2013 04-17 - prez piseo jth - eng


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This is the presentation of a newly created French innovation platform dedicated to LED lighting. The platform is located nearby Lyon, France.

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2013 04-17 - prez piseo jth - eng

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. National Lighting Innovation Platform• Initiated in spring 2010 by CEA-LETI & Cluster Lumièremembers• Selected as Technological Platform and granted for publicfunding by the French Ministry of Industry on September23rd, 2011• Created as a private company on November, 30th 2011, with700 000€ capital, owned by 30 shareholders• 3,6 millions € investment spread on 2012 – 2013 – 2014• 1,6 million € support from French State and local authoritiesHistoric
  3. 3. Lighting : unprecedented challenges• Technological rupture (LED & OLED)– Lots of new products, new form factors– Full avantages of electronics– Lack of performance criterias (norms, …)– Fast improvement rate (276 lm/W en labo)– New entrants (asian, electronics)• Environmental, legal and financial pressure– Need for more efficient solutions, Energy Performance Contracting– New legal standards (RT 2012, EU 1194/2012,…)– Less public investments, Private Funded Initiatives (PFI)– Need for more attractive business places• Social pressure– People ageing– Health and well being considerations• Biological effect of light– Depressivness– AlertnessContext
  4. 4. To support actors of the value chain in the lightingrevolutionBring answers to :• Technological rupture of LED & OLED• System reliability• Smart lighting• Norms and standards• Energy efficiency• New lighting usage• Changes in job contentsMission
  5. 5. MarketManufacturers LED Luminaires Retrofit LED lampsSpecifiers et users Property developpers : buildings, streets,shops,… Contractors : architects, lighting designers,engineering offices,… Retailers Installers Tenants
  6. 6. Needs : Manufacturers(re) Design Development Industrialization CommercializationLED & modulescharacterisationNorms and legalscoutingTrainingBenchmarkingReverse engineeringReverse costingPrototype testingPerformanceverificationof prototypesPrototype demonstrationsIn real situationfor pre-commercialvalidationPerformanceverificationof pilot serieproductsPerformanceverification ofregular productionproductsDemonstrationof products in realsituation
  7. 7. Needs : Specifiers & UsersProject development Quotations OperationNorms and legalscoutingSimulationsEngineering To Orderproduct prototypes testingPerformanceverificationof chosenproductsBuilt-in lightingsolutionsprototypes testingPerformanceverificationof the lightinginstallationLightinginstallationdiagnosticExecutionPerformance verification ofcatalogue productsTraining
  8. 8. Performance of LED SystemsElectricalReliabilityPhoto-metryLuminous fluxColour pointColourtemperatureColour renderingLight distributionFlux maintenanceConsummed powerVoltageCurrentEfficacité lumineusePower factorColour shiftEarly failuresHarmonicsdistorsion
  9. 9. PISEO Offer 2013Photometry• Luminous flux• Spectral and colour analysis (Colour point, CCT, CRI)• Light distribution• 2D luminance distributionElectrical parameters• Consummed power• Luminous efficacy• Cos ϕ, Power factor• Harmonic distortion• FlickerThermal characeristics• Thermal imaging with IR camera• LED junction temperature in running modeHalf and full day lab sessions
  10. 10. PISEO Offer 2013Reliability testing• Design and manufacturing process evaluation :• Critical visual inspection of electronics(vs state of the art)• Potential failure detection by thermal cyscling• On / Off cycles• Photometry after testing (flux, CCT, colour point,CRI)• LED integration vs manufacturer recommendations• Flux maintenance, CCT and colour shift after 25%specified life time with 6000h max
  11. 11. PISEO Offer 2013Verification of legal and norms requirements• Evaluation of photobiological risk according to EN 62471(Application of European directive 2006/25/EC)• Evaluation of compliancy with Europan Regulation1194/2012 (Eco-design and performance of LED lamps,modules and luminaires)• Evaluation of compliancy with IEC 62612 (Perfomance of LEDlamps >50V)• Evaluation of compliancy with IEC 62717 (performance LEDmodules)• Evaluation of compliancy with IEC 62722-2-1 (performanceLED luminaires)• CE marking• Legal and norms scouting
  12. 12. PISEO Offer 2013Safety and environmental tests (partenship)• Electrical safety• IP & IK tests• EMC tests• Endurance testsTraining, symposiums• Legal and norms• Electronic systems reliability• FMEA• Organisation of symposiums
  13. 13. Unique concentration of photometrical, electrical &thermal imaging equipmentEquipementPhoto-Goniometere LMT GO DS 2000type CGonio-photomter MAJANTYS forretrofit lamps2 m Integrating sphereINSTRUMENT SYSTEMSequipped with CAS 120spectrometerThermal camera INFRATEC 50 cm integrating sphereMAJANTYS (or 5cm for LEDsources) equipped B&WTEKspectrometerPhotobilogical test benchOST-300 EVERFINE(200nm-3000nm)Video-luminancemeterLUMETRIXNon exhaustive pictures
  14. 14. Quality as our foundation• Quality approach according to ISO 17025• High precision equipments verified by accredited laboratories(METAS, LNE)• Test performed according to international standards (NF EN13032-1 et NF PREN 13032-4)• Participation to the IEA international inter-laboratorycomparaison program of SSL productsQuality
  15. 15. TeamCompetencesTechnical PartnersCédric DOGERManagingDirectorLydie BLANCBusinessDevelopmentStéphane ROBERTTechnical ManagerDan BRETONLighting & OpticalEngineerJoël THOMESenior Consultant
  16. 16. Senior consultant Responsable TechniqueJoël Thomé Stéphane ROBERTPort. 06 69 42 55 41 Tel. 04 26 83 02 26Thome.joel@piseo.fr Port. 06 69 42 55 30robert.stephane@piseo.frwww.piseo.frContactez nous