain-text e-mail messages. Pivotal eMarketing automates time-consuming list management,• Personalize e-mail content, including e-mail delivery, and tracking tasks using self-service profile management, easy opt-ins and opt- subject line, e-mail body, and “from” outs, and delivery-monitoring features. information• Automate, schedule, and repeat e-mail Enhance Your E-mail Marketing Capabilities campaigns to support business processes Marketers can save time and resources by using Pivotal eMarketing to automate e-mail and customer-retention needs scheduling. Pivotal eMarketing also provides marketers with a complete record of every e-mail• Track read e-mails, click-throughs, and campaign within their Pivotal CRM system, including which e-mails were read, where recipients bounce-backs for each campaign clicked through, and which e-mails bounced back.• Measure campaign effectiveness through Enable Your Users detailed reporting and analysis A marketer’s focus should be on their campaigns, not on the technology that executes them. Pivotal• Allow recipients to subscribe and eMarketing walks the marketer through the easy process of building a campaign and creating text manage their preferences using a self- or HTML e-mails in a WYSIWYG designer. Templates allow marketers to set up e-mail formats and service module designs for consistent branding, which salespeople and remote offices can use to generate their own campaigns. E-mails can be previewed throughout the design process to ensure recipients are• Avoid blacklisting by throttling e-mails getting the personalized message they expect.To learn more about Pivotal eMarketing andhow it can address your firm’s unique needs, Personalize Messagescall us at +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825). Pivotal eMarketing offers sophisticated e-mail marketing capabilities at a low cost. Marketers can use the Pivotal CRM Static List feature or search capabilities to create precisely segmented lists for e-mail delivery based on customer demographics and opt-out information, then use Pivotal eMarketing to execute campaigns featuring personalized, relevant content for each recipient. These campaigns can be used for a wide range of marketing activities, from event promotions to product and service announcements to customer nurturing. Automate Campaigns Campaigns can be launched immediately or scheduled to launch at a specific date and time. They can even be set to recur at scheduled intervals, sending e-mails to new recipients without any added work. For example, a welcome message can be created for new contacts based on a search that looks for contacts created within the past 24 hours; this can be set to recur daily. Empower Your ContactsThe Pivotal eMarketing portal lets you review the In an age where most people are bombarded by unsolicited e-mail, it is important to protect brandsuccess of campaigns and monitor upcoming ones reputation by giving users control over their e-mail subscriptions. Pivotal eMarketing enables customers and prospects to indicate their preferences for receiving e-mails from your company, as well as to update their contact information themselves, helping to keep your Pivotal CRM database current and comprehensive. Pivotal eMarketing makes it easy to send communications that comply with privacy and spam regulations, and a single-click opt-out option can be included in every communication, ensuring contacts do not continue to receive unwanted communications. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  2. 2. Measure Campaign Results looking to deepen their customer relationships and profitability. UsingUnlike direct-mail campaigns, electronic marketing through Pivotal Pivotal eMarketing enables companies to easily pull lists of customerseMarketing lets you electronically organize and track all of your with specific product profiles or purchasing histories to use in targetedmarketing campaigns. up-selling and cross-selling campaigns.Pivotal eMarketing allows you to see the full cycle of an e-mail campaign. Benefits Across the CompanyUsers can see individual contact details, such as how many campaigns Pivotal eMarketing’s e-mail marketing functionality is accessible directlya contact has received, their e-marketing preferences, and their opt-out through Pivotal CRM, allowing users across marketing and sales to takestatus. They can also see aggregate results for a full campaign, including advantage of the system’s easy-to-use marketing features. This meansread e-mails, click-through tracking results, and bounce-back errors, that in addition to dispersed global and regional marketing teams usingincluding those from automated “no e-mail” settings. Pivotal eMarketing for their campaigns, internal and field sales users can leverage the tools to send personalized e-blasts to their prospect bases.Furthermore, using Pivotal eMarketing, marketers can track their As with marketing uses, lists can be easily segmented using the Pivotalcampaigns’ revenue contributions within their Pivotal CRM system, CRM Static List or search features, and results can be tracked to monitormeasuring pipeline and sales impact from e-mail marketing projects. effectiveness. By developing pre-defined templates and content thatIncrease Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities comply with branding and messaging standards, marketers can moreAccess to rich customer data and the ability to easily apply this easily support individual sales needs, while maintaining high standardsinformation in segmenting marketing lists is invaluable to companies and consistency. Features Description Integration with Pivotal CRM Access all e-mail lists, delivery logs, and response information directly within the Pivotal CRM database. Distribution Lists Create distribution lists using Pivotal CRM’s Static List feature or search builder, and use them alone or in combination on campaigns. Flexible Campaign Designer Pre-define e-mail layouts with templates, then simply build, review, and launch a campaign following a simple process. Scheduled Campaigns Send e-mail at optimal delivery times, or schedule to send during off-peak hours. Recurring Campaigns Automate campaigns to recur automatically, sending e-mails to new recipients found through searches or static list addendums. Web Registration and Batch Import Register new subscribers through the web or import lists through an easy-to-use import tool. Personalization Send personalized e-mail, including tailored subject lines, e-mail content, and sender information, based on any field in your Pivotal CRM contact data. Reporting Get detailed analysis and reporting on customer response and interactions. Track read, click-through, and bounce- back rates for every campaign. Bounce-Back Tracking and Management Track invalid e-mail addresses using Pivotal eMarketing’s bounce-back engine, which also tracks the number of bounce-back occurrences on each e-mail address. Set a threshold for number of acceptable bounces to automatically discontinue e-mails to an address once the threshold is reached. Preference Management Empower customers and web visitors to manage their opt-out settings, profiles, and preferences, including subscribing only to certain types of communications. Content Flexibility Send communications in either HTML or plain-text e-mail format. Attachments Include attachments in your e-mail marketing campaigns. Templates Ensure brand consistency through e-mail templates designed by the marketing team. Choose templates from a library of thumbnail images for easy selection. E-mail Batching Send e-mails in batches to avoid being blacklisted by receiving domains Dynamic Sender Address Tailor the sender address to increase open rates. Recipients are more likely to open an e-mail from a person rather than from a generic e-mail address such as “”Learn More About Pivotal® eMarketingTo learn more about how Pivotal eMarketing can help your organization take advantage of the full potential and costs savings of electronic channels,call us today at +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at © CDC Software 2009. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.