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Syngenta implemented Pivotal CRM ,because of its ability to streamline customer records and build a complex database of end-user product usage.

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18 syngenta uk

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM Plants Revenue Growth &Customer Loyalty for SyngentaReal customer intelligence from farmer and growers’ rewardprogramme realises a six times return on marketing investmentfor leading crop protection and seed growing business. Customer Details Syngenta www.syngenta.com Sector • Bio-science — crop protection and seed production Profile • Syngenta is one of the world’s leading providers of field crops, vegetables and flower seeds; seed care products; herbicides, insecticides and fungicides for crop protection, and turf, garden, home care and public health products. The majority of its products are sold to farmers and growers via wholesale and retail specialists. Challenges • To maximise the return on marketing and sales investments by better understanding the un-bulked product end-user, on micro, as well as macro level. Solution • Pivotal 5.9 from CDC Software, upgraded to Pivotal 6 in August 2011, which included full integration with Microsoft Outlook and address book functionality with Blackberry. Full Blackberry software integration expected to be completed by summer 2012. CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 1
  2. 2. Customer Summary • Microsoft Outlook and Blackberry assimilation has After evaluating a number of options, Syngenta increased efficiencies and streamlined customer implemented Pivotal CRM, largely because of its management, profiling and communications ability to streamline customer records and build a • 360 view of promotion reactions against demand complex database of end-user product usage. vs. supply fluctuations visualises campaign In 2010, after 12 years of total CRM support from effectiveness CDC Software, the maker of Pivotal CRM, Syngenta • Underpins all that ensures a happy, well supported reviewed the market options and established that no and increasingly loyal customer base other commercial CRM solution could match the pin- point customer intelligence generated by Pivotal CRM, Fully Supported Customer nor had the feature flexibility Relationship Management that enabled Syngenta to Syngenta is committed to supporting sustainable Pivotal CRM is customise and add the agriculture through innovative research and functionality it needed tonot just a contacts technology. It provides the crucial link between crop meet its specific business success and failure for farmers and plant growers. Itdatabase. It needs. is vital that Syngenta understands the needs of eachunderpins all As a result, the option was customer, both the business and the environmental factors that impact crop success.our customer taken to upgrade to Pivotal CRM 6, with its Microsoft End-user intelligence holds the key to Syngenta’s interaction. Our Outlook and Blackberry success. The only way to get this is to understand, go-to-market integration. The system firstly who the end customers are and then, establish was set-up in parallel to their growing profiles and methods of plant husbandry strategy could not Pivotal CRM 5.9 to ensure and crop protection. With this intelligence it is thenfunction without a smooth transition. possible to market effectively to them, targeting Syngenta had seen a four- them with promotions or advice on how to combine Pivotal. fold return on marketing products for better results, for example. Simon Laidler and sales investmentCRM Lead, Syngenta This was a challenge in itself. Syngenta products since using Pivotal CRM as the lynch-pin to its are sold in bulk to wholesale and retail suppliers to marketing programmes. It is also seeing significant the farming and plant growing markets and therefore turnover increases from existing product lines, plus there was no direct sales relationship with the end- the opportunity for new promotions and revenue user. streams as the result of further refining customer responsiveness by integrating with MS Outlook. Prior Engagement Prior to Pivotal CRM, the Syngenta field sales teams Benefits of Pivotal CRM to Syngenta used a disparate mix of pen and paper; spread sheet and basic database customer records. There was • Actual customer intelligence enabling highly little process cohesion and records had to be shared targeted promotions - realising a four times return manually and updated individually, all time consuming on campaign investment processes and leaving very little scope for customer • Analytical breakdown of purchasing profiles analytics. and trend mapping has opened up revenue and co-operative marketing opportunities with sales channel CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 2
  3. 3. What Changed? Once a year these farmers and growers are nowIn 1999, this changed with the initial Pivotal asked to submit details of their product usage for that installation. A significant upgrade in 2004 completely year. This qualifies them for a credit payment based revolutionised the way that Syngenta interfaced with on variables including purchase volumes and product its customers and there was an immediate parallel types, which can be exchanged for goods from a increase in revenue versus increased customer catalogue of business related products, for example, satisfaction. IT hardware, weather stations, or protective clothing. Syngenta needed a CRM tool that could support Data Analysisits end-to-end sale process; a platform that could Pivotal CRM not only issues the loyalty statements tocombine traditional customer contact tools with an customers, it is used to collate and analyse the entries, extremely sophisticated, data-heavy customer rewards creating management reports for use by the marketing programme, potentially holding the details of the UK’s and sales teams that provide a picture of trends24,000 potential farmer and grower records, plus those including the impact that environmental changes areof industry advisory and influencer groups. having on growing processes, future customer needs The storage requirement, and that of the analytics, and the current provision against customer demand.meant realistically only a bespoke CRM platform could “The information we get from farmers is gold dust.support Syngenta’s business needs, but a bespoke Once we’ve engaged with a farmer we start to solution was beyond its budget bounds. Pivotal CRM understand about his growing processes, the varieties bridged both by combining the price point of an off- he grows andthe-shelf solution with the ability for the CRM team to his opinions oneasily customise fields to ensure absolute compatibility protection methods. Pivotal is thewith the businesses requirements, not only now, but into the future. Farmers have only way we an emotional“Pivotal CRM was the only CRM platform able to attachment to can confirmmanage such a complex customer database. No other their crops. Like who is actuallyproduct had the flexibility in terms of existing features a child, they want and customisation,” explained Simon Laidler, CRM to protect them, using ourlead at Syngenta. give them the best products in food and the mostCustomer Rewards effective medicines the field. to ensure that they Simon LaidlerTo fulfil the need for customer intelligence, to identify areas for product development, improvement and thrive,” explained to consistently provide the level of service needed Simon Laidler.by its customers, Syngenta set-up its customer From this data, highly targeted marketing campaigns rewards programme, creating a feedback capture and can be developed, with the correct messaging for the management process tool. audience, right down to simple word changes that With the tool in place, Syngenta set about a major reflect customer differences such as breed of crop marketing programme to identify who the users of grown, type of soil, preferred crop protection methods its unbulked product were. Loaded with the 24,000 or region of country, for example. farmer’ records, the marketing team used Pivotal CRM to identify customer types, which in turn were sent Value Analysistargeted mailings inviting them to register with the This intelligence also tiers customers in terms ofSyngenta customer loyalty programme. revenue value to Syngenta. Of the 24,000 customers entered on its Pivotal database, just 2,500 of these Very much a pioneer in customer information in return account for a massive 75% of potential income forfor a reward, Syngenta found itself party to bespoke Syngenta and its competitors, which include Bayer and market intelligence that money could not buy. BASF. CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 3
  4. 4. Talking the Talk Pivotal PointsWith this combined knowledge, Syngenta can talk All marketing campaigns are now managed from informatively to each customer; package promotions Pivotal CRM. New campaigns are distributed to the that resonate, a seed plus crop protection deal sales teams via the platform; customer personalisation perhaps or bulk purchase discounts; real deals that managed; response rates to promotions analysed and speak value or opportunity to the customer, whilst supply versus demand monitored.increasing revenues for Syngenta. “We recognise the strategic business benefits of gathering and understanding customer usage.Positive Outlook Using the data captured by Pivotal CRM, Syngenta In August 2011, the Pivotal 6 upgrade brought can adapt and change to ensure it is consistentlyintegration with MS Outlook. The result is a ‘link’ delivering the best sales and market support to its button from the customer record straight to MS direct and in-direct customers,” explained Simon Outlook. The sales team can work from the customer Laidler.record or Outlook to create activities, for example, emails, notes or tasks, as well as sales calls, Expert Opinioncustomer responses and literature fulfilment. The Simon Laidler has worked at Syngenta for over 30 operational benefits have been immediate. Sales years. Having worked in field sales before moving cohesion with marketing programmes and response to to a customer relationship management role, he fully customer reaction has never been better. understands the needs of farmers and growers, and the difference that quality seeds and crop protectionField Sales Team Reaps Benefits products can have on the success or failure of aThe field sales team has probably benefited the most harvest.from the integration with MS Outlook. All 34 field sales people now have access to exactly the same No two farmers will experience the same growing information. Their territories are arranged equally, season. Therefore, no two farmers will have the based on farm numbers and value but it is possible same requirements from Syngenta. To this end, that more than one account manager will be looking Simon can’t stress the importance of communicating after the same customer, if it is a multi-site farming or with customers on a one-to-one basis.growing business, for example. “Pivotal CRM provides us with the data we need toAccount administration has been simplified and the personalise our customer contact. It has not changedone time necessary duplication of entries in multiple the way that we work; it has made us better and more places removed. Records and entries can be linked efficient. Syngenta will always meet its customers and hyper-linked for further simplification. The face-to-face. There is no replacement for humanmargins for errors have all but been eliminated. interaction. In parallel with technical advancement in farm procedures, Pivotal CRM rationalises processes, Getting Smart with Blackberry germinates opportunities and ensures a far greaterThe sales team is also benefiting from the initial yield,” continued Simon Laidler.integration of Pivotal CRM with Blackberry. At present it is restricted to customer contacts, but greater assimilation is planned and in the next 12 months account managers will be able to view customer contact forms, add notes and communicate directly with customers via their Blackberries.According to one of the field sales managers; “Pivotal CRM’s integration with Blackberry is a phenomenal sales tool. I have the contact details of the entire UK farming community in my Blackberry.”CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 4
  5. 5. Under the Bonnet Formal project management methodology was Pivotal CRM is hosted on a secure server at followed throughout the course of the recent upgradeSyngenta’s head office in Grenoble, France. It is project. The CDC Software project team provided accessed by users via the Syngenta network, or clearly defined process and controls and ensuredremotely by the sales teams across the UK and that adequate quality assurance measures were inIreland. Within 12 months it is expected that the sales place from planning, through the solution and user team will connect increasingly via their Blackberry’s, acceptance testing phases, to the point of go-live further reducing the amount of administration required and throughout the settling in period. Syngentapost-customer visit. continues to be supported by the CDC Software issues management team and on-going CDC SoftwarePivotal CRM is also used by Syngenta sales teams in technical resources.France, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico and some additional South American countries.Over the last 12 years, CDC Software, Syngenta UK and the regional Syngenta offices have established an extremely solid and collaborative working relationship.“To support a system as vital as Pivotal CRM isto Syngenta, it is essential that we have a close relationship with CDC Software. We’re constantly tweaking the software, adding new fields and intensifying the complexity of the platform. Wetherefore believe it is essential to have it regularly MOTed to ensure it remains as robust as the core technology,” concluded Simon Laidler, CRM lead, Syngenta. Want to learn more? Resource Library Reach Out www.cdcsoftware.com/crmresources Email: info@cdcsoftware.com CDC Pivotal CRM Global Office Locations www.cdcsoftware.com/crm www.cdcsoftware.com/offices See How We Fit Your Industry Stay Connected With CDC Software www.cdcsoftware.com/FinancialServices http://www.cdcsoftware.com/en/Social-Media-Channels www.cdcsoftware.com/HomeBuildingRealEstate www.cdcsoftware.com/Manufacturing www.cdcsoftware.com/SMBCopyright © CDC Software 2011. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo is a registered trademark of CDC Software. CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 5