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iGCDP team leader application form
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iGCDP team leader application form


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.                                                 1  
  • 2.  ContentPage 3: IntroductionPage 7: General ExpectationPage 8: Job DescriptionsPage 10: Application   2  
  • 3.  IntroductionDear Candidates,I would like to thank you for spending your time to download this application form and readit. Such a right decision, you have made, I am so happy to know that it is not only me who istrying to fulfill your destiny here. As you have been through so far since the first day that youjoined AIESEC, I am sure that at least now you have realized that those strangers who you metat each recruitments, have become such close friends to you, and you might also realize thatwithout AIESEC, you couldn’t have become someone like to day, someone that applying for aposition called Team Leader.As an amazing position, while I was once, being a team leader had allowed me to interact withmany kinds of people, many types of work, and gain lots of experience like no other by everystep that I took during the term. Moreover I event got offered by some exchange participantsthat I hosted, for free food and accommodation if I visit their counties which cause me nodoubt to visit some where in the world sooner or later.Anyway, I hope you enjoy being yourself rather than someone else, no matter who you are,where you are from, which function you are in, it is only you who is best at playing your ownrole, so follow your mind and go for it, nothing can stop you. And do not hesitate to approachme. I will be happy to help you with some questions.Cheer,Pisethneat PICHVice President of Incoming Global Community Development ProgramAIESEC RULE   3  
  • 4.  iGCDP Team Leader(iGCDP TL)iGCDP team leader is an important person who manages the experience of the projectstakeholders (society, TNs, and participants), this person will create project and/or operate thewhole process of project management and exchange delivery management, cooperatively witheach other in the level of Middle Management Board(VP and iGCDP TLs). Beside work,iGCDP TLs will also enjoy meeting and leading many multi-national people/company/NGOs,having social parties, and trips. With such unique experience, after each project ended,iGCDP TLs have been equipped with many skills, starting from planning to an unforgettablesuccess. Moreover, iGCDP TLs even leave behind many networks between local stakeholdersand international, creating such a bright path for their own future. Life is too short, grab it or never!      Current Structure       4  
  • 5.  Current Situation+3 Project Managers position available, 1 Experience Delivery Manager position available+Human resources : 1 team leader, 4 members+Projects initiated : 1 project called ‘Cambodia Wing’, 20 TN IDs/5TN Takers+Reception rate : 80%+TNs satisfy rate : 80%+EPs satisfy rate : 90%+Award for functional team with best result+Function compendium+Education cycle system for team leaders and members+3more projects are waiting to be initiated+Data base management in Google spreadsheetMore info contactMr. Pisethneat PICH Mr. Oudom VONGMobile: 077 724 747 Mobile: 092 580 660Email: Email: vongoudom@ymail.comSkype: pich.pisethneat Skype: vong.oudom2Election ManagerMr. Pisethneat PICHMobile: 077 724 747, Email:, Skype: pich.pisethneat     5  
  • 6.  Application Process Application   Interview   Announcement  Application GuidelinesYou must fully complete your application form  Application Deadline : Sunday 02nd September 2012, 11:59pmInterview : Tuesday 04th- 07th September 2012Announcement : Sunday 09th September 2012   6  
  • 7.  General Expectationsü Term: from September 2012 till the end of June 2013ü Working hours: 20hours a weekü iGCDP TLs should be usually checking email everydayü iGCDP TLs should attend every functional team meeting unless having such a reasonable explanation or family emergenciesü iGCDP TLs are expected to have good communication with the whole LC peopleü With functional common goals, iGCDP TLs, are expected to work cooperatively with everyone and everywhere, regardless personal issuesü iGCDP TLs should approach for help from LC every time, regardless personal issuesü iGCDP TLs are preferred to make their year plans with advice from those who experienced at least onceü iGCDP TLs should be more on strategic and leading rather than handling everything aloneü iGCDP TLs should balance between member development and project qualityü iGCDP TLs should responsible for all their level decisions and issues, and lowerü iGCDP TLs should attend at least one conference in Cambodiaü iGCDP TLs are expected to approach VP or current TLs for more information and ideasü iGCDP TLs are expected to prepare themselves well for more leadership role in AIESEC after their team leader term end   7  
  • 8.  Job DescriptionsProject ManagerResponsibilities• Create and/or operate and facilitate the whole project implementation• Plan and allocate members to the right role with specific job descriptions• Provide education cycle to members• Create team culture: Nick name, logo, goals, and roll call• Make sure the team get help from the LC• Communicate/discuss about team issues, and solve it with positive behavior• Transfer project data/proposal and relevant info to Experience Delivery Manager• Ensure the quality and speed of exchange delivery (raise, match, and realize) and EP allocation• Raise: Make sure to raise the right TN/partner/sponsor by understand their need• Match: Ensure the speed of matching, and the diversity of exchange participants• Realization: Prepare handout documents needed and collaborate with Experience Delivery Team for EP reception• Ensure the relation between TN Takers• Make sure that EP performance is being trackedMeasure of success• Number of member experience in project management and exchange delivery• Number of volunteer engage with AIESEC• Quality of PBOXs• Number of GCDP EPs matched, and realized• Member satisfaction and retention rate           8  
  • 9.    Experience Delivery ManagerResponsibilities• Create team structure and reception activities• Plan and allocate members to the right role with specific job descriptions• Provide education cycle to members• Create team culture: Nick name, logo, goals, and roll call• Make sure the team get help from the LC• Communicate/discuss about team issues, and solve it with positive behavior• Manage project data and relevant info, and create promotion material• Raise: Promote to divers targets and ensure the quality of their satisfaction• Match: Collaborate with project team managing EPs data and allocate EPs, before and after matching• Realization: Prepare logistic need for EP living condition• Prepare education cycle for EPs• Open application form for member/volunteer under the discussion with team• Ensure the quality of experience toward all participantsMeasure of success• Number of member experience in project management and exchange delivery• Number of volunteer engage with AIESEC• Quality of reception• EP experience satisfaction rate• Member satisfaction and retention rate   9  
  • 10.  ApplicationPersonal InformationNamePosition (Functional Team)University Morning Afternoon EveningYear and MajorDate Joined AIESECEmail addressSkypeMobileGeneral Questions 1. What make you apply for this position? 2. Describe yourself. 3. What was your achievement so far in your whole life? 4. What is your future goal and how do implement it? 5. Describe your ideal team. 6. What can you bring for the function and the position that you apply for? 7. As a team leader, how are you going to bring your team together as one? 8. What make you think you have enough time for this? 9. What make you stop achieving a goal in the middle way? 10. How many percentage of succeed in the position?   10  
  • 11.  Specific Tasks:Project Manager: Create a project base on exchangeExperience Delivery Manager: Create a plan for one term reception*NOTE* Please contact Vice President of iGCDP for more information about this task!   11