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Cdc crm brochure_aug5_online

  1. 1. 1CDC Customer Relationship Management CDC Customer Relationship Management Customer-driven CRM makes it easy to connect the dots.
  2. 2. 2 Customer-driven CRM is driven by what keeps you up at night. It’s driven by what your customers need.
  3. 3. 3CDC Customer Relationship Management With the right CRM comes the opportunity for companies to really get to know their customers, their needs, preferences and their buying patterns. More than ever, companies require an integrated strategy that supports customers from the moment they enter the front door—or website—to the time they make a purchase, and beyond. They need a solution that helps them connect the dots. Along the way, IT managers need an integrated set of technologies—from websites to databases and data mining tools—to make it work. At CDC Software, our customer-driven CDC Pivotal CRM matches business strategies to the technologies needed to make them work, resulting in increased market share, improved customer satisfaction, and a higher retention rate. So, now, you can be the company you’ve always wanted to be.
  4. 4. 4 Stay connected. As your business grows, chances are you have less face-to-face communication with customers. Yet, those customers expect the same kind of customer service they’ve always had. CRM centralizes information in a single place, which promotes a better understanding of a customer’s needs. Enhance collaboration. Accessing shared solutions enables teams to make quicker, more cost effective decisions. All of that account history can be quickly accessed and referred to the next time a customer calls in. That responsiveness tells the customer they’re important to your company. Automate what works. By automating the routine tasks and proven processes your teams carry out each day, you can do more with less. So, you can fully harness your hard-won business practices to grow while keeping your customers and customer-facing employees happy. Love it. CRM needs to be tightly integrated with the tools your people already use, like Microsoft Office Outlook. What that means is faster adoption by users, less switching between applications and higher productivity for anyone who deals directly with your customers. Grow upward. CRM listens to your customer, understands their needs, and provides them with support through processes that engage and interact, rather than contain and box in. Mirror your unique business processes. Most businesses have evolved with their customers over time and refined their own unique processes. These processes are hard-won competitive differentiators. CRM will enhance and mirror these processes, not change them. Anything relationship management. CRM is the management of any type of relationship—customers or employees, anything. It should be fundamentally flexible and configurable, to meet the nuances in your business. Compromise on cost, not quality. You want your CRM at a cost you can afford. We do this by assessing your requirements and offering you strategic solutions you can use, so your business grows, but not at the cost of your profits. Build outward-in. CRM is designed to maximize your competitive advantage—it starts by mapping to your customers’ needs. Build, grow, and drive your business forward. Customer-driven CRM makes your staff more productive, your sales processes more effective, and your customers happier.
  5. 5. 5CDC Customer Relationship Management Take action. To grow your business, you must respond swiftly to changes in market conditions, competitive situations, and business process, and seize every opportunity that arises. CRM is a facilitator in this process, not a roadblock. Get big-picture perspective. CRM delivers real- time business visibility and actionable insights for sales, marketing and service managers, as well as executives. Solve problems and seize opportunities. Gain immediate business insight anywhere. CRM puts critical business information at your fingertips with mobile dashboards and reports. CRM interfaces with tools your users are already familiar with, so you can stay connected, anytime and anywhere. Empower to react quickly. CRM gathers and presents real-time data on everything from sales forecasts and marketing campaigns to account activities and phone logs—allowing you to spend more time managing your business, and less time with the mechanics of running reports. Drive forward. CRM meets both customer and employee expectations, while giving your company flexibility to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of business.
  6. 6. 6 6 To offer a unique customer experience, you need an integrated solution that spans all of your customer- facing processes, plus some.
  7. 7. 7CDC Customer Relationship Management Sales Force Automation Shorten your sales cycle and exceed targets with time- saving tools and repeatable processes. Marketing Automation Delight your sales team with more, higher-quality leads and get there with less effort. Service Automation Lay the foundation for future sales by providing custom- ers with responsive, thoughtful and personalized cus- tomer service. Partner Automation Make your organization easier to do business with. Help your partners sell, track, and assess their performance more easily. Social CRM Generate real, tangible value out of this new communica- tion channel. Mobile CRM Give your most valuable sales and service employees ac- cess to customer data regardless of their location. Pivotal CRM Platform Take advantage of the fact that it is the world’s leading CRM solution, and also the most flexible. CDC CRM Learn more about our CRM solutions: Visit
  8. 8. 8 CRM customers rely on a proven, trusted platform for accessing their CRM applications. CDC Pivotal CRM integrates all the characteristics of successful CRM, including flexibility, reliability, high performance, and security. Extreme flexibility cuts down on the time it takes to mirror the way you work in Pivotal CRM. Options for robust end-user configuration as well deep workflow customization allow you to create the internal processes and external customer experiences that fit your strategy and vision. Low-Cost Flexibility Tailoring your CRM workflow in Pivotal CRM is often as easy as ticking a box for an end-user or team manager. Underneath, Pivotal’s Microsoft .NET foundation facilitates change at every level, so you can modify the user interface and business processes or customize the data model to see higher ROI’s. Industry Applications Take advantage of industry-tailored applications, developed using our in-depth knowledge of the Financial Services, Home Building and Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Insurance industries. Microsoft® Integration Our close, long-standing relationship with Microsoft has enabled us to build CRM solutions that capitalize on the best of Microsoft technology and come seamlessly pre-integrated with Microsoft Office® and SharePoint®. Business Intelligence CDC Pivotal CRM streamlines information-rich data into a centralized database, allowing you to achieve greater insight into your customers and business activities. Rich User Experience CDC Pivotal CRM’s flexibility makes it easy and cost effective to create the end-user experience you envision. Monitor, measure, and manage end- user utilization to optimize business processes. Ease of Enterprise Integration Our flexible architecture reduces the cost and complexity of integrating Pivotal CRM with your back-office systems to ensure seamless collaboration. When the time comes to get serious about CRM, it all boils down to the platform it is built on.
  9. 9. 9CDC Customer Relationship Management Ask our customers how they have become more competitive, more productive, and more profitable with CDC Pivotal CRM. M/I Homes – increased web leads from 4% - 25% in three years. ‘’Pivotal has given our field reps immediate access to the information they need. They can respond to customer requests in minutes instead of hours or days and communicate with subcontractors from anywhere.’’ - Ron Frissora, CIO, M/I Homes Read the case study Calamos Investments — executive management has the insight they need to drive the business effectively. “In the end, we chose Pivotal CRM because of its focus in the financial services industry and its reputation for success earned with many of our peer companies.’’ – Carolyn Stuart, Vice President of IT and Head of Business Analysis, Calamos Investments Download the case study Intracorp – streamlined sales process helps them sell more units on the spot. “The technology gives us a great deal of insight regarding each customer, which is not only valuable for building relationships, but also in developing our sales strategies.’’ - Steve Sammut, CFO, Intracorp View the video AAA Western & Central New York - a robust, customized member relationship management (MRM) solution that reflects the organization’s unique workflows and helps them provide more informed and efficient member service. “We wanted to be at the next level in our dealings with members.” - Bob Leach, CIO, AAA Western and Central New York View the video
  10. 10. 10 Our Approach to Solution Development Your business is unique and so are your needs. So why would you want a one-size-fits-all solution? Common Approach to CRM Development Few of your technology needs immediately met Most CRM software vendors develop products that meet less than 50% of your requirements immediately. In a best-case scenario, you can work with a third party to customize the solution but in many cases, you must change the way you work to fit the way the CRM solution works. At CDC Software, we understand that every business must have a tailor-made solution if it is to make progress down its chosen path. Our vast experience in a wide field of industries, has enabled us to create specialized solutions that fit the unique requirements of the business, right out of the box, while also offering the flexibility to customize to individual companies’ needs. Our team boasts unrivaled domain expertise and experience, and we’re committed to helping you succeed. Pivotal CRM gives you the power to create a custom solution--without a custom timeline or price tag. It’s complete out of the box--but also completely flexible. 75% of your requirements at day 1 Our experience developing solutions is that most customers share many similar processes but their unique processes are what make them successful. We give you a ready-to-use solution and the tools to help you mirror your unique processes in your CRM solution. CRM Vendor Integrator You 50% of your technology needs 100% of your technology needs Pivotal You
  11. 11. 11CDC Customer Relationship Management At CDC Software, we serve companies that are driven by customer needs, so we know you expect the same high quality standards from your technology partners. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to match our outstanding products. Pivotal CRM is supported by a full continuum of services that are affordable, easy to use, and configure to any organization in any industry. Not sure which products to use? We offer an array of solutions to select from and will spend time to understand your business and offer recommendations. Whether you wish to handle the implementation by yourself, with a partner, or leave it to us, we can accommodate your every need. We can even take on full management and hosting of the application, if you prefer, with the option to bring the solution on-premise when you’re ready. Similarly, we can support your team with training— online, at our training facility, or on-site at your place of business. Our customer support staff is available by phone, e-mail, or online through our Customer Portal, offering the assistance you need, when you need it. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a single store owner, or have thousands of employees in locations around the world, CDC Pivotal CRM can help you connect the dots in your customer-driven strategy. Learn more about our CRM solutions: Visit You aim to please your customers. We aim to help you achieve that goal.
  12. 12. 12 Want to learn more? Resource Library White Paper: CRM The Essential Guide CDC Pivotal CRM See How We Fit Your Industry Reach Out Call: 1 877-748-6825 Email: For our global office locations, please visit: Stay Connected With CDC Software © CDC Software, 2011. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.