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10 ways to find success in any market

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15 homebuildersurvivalkit us

  1. 1. CRM Survival Kit for Home Building & Real Estate 10 ways to find success in any marketIn today’s unsteady market, home builders must adopt relevant and personalized information in youra proactive approach to surpass their competition so responses. This will exceed their expectationsthey can gain a larger share of a smaller market. Here and distance yourself from the competition. Basedare 10 steps to help you become more successful in on their responses, you can continue to providethis market: prospects with updated and relevant information. For instance, if they have kids, send them 1. Provide every prospect with a timely and information about schools, or send invitations to personalized response that addresses their specific request the clubhouse grand opening if they are interested in amenities. In today’s buyers’ market, prospects can entertain many options when deciding on their new home 3. Identify which method of communication the purchase. Now, more than ever, buyers are prospect prefers using the Internet to help narrow down their Ask the prospect which method of communication home search. New home sales sites, such as (phone, e-mail, standard mail) they prefer. This BuilderHomeSite.com and Move.com, provide should be your primary method of communication many different options to prospects. Additionally, but should not be the only method. Although most home builders also have their own websites where will select e-mail, try and get their phone number prospects can contact them through online forms. as well so you can intermix personal interaction In order to differentiate yourself from the with e-mails. competition, you need to respond to prospects as 4. Continue to nurture your prospects quickly as possible with a personalized message. It is critical that you nurture your prospects on a Generic responses such as, “Thank you for your regular basis. Marketing automation tools allow you interest in our community. We will contact you to easily nurture ‘cool’ prospects and provide them within a week,” are not sufficient anymore. Take with the information they need, while your sales advantage of your first opportunity to make a good people can diligently work on ‘warm’ prospects. impression by sending a quick response with the During this process, continue to collect information information they requested. Remember, as long as and build your prospect’s profile, allowing you to you meet their requirements, the first personalized personalize and update your follow-up interactions. and comprehensive response will most likely It is critical that you don’t lose contact with any of ensure that your community will end up on their your prospects. An automated marketing system short list. can deliver personalized responses that look and 2. Give prospects a reason to provide you with feel real—as though they were sent from your more information about their needs and what sales team. Marketing automation is a great way to they are looking for in a new home, so you can stay top of mind with minimal effort and expense. quickly and accurately respond to their needs 5. Get prospects into your sales office Don’t just provide everything that a prospect Once prospects are in your sales office, continue wants without asking for something in return. Ask to obtain information that will help you distinguish prospects a series of questions that will allow you your community and your salespeople from your to better understand their needs, so you can offerCDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Survival Kit for Home Building & Real Estate | 1
  2. 2. competitors. A big part of the purchasing decision 9. Survey your prospects and customers regularly comes down to the relationship that you build with Many home builders never survey their prospects them and how well you address the prospect’s and homebuyers. Surveys are an excellent way unique requirements. to learn more about buyers’ needs and they allow 6. Use a comprehensive mortgage calculator tool you to proactively respond to their requirements. Set up incremental surveys through your marketing With mortgage rates being at a low, having automation engine. Typical times for surveys would a tool that shows the benefits (and monthly costs) be after an initial visit to your sales office, after associated with home ownership is important; it closing, after customer service work has been becomes even more critical if you are selling to completed, or even after you have learned that a first-time homebuyer. Always show prospects they purchased from someone else. Surveying the rent vs. buy comparison; they may not realize not only gives you an opportunity to stay in front their monthly costs after tax benefits. Also, include of the prospects/homebuyers, but it also allows options as part of your mortgage calculator, and you to learn more about their experiences—for demonstrate to buyers the minimal effect it has on instance, why they may not have purchased from their monthly mortgage payment. you—and continue to build key information on 7. Use a virtual design center to help prospects these individuals. They will also keep you in tune select options early in the sales cycle. Don’t with key changes in their lives that may help you wait for a final commitment sell them another home. A virtual design center allows buyers to visualize 10. Provide the best customer service that you can themselves in the home environment and emotionally connect with their ‘dream home’, Buyers will mostly remember their last contact sometimes even before they have walked into the with your firm. So always remember to provide community. Help prospects identify with their home the best customer service that you can. It will pay by using a virtual design center to select options off in referrals, additional sales, and an overall and customize their home early in the sales cycle. sense of partnership between you and your Additionally, since margins are typically higher on homeowners—the best form of advertising comes options, use the virtual design center to sell as from a happy homeowner. Do your best to have many options as possible. each of your homeowners “selling” for you and your communities. Think about it: aren’t you more 8. Keep in constant contact with prospects likely to trust the recommendation from a friend or and homebuyers relative than a newspaper advertisement? It is critical to stay in contact with both prospects and homebuyers. Keep in contact with homebuyers, even after they have closed on their home, Steve Lewkowitz is Professional Services by setting up marketing campaigns. Use the Director of the Home Building & Real Estate information that you collected to personalize these Group within the CDC Pivotal CRM team. campaigns based on demographics, requirements, Steve is an active member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). He etc. By staying in contact, you’ll know their buying has held key positions at the state and local requirements and you may be able to sell them levels and is the chairperson for the Technology Workgroup of their next new home. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for the NAHB Business Management and Technology Committee. referrals. A happy homeowner will most likely give you a referral and consider you again when moving To learn more visit: www.cdcsoftware.com/HomeBuildingRealEstate on to a new home. Similar campaigns should also be set up for the Realtor community.Copyright © CDC Software 2011. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo is a registered trademark of CDC Software.CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Survival Kit for Home Building & Real Estate | 2