Ferrari integrated campaign case study


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Ferrari integrated campaign case study

  1. 1. +40 722 11 11 00 Q1 & Q2 of 2012 brought Romanian luxury market a 30% sales decrease,as compared to the similar semesters of 2011. Bucharest main luxury shopping avenue, Victoria Street,has closed more than 40% of its stores,while Cocor store, claimed to be a 30 million EU investment, did not succeed to attract luxury tenants. Once seated comfortably and waiting for their clients,many luxury stores from Romania reached a moment of worry: what to do in order to survive? Open in 2009,Ferrari Store Bucharest is the third largest Ferrari Store in the world, after the ones in Milano and Maranello. It represents Ferrari’s twin soul of racing and luxury, covering the entire range of Ferrari products dedicated to Formula 1, GT enthusiasts, children and collectors. Due to this heritage (and the ownership in Romania),Ferrari is positioned as THE elite, a brand that fascinates and creates expectations,BUT it “succeeded” in creating on the Romanian market a very enthusiastic audience for a very, ultra, mega selective performing show. “Ferrari Experience” was the umbrella-concept that united all 3 ways of reaching the audience:  Ferrari Stories – a complex engagement program with the store sales force that aimed to create a shopping experience based on Ferrarinative heritage; the employees have been trained to convert from selling support into brand ambassadors. A shopping tour at the store became a journey through Ferrari legendary times  “Duminici de Formula 1” – a series of events dedicated to Formula 1 fans,where they could watch the races live,right next to the Ferrari Store*.The events also included FerrariStore assisted tours & shopping sessions, engagement mechanics between participants, relevant awards and networking sessions  Ferrari Experience – Blogging campaign – audience’s key opinion leaders were invited to live Ferrari Store experience and offer true facts about the place Position Ferrari Store as a carefully designed one-off space in which passionate and fans can truly embrace the Ferrari experience  Remove people’s perception that the store is destined to the clients of Ferrari - a DNA of exclusivity Gaining awareness and sympathy through brand experience, acting in 3 complementary directions: 1. Transform the shopping experience into a brand experience 2. Become an adrenaline establishment for our audience passion of Formula 1 3. Reach the audience with an internal message from its key opinion leaders instead of an external, commercial one *the event takes place in Forza Rossa Café, an exclusive café situated under FerrariStore  Around 200 relevant people present at Ferrari Store events, more than 80% of them entering Ferrari Store for the first time;  The place became frequented by the Romanian fashion aficionados  notable sales growth during the campaign period