CoreLogic Innovation Fueled By Cloud Foundry (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)


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Keynote delivered by Richard Leurig, Senior Vice President, Innovation Development Center at CoreLogic.

CoreLogic is a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider. As part of a strategic technology transformation, CoreLogic has embarked upon building a product and data delivery platform based on the Cloud Foundry PaaS. Working with Pivotal, the CoreLogic Innovation Development Center is developing new products on a scalable common component ecosystem with a Hybrid Cloud strategy which in turn will facilitate innovation and drive faster product delivery.

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CoreLogic Innovation Fueled By Cloud Foundry (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)

  1. 1. CoreLogic Innovation Fueled by Cloud Foundry Richard Leurig, Senior Vice President Innovation Development Center
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3 Technologies 540+ Products and 5000+ applications, components, services, and tools identified across CoreLogic Business Criticality 80% of Applications are Mission Critical or Important Life Cycle Stage 48% of Applications in Maintain or in Maintain w/enhancements stage Users & Use Cases 2M+ professional users Sub-second to multi-day transactions Technology 63% of Applications utilize JAVA (42%) or .NET (21%) Mainframe NATURAL 330 - Applications Grow Maintain Enhance 3681 - Components Physical Logical TBD 1009 - Data Stores RDBMS Object Store Flat File TBD ■ 532 - Tools ■ 300 - Externals 832 - Other The CoreLogic Landscape
  4. 4. ■ Multitude of technology platforms ■ Complex, hard-wired, fragile and expensive ■ Today’s technologies are radically different from the past ♦ Mobility, Voice & Social Networks – Engagement norm ♦ “Platform as a Service” – Operating System norm ♦ “Infrastructure as a Service” – Compute & Processing norm ♦ “Data as a Service” – emerging ways of handling “big data” ♦ “Development as a Service” – Application build and deploy ■ Real opportunity to change what we do & how we do it 4 Fundamentals
  5. 5. CoreLogic Fabric Engagement Services CoreLogic Products & Solutions CoreLogic Data Repository Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Ubiquitous Access Single Sign-On Solution Modules (integrated or separate) Re-usable Services Scalable, Flexible & Efficient Data & Analytics Delivery Common Components & Services 5 CoreLogic Vision
  6. 6. DATA PROVISIONING ARCHITECTURE DATALAKE INFORMATION DELIVERY ARCHITECTURE Sources Production Ready Delivery to Applications CoreLogic Data Repository CoreLogic Solutions & Services 6 CoreLogic Information Delivery
  7. 7. 1. Developers focused on developing products, not managing tech stacks 2. Standard UI frameworks & style guidelines to speed up development 3. Components separated from applications allowing independent upgrading 4. Reusable services with built-in high availability, DR & elastic scalability 5. Resource flexibility enabled by standard technologies 7 CoreLogic Design Principles
  8. 8. Foundational Services Platform Fabric Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Data as a Service Development as a Service CoreLogic Applications Engagement Services Products & Solutions Web, Mobile, Voice Services 8 “Everything as a Service”
  9. 9.  Development as a Service capability  Data as a Service capability  Scalability & Resiliency  Architectural agility  Hybrid infrastructure support  SDLC integration  Market adoption  Support & Operations  Ecosystem  Vendor lock-in concerns (Open) Evaluation Criteria: Results of mini-POC plus following considerations: Pivotal Cloud Foundry Google App Engine Salesforce Amazon AWS Oracle Fusion Red Hat OpenShift ■ Conducted mini-POCs to assess capabilities Engaging Technology Experts 9
  10. 10. Pivotal provides ‘open’ PaaS + Big Data Suite + Development Lab Pivotal Partnership LABS ■ Open Source Standard ■ Hybrid IaaS Support ■ Technically Sound ■ Industry Adoption ■ Extreme Agile ■ Pair Programming ■ Test Driven Development ■ Experience ■ State-of-the-Art Data & Analytics Tools ■ Strong Data Science Team BIG DATA SUITE 10
  11. 11. 11 CoreLogic & Pivotal Collaboration
  12. 12. 1. Exciting and rapidly changing times in the technology industry. 2. Capabilities available today weren’t around 2-3 years ago. 3. Enterprise organizations can now take advantage of the agility and capabilities of Silicon Valley startups. 4. Companies who adopt this “new norm” have a competitive advantage and can differentiate themselves in their markets. 12 Our Journey Begins…
  13. 13. Questions and Comments Richard Leurig, Senior Vice President CoreLogic Innovation Development Center 13