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Cdc crmp hbds_customer_care_us

  1. 1. Pivotal® CRM for Home Building and Real Estate: Customer Care Improve customer satisfaction and increase referrals by building customer loyalty through efficient, consistent servicePivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate is a complete homeEstate enables home builder serviceprofessionals to improve customer satisfaction builder–focused customer relationship management (CRM) solution,by tracking, managing, and resolving service with a customer care suite that enables home builders to capture,requests quickly after each home is sold. track, manage, escalate, and resolve client service requests, home• Improve efficiency of the processes that inspections, and work orders for fast, efficient customer care. affect the customer experience The award-winning Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate is built on the highly flexible• Track recovery of vendor warranty work to Pivotal CRM enterprise platform, which can be easily tailored to meet individual home builders’ manage warranty costs business requirements today and quickly adapted to evolving future needs.• Increase cross-selling potential with Customer care is all about ensuring that the highest-quality home is delivered to the homebuyer, better insight into homeowner profiles creating the best possible home-ownership experience. Balancing good service with rising• Generate audit trails of service requests warranty costs, government and industry regulations, and litigation risks, however, can be a and resolutions to manage litigation risk challenge. The Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate customer care suite provides a service-request tracking process that includes audit trails, cause-and-effect tracking, subcontractor• Improve customer satisfaction to increase charge-back, and more. Home builders can track after-sale home performance and gain insight chance of referrals and repeat customers into the source of defects through root-cause-analysis reports. Sharing the same centralized dataTo learn how Pivotal CRM for Home Building source across the organization for sales, marketing, and customer care information leads to faster,and Real Estate can address your firm’s more informed problem-solving and a 360-degree view of the customer.unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL(+1 877-748-6825). Pave the Way for Increased Customer Loyalty and Referrals Existing customers are often the best source of additional home sales. When they’re happy, they come back—and they also recommend their home builder to others. A seamless experience during and after the sale reinforces a reputation for high-quality service that customers value. The Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate customer care suite provides tools for developing consistent, predictable customer-service processes. Customer care professionals can respond quickly to service requests and maintain the same level of attentiveness that homebuyers receive throughout the sales cycle. This increases the likelihood of follow-on and second-home sales, as well as referrals, all of which reduce the cost of sales. Gain Quick Access to the Complete History of Every Home New homes can be under warranty for up to 30 years, so many home builders service homes occupied by multiple homeowners over time. Customer care professionals need complete ownership histories to inform service requests, warranty tracking, and even new cross-selling opportunities. The Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate customer care suite tracks the entire history of each home and homesite—from pre-construction, through a sequence of owners, to the end of the warranty period. A single homeowner database also ensures that a home builder’s marketing, sales, and customer care teams benefit from shared information. Personalized “SmartPortal” starting page with top service information and resources Monitor open service requests and their priority level Track the status of home inspections with visual tools Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  2. 2. Feature Description Service and Warranty Information Access comprehensive homesite information, plan and option information, and buyer information through the system, without having to re-enter it. Include notes and contact history for each service or warranty request. Also include conversations, letters, and e-mails. Access all subcontractor information through the system, including subcontractor code, name, address, phone number, and more. Support multiple request types, including initial quality inspections and follow-up inspections, and combine service information from request sources such as walkthroughs, emergencies, phone calls, and letters in a single location. Service-Request Analysis Analyze service requests and work orders by performing root-cause analysis, cause-effect analysis, trend analysis, and other analyses. Home Inspections Define customized home-inspection templates, including information on foundations, under-floor, framing, reinforced masonry, reinforced concrete, structural steel, thermal insulation, and more. Sort and search on home inspections by type, date completed, in progress, completed, pending, region, division, neighborhood, release, homesite, and construction manager. Develop home-inspection summary reports and sort them according to pass/fail criteria. Service-Request Management Organize and sort service requests by status: open, in progress, and closed. Also sort by region, division, neighborhood, release, homesite, and construction phase. Take advantage of built-in support for problems that affect common areas in structures occupied by several home owners. Create service requests that are associated with either the builder or the home owner. Track activities performed against a service request and link service requests to multiple work orders. Work-Order Management Organize and sort warranty requests by status: open, in progress, and closed. Also sort by region, division, neighborhood, release, and homesite. Create activity steps from work orders and link the discrete activities to work orders. Create work orders that support single-family and multi-family dwellings (for example, identify buildings and units in addition to street address). Dispatch Options Assign service representatives and subcontractors to outstanding items and schedule appointment dates. Automatically assign and route service requests based on community and severity (including emergencies). Override service-request routing and assignment manually when necessary.Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal® CRM for Home Building and Real Estate: Customer CareContact us today to learn more about how CRM for Home Building and Real Estate can address your firm’s unique customer care needs.Call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.