A Perfectly Dreadul Christmas
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A Perfectly Dreadul Christmas



How to ensure that you create the most stress possible for yourself over the Christmas season

How to ensure that you create the most stress possible for yourself over the Christmas season



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A Perfectly Dreadul Christmas Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Dr. Santa Presents How to Have a Perfectly Dreadful Christmas
  • 2. Santa’s ListIn order to have THEPerfectly DreadfulChristmas you willhave to payattention to 3 timeperiods: The days leading up to Christmas Christmas day The week after Christmas
  • 3. The DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMASThe following activitieswill guarantee that yougenerate as much stressas possible, not only foryou but for your entirefamily!
  • 4. Put them up on the coldest dayArgue with in December..partner aboutwhat coloursto have; blowthe fuses 6times Outdoor Decorating Light up your entire house, roof, deck, and trees with coloured lights, manger, ass orted animals, and Santa.
  • 5. Give them what they gave you lastLeave the year. Pretendactual buying it’s a new tradition.until a weekbeforeChristmas Gift Buying Focus on buying gifts that will take you 12 months to pay for.
  • 6. Fry up a tofu burger for the vegetariansRun out of in the crowdshortbreadcookies andforce fruitcakeon people Christmas Baking Bake dozens of different kinds of cookies in all different shapes; order turkey, ham, goose, and duck to cook for Christmas dinner, and a Christmas pudding for dessert along with mince meat tarts, and apple pie
  • 7. Listen to “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer”, andPlan to watch “Alvin and theMiracle on 45 St. Chipmunks” every day duringtogether as a family Advent.after dinner; realizethe new neighboursare Jewish Holiday Traditions Plan to incorporate the holiday traditions of both sides of the family, plus those of the 15 other guests you’ve invited; sing carols at the neighbours.
  • 8. Christmas Day TipsIf you want to ensurethat the actual day itselfis perfectlydreadful, then youcould consider thefollowing:
  • 9. Break up fights between kids; try to locate missing pieces of the 1000Spend the piece jig saw puzzlenext 2 hourstrying tomatch giftswith gift cards. Christmas Morning Have the kids dive in, find and open their gifts all at once.
  • 10. Fry up a tofu burger for the vegetarians, a nd clean upInsist that dog barf fromeveryone try a pet getting intolittle of everything, turkey bones.including squash,because how willthey know whetheror not they like it ifthey don’t try it? Christmas Dinner Between football games on t.v. and electronic games, try to get everyone to sit down together, at one table, for a lovely Christmas dinner.
  • 11. Hide the liquorKeep sharpinstruments out ofthe hands of thosewho are arguingover whose fault itwas that Izzy had to Relationshipsget married Invite estranged members of the family in hopes that the season will effect a reconciliation
  • 12. Explain to the kids that Uncle George had a late nightReferee working andarguments over needs to restwho gets howmuch time on thecomputer Christmas Day Activities Plan for everyone in the family to enjoy a common activity together.
  • 13. Go through all the garbage bags looking forHave everyone missing pieces of gifts.press and neatlyfold thewrapping paperfor reuse Cleaning Up Wash your good china by hand so it doesn’t get broken; vacuum the living room while asking people politely to lift their feet.
  • 14. Christmas Week TipsChristmas stress does not have toend just because the day isfinished.With careful planning, you canensure that the perfectly dreadfulday will last for an entire week, upto and including New Year’s.Here are the 5 major stressors
  • 15. You blow your entire next year gift budget on things that youYou and 3000 will put awayother people and forget aboutflood electronicstores for 2 i-pads that aremarked down to$450 from $499 Boxing Day Plan to hit the malls early so that you can snap up wrapping paper and gifts for next year.
  • 16. Take dog to the vet for tinselAwake to kids extractionfighting, majorblizzard, andpower failure Change in Routine Make plans to sleep in, have leisurely breakfast with family, go on family outings and appreciate the glory that is winter.
  • 17. Agree to 5 times the going rate forAll baby sitters a sitter from the localbooked since homelessSeptember. shelter.Hunt franticallyfor relative Planning for New Year`s Eve Plan to attend fancy New Year`s Eve Ball. Purchase new formal wear. Plan to book baby- sitter.