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Improving the Sales ProcessPivotal Sales suite has been designed to enhance key stages in any sales process. The features of each option translate directly intobusiness benefits for sales professionals on the road, at their desk, or in the boardroom.

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PivotalCRM Case Study - Sales_Suite

  1. 1. Pivotal Sales™ Suite
  2. 2. Solution Selling for Enhanced SalesEffectivenessPivotal CRM’s award-winning CRM solution encompasses a fully integrated Sales suite that enables enterprises toincrease revenues by making direct sales people more effective, providing sales management with the right informa-tion, and by integrating and coordinating sales efforts across all sales channels.Pivotal Sales™At the heart of Pivotal Sales suite is our core desktop application, Pivotal Sales, which enables global organizations to sell collab-oratively across multiple regions, currencies and channels via their field and inside sales forces. The functionality and effectivenessof Pivotal Sales is enhanced and extended by pre-integrated options that include: Pivotal Sales – Miller Heiman Edition™ A proven combination of the world’s most respected sales methodology and some of the world’s most flexible and power- ful sales technology that together deliver the ability to manage the entire sales process step-by-step. Pivotal Contact Center™ Combining Sales, Marketing and Service into a single interface, Pivotal Contact Center provides agents with access to sales opportunities, order entry and quotation management tools that can help them better identify, qualify and close sales opportunities. In addition, Pivotal Contact Center allows agents to process orders and develop quotes with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency through business policy and procedure enforcement. Pivotal Wireless™ for Sales Sales representatives must have real-time access to critical customer information. Pivotal Wireless links hand-held devices such as web enabled cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA’s) and two-way pagers to customer data in real time, allowing sales representatives to make informed, timely decisions that result in immediate response to opportunities and increased sales. Pivotal Sales Analytics™ A powerful business tool that helps sales teams analyze and predict business performance. Pivotal Sales Analytics pro- vides sales, marketing, and customer service management the ability to create detailed reports that help organizations analyze past business performance, monitor present business operations, and establish effective plans for the future.The Pivotal Sales suite is a seamlessly integrated module within Pivotal CRM Suite, which also includes Pivotal Marketing, PivotalService, and Pivotal Partner Management. Each of these five suites work together to deliver on the promise of CRM, increasing rev-enues, margins and customer loyalty. P i v o ta l S a l e S
  3. 3. Improving the Sales ProcessPivotal Sales suite has been designed to enhance key stages in any sales process. The features of each option translate directly intobusiness benefits for sales professionals on the road, at their desk, or in the boardroom.1. Capture the LeadWhether it’s agents prospecting for leads, or inside sales reps qualifying captured profiles,Pivotal Contact Center plays a key role in ensuring no leads slip through the cracks. Using effective TerritoryManagement, pass leads to the appropriate sales representative and schedule sales activities without theneed for additional manual processes.Benefit: Closed-loop lead management.2. Deliver the LeadUsing Pivotal Wireless for Sales, leads are delivered in real time to the sales force. Pivotal Wirelessprovides much more than just alerting and messaging—it allows sales representatives seamless,real-time access to customer data so they can begin to plan their sales strategy now, not when theyget back to the office.Benefit: Increase sales efficiency.3. Build Effective StrategyThe Selling Sheets within Pivotal Sales – Miller Heiman Edition provide best practices and a workflow thatconstantly highlights what needs to happen to move each deal forward. Alternatively, well work with youto fit Pivotal Sales precisely to streamline and automate your own existing sales process and strategies, nomatter how complex.Benefit: Automate the sales cycle.4. Analyze Customer NeedsProspect data entered by the sales team is consolidated for forecasting and tracking. Pivotal SalesAnalytics facilitates the measurement and analysis of customer relationships, providing access to keyperformance metrics supported by detailed information and data mining. Sales teams can discover andshare insight, and confirm sales strategies using the data mining tools available at their fingertips.Benefit: Target offering and predict business performance.5. Make the ProposalPivotal Sales delivers and analyzes critical information gained in the sales process. It provides up-to-the-minute industry and prospect information, and creates everything from an accurate quote to acomprehensive proposal including up/cross-sell options. With the right insight on customer needsand preferences, proposals are highly personalized, increasing customer satisfaction.Benefit: Increase deal size and chance of success.6. Close the DealFacilitate sales process automation, creating an effective, collaborative selling team. Pivotal Saleshelps ensure no stages are dropped, and no information is missed on the way to successful deal closure.Theability to quickly recognize and deal with potential obstacles, changes in customerneeds or competitive tactics means your sales team can close deals with greater precision andresponsiveness.Benefit: Increase revenues. P i v o ta l S a l e S
  4. 4. Measurable Sales ResultsPivotal CRM’s results framework helps you decide on a strategic goal, and provides the tactical map to help you get there.Plus, we provide key reporting to help team leaders measure, monitor, and analyze progress every step of the way. “Pivotal CRM is CERA’s central Increase Revenues – Pivotal Sales incorporates the proven best practices selling method business nervous system. of Miller Heiman. For 23 years, Miller Heiman has provided winning sales processes designed to help companies win more deals and increase the value of every customer We have doubled or tripled the number of products we can opportunity and relationship. sell, and we know our customers a lot better.” Reduce the Sales Cycle – By standardizing the sales process across direct and indirect Stephen Aldrich, Senior Director sales channels, organizations can seamlessly share information between all sales CERA teams. This allows companies to shorten the sales cycle, making and closing deals faster. Automated up/cross-selling increases deal size and wallet share.Out-Sell the Competition – With up-to-the-minute competitive and industry intelligence, “References from support calls through Pivotal CRM have givenas well as instant remote access to all customer data and team members, Pivotal CRM delivers us the highest close rate ofthe information, processes and digital services required to out-sell the competition. anything we are doing — 75% of such calls result in a sale.”Increase Productivity – Sales efficiency tools allow sales professionals to manage Brad Cone, Manager of Customermultiple accounts, streamline expense management, automatically generate quotes and Support, Action Instrumentsproposals, and easily configure products and services that meet specific customer needs. “With Pivotal CRM, we were Accurately Forecast Revenues – All lead, prospect and sales information is gathered able in a single database, allowing sales managers to manage pipelines and produce to customize, test and deploy consolidated, accurate revenue forecasts in real time. Quickly and easily analyze the system in a matter of the data, resulting in highly predictable business performance. months. The implementation was so smooth — it was an Increase Sales Force Effectiveness – With centralized sales data, identify which factors unprecedented experience. close deals, which deals close the fastest, and which ones yield the highest value. We increased quarter-over- In addition, territory and opportunity management ensure that the right resources are quarter sales by 29%.” allocated to the right prospects at the right time. Mike Thibault, Director of Application Services RBC Capital Markets North America International Pivotal CRM Pivotal CRM 858 Beatty Street, Suite 600 Pioneer House Vancouver, B.C. 7 Rushmills, Northampton Canada V6B 1C1 United Kingdom NN4 7YB +1 877-748-6825 +44 1 604 614131 info@pivotal.com info-intl@pivotal.com © 2007 Pivotal CRM. All rights reserved. Pivotal CRM and the Pivotal CRM logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal CRM. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies.