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Pivotal SyndMail is a complete e-mail marketing solution that lets you segment your audience, send electronic communications, and analyze the success of your campaign.

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Pivotal syndmail

  1. 1. Pivotal® SyndMail Use e-marketing to cost-effectively deliver personalized e-mail to customers and prospects in your Pivotal CRM databasePivotal SyndMail allows you to target Pivotal SyndMail is a complete e-mail marketing solution that lets youcustomers and prospects with personalizedcommunications. segment your audience, send electronic communications, and analyze the success of your campaign.• Integrate seamlessly with your Pivotal CRM database Built as an add-on to Pivotal CRM and compatible with both Windows- and Rich-client• Personalize e-mail content, including implementations, Pivotal SyndMail lets marketers create segmented lists from their Pivotal CRM subject line, body of e-mail, and “from” contact database and target customers and prospects with HTML and plain-text e-mail messages. information Pivotal SyndMail automates time-consuming list management, e-mail delivery, and tracking tasks using self-service profile management, easy opt-outs, and delivery-monitoring features.• Measure campaign effectiveness through detailed reporting and analysis Enhance Your E-mail Marketing Capabilities• Track read e-mails, click-throughs, and E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective method for mass communications, and it is most bounce-backs for each campaign successful when it targets customers and prospects who have opted in to a mailing list or otherwise agreed to receive e-mail communications. The challenge for most organizations is• Create distribution lists using Pivotal managing these preferences and automating the related communications. CRM’s static-list feature• Automate, schedule, and re-send e-mail Marketers can save time and resources by using Pivotal SyndMail to automate e-mail scheduling campaigns to support business processes tasks. Pivotal SyndMail also provides marketers with a complete record of every e-mail campaign and customer-retention needs within their Pivotal CRM system, including which e-mails were read, where there were click- throughs, and which e-mails bounced back.• Allow contacts to manage their preferences using a self-service module Personalize and Automate CampaignsTo learn more about Pivotal SyndMail and how Pivotal SyndMail offers sophisticated e-mail marketing capabilities at a low cost. Marketers canit can address your firm’s unique needs, call us use the Pivotal CRM Static List feature to create segmented lists for e-mail delivery based onat +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825). customer demographics and opt-in information, then use Pivotal SyndMail to execute campaigns featuring personalized, relevant content for each contact. These campaigns can be used for a wide range of marketing activities, from event promotions to product and service announcements to customer nurturing. A scalable solution, SyndMail can be used to deliver more than one million e-mails in a single campaign. Marketers can use SyndMail to schedule recurring campaigns that deliver regular communications automatically, such as win-back campaigns for lost customers or reminders about available services or resources. Pivotal CRM’s workflows can also be used to trigger transaction-based notifications sent through SyndMail. Empower Your Contacts In an age where most people are bombarded by unsolicited e-mail, it is important to protect brand reputation by giving users control over their e-mail subscriptions. Pivotal SyndMail enables customers and prospects to indicate their preferences for receiving e-mails from your company, as well as to update their contact information, helping to keep your Pivotal CRM database current and comprehensive. SyndMail makes it easy to send communications that comply with privacy and spam regulations, and a single-click opt-out option can be included in every communication, ensuring no contacts continue to receive unwanted communications. Measure Campaign Results Unlike direct-mail campaigns, e-marketing through Pivotal SyndMail lets you electronically organize and track all of your marketing campaigns.Pivotal SyndMail’s reporting capabilities can help trackthe results of your e-mail marketing campaigns and Pivotal SyndMail allows you to see the full cycle of an e-mail campaign. Users can see individualshow you who has read your communications and whenthey did it. contact details, such as how many campaigns a contact has received, their e-marketing preferences, and their opt-in/opt-out status, They can also see aggregate results for a full campaign, including read e-mails, click-through tracking results, and bounce-back errors, including those from automated “no e-mail” settings. Furthermore, using SyndMail, marketers can track their campaigns’ revenue contributions, measuring pipeline and sales impact from e-mail marketing projects. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  2. 2. Benefit Across the Company sales users can leverage SyndMail to send personalized e-blasts to theirSyndMail’s e-mail marketing functionality is accessible directly through prospect base, and service users can send support alerts and otherPivotal CRM, allowing users across sales, service, and marketing to take announcements to customers. As with marketing uses, lists can be easilyadvantage of the system’s easy-to-use e-marketing features. This means segmented using the Pivotal CRM Static List feature, and results can bethat in addition to the marketing team using SyndMail for e-marketing, tracked to monitor effectiveness. Features Description Integration with Pivotal CRM Access all e-mail lists, delivery logs, and response information directly in the Pivotal CRM database. Distribution Lists Create distribution lists using Pivotal CRM’s Static List feature. Automated Campaigns Progressively add profile information to a lead with each interaction and automatically assign a qualification level based on user-defined criteria. The lead can then be routed for sales follow-up or automated nurturing based on complex user-defined rules. Merge Tags Automate, schedule, and re-send e-mail campaigns to support business processes and customer retention needs. Send e-mail at optimal delivery times, or schedule to send during off-peak hours. Personalization Send personalized e-mail, including tailored subject lines, e-mail content, and sender information. Reporting Get detailed analysis and reporting on customer response and interactions. Track read, click-through, and bounce- back rates with every campaign. Bounce-Back Tracking Track invalid e-mail addresses using Pivotal SyndMail’s bounce-back engine. Preference Management Empower customers and web visitors to securely log in and manage their opt-in/opt-out settings, profiles, and preferences. Content Flexibility Send communications in either HTML or plain-text e-mail format. Attachments Include attachments in your e-marketing campaigns. Templates Ensure brand consistency through e-mail templates designed by the marketing team. Dynamic Sender Address Tailor the sender address to increase open rates. Recipients are more likely to open an e-mail from a person rather than from a generic e-mail address such as “sales@company.com.”Learn More About Pivotal® SyndMailTo learn more about how Pivotal SyndMail can help your organization take advantage of the full potential and costs savings of electronic channels, callus today at +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at www.pivotal.com.Copyright © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.