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Planets in transit--hand--kehoe_summary

Planets in transit--hand--kehoe_summary






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    Planets in transit--hand--kehoe_summary Planets in transit--hand--kehoe_summary Document Transcript

    • DAILY TRANSIT INTERPRETATIONSDaily transits are the relationships between where planets are now("transiting") and where the planets were when you were born ("natal").This is sort of like a newspaper horoscope written for you alone.Daily transits are one of the simplest, yet most interesting and usefulareas of astrology. I suggest that beginners start with following theirdaily transits instead of attempting to do natal chart interpretation.Your birthtime doesnt need to be accurate for your planet-to-planettransits. If you dont know your birthtime, dont use the planets inhouses interpretations.The duration of transits varies. Use these as a guideline:Moon: 1-2 hoursSun, Mercury, Venus: 1 dayMars: 2-3 daysJupiter: 1-2 weeksSaturn: 3-4 weeksUranus, Neptune: months, a yearPluto: 1-2 yearsTransits of planets that are moving slowly or retrograde can lastlonger.The Moons transits are so short-lived that few people pay attention tothese. Likewise, Mercury transits can last only a few hours. Dontexpect these transits to indicate major changes in your life. However,they can trigger events indicated by the outer planet transits.The outer planet transits are the most interesting, as these caninfluence an entire year. 1
    • With Saturn, I suggest looking at its movements through your houses,for up to 30 years. Youll have to delete everything except crossingsof house cusps. I dont know how to do this automatically. Rememberthat Astrolog denotes a planet entering a new house thus:Con Ascendant 1st houseCon 2nd Cusp 2nd houseCon 3rd Cusp 3rd houseOpp Midheaven 4th houseCon 5th Cusp 5th houseCon 6th Cusp 6th houseOpp Ascendent 7th houseCon 8th Cusp 8th houseCon 9th Cusp 9th houseCon Midheaven 10th houseCon 11th Cusp 11th houseCon 12th Cusp 12th houseIf youve moved a long distance east or west from your birthplace, trythis: change the latutude and longitude in your birthdata to yourcurrent location, and rerun your Saturn transits. If you moved west ofyour birthplace, you may experience a second Saturn conjunct or oppositeMidheaven a few years early. If you moved east, you may experience thesecondary transit a few years later.I also suggest looking through your last 2 years of Mars transits tofind the dates of its four angles (conjunct and opposite Ascendent andMidheaven). Try to remember what happened the last time Mars crossedyour Ascendant.The interpretations below only cover the five major aspects (conjunct,sextile, square, trine, and opposite). I dont have a list of keywordsfor the minor aspects. Perhaps someone else could post this. 2
    • I wrote these summaries from Robert Hands book "Planets in Transit."Hands interpretations are much longer. The book also includes generalinterpretations of each planet, 3 chapters on using daily transits, anda case study of Richard Nixon around the time of Watergate. You can buythus book by calling (215) 696-1001, or writing to 1469 Morstein Road,West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380. The price is around $25.Hand writes for professional astrologers. Steven Forrest wrote abeginners level book called "Changing Sky", about daily transits andprogressions. This is available from Astro Computing Service in SanDiego (800 888-9983, 619 297-9203 -- their catalog is worth getting).Ive included a few "transits of the famous", from Steve Forrests book,with events from the lives of George Custer, Dr. Martin Luther King,Fidel Castro, John Delorean, etc. If you learn of an event in someoneslife (famous or not-so-famous) that illustrates a transit well, pleaseshare it with me and Ill include it in this file.Thomas David Kehoe kehoe@netcom.com October 25, 1992--Sun in 1st house: Recharging yourself, more concerned with personalmatters than the world at large. You can project yourself with moreenergy this month. You first duty is to yourself at this time.Sun in 3rd house: Increased attention to your immediate surroundings andthe people you see every day. Increased activity, but without changesin the pattern of your life. Increased communications -- but try tolisten as much as you talk.Sun in 4th house: Find out exactly where you are with respect to theworld and get in touch with your own deepest levels. Psychologicalself-evaluation can help your personal growth. 3
    • Sun in 5th house: "the Sun is happiest in the fifth house." Enjoyable,free-spirited, involvement with children. Relationships are lighter,like being on a stage. But try to know yourself rather than just beingyourself.Sun in 6th house: Focus on work, and on health. You may have to workfor someone else.Sun in 8th house: Subtler aspects of your psyche become important.Possible compulsive behavior, that you dont understand. Undergo asignificant psychological transformation, the death of some aspect ofyourself. Possible encounter with someone causing a psychological self-inquiry. Worries about finances in common with someone.Sun in 9th house: Try to broaden your horizons, through travel, study,new experiences, or meeting new people. Good for starting a new courseof study or hobby. Possible involvement with the law.Sun in 11th house: Friendship, relationships, working and cooperatingwith groups.Sun in 12th house: Try to get in touch with your unconscious. Look forways that your unconscious goals differ from your conscious goals. Lookfor patterns from childhood. Look back on the past year and how youvemanaged the art of living, acknowledging your faults, virtues, and youractions that may cause others to work against you.Sun Conjunct Sun: Today is a day of new beginnings. The influences youfeel today will affect you all year. Try casting a chart for the exactminute of this transit to see a forecast of the next year. This is agood day for starting a new venture, and to assert yourself in new ways.Think of how you can contribute to the world, not being smug orarrogant. (This transit may be a few days off from your birthday, ifyour were born around midsummer or midwinter.) 4
    • Sun Sextile Sun: Integrate your energies with people around you, workeffectively with others. If two months before your birthday, thinkabout what you have accomplished or failed at during this Sun cycle. Iftwo months after your birthday, examine how far youve gotten towardsyour goals since your birthday, and plan to avoid conflicts in thirtydays caused by things you are now ignoring.Sun Square Sun: Challenge and crisis, testing the validity of whatyoure doing. People may challenge you by working at cross-purposes.Three months before your birthday you should complete projects begunthree months ago. Three months after your birthday your efforts on anew project will be tested. Your successes and failures at this timewill manifest in three months.Sun Trine Sun: "...balance and equilibrium in your life, when you can beyourself with few obstacles from people..." High energy levels, goodfor a vacation. Four months after your birthday, examine projects ofthe last few months and prepare them for a critical culmination in thenear future, or cut losses on projects that havent worked out andprepare for a new start. Four months before your birthday, surveyrecent achievements and how to use them for your future.Sun Opposite Sun: Culmination of affairs since your birthday. Thisclimax may bring opposition from others. Be careful to avoid provokingyour superiors. You may realize that your efforts have failed, but youcan then launch a new effort based on what youve learned.Sun Conjunct Moon: Emotions and personal life become important, goodrelations with women, feeling integrated and at one with emotions.Problems only if you are afraid of your feelings. Use the opportunityas a personal "new moon" for new beginnings in your inner life. Donttry to get ahead now.Sun Sextile Moon: Emotional equilibrium, relate to friends harmoniously,good relations with women. 5
    • Sun Square Moon: Tense but stimulating. Inner conflict betweenconscious personality and emotions and habits. Try to balance will andemotions and use the emotional and physical drive of this transit.Sun Trine Moon: Inner peace and balance. Good for finding ways tocompromise with others and relieve tensions. Sun approaching natalMoon, you are approaching a time of creative tension and pressure inwhich it will be difficult to evaluate the situation and make changes tosmooth the situation, so prepare any areas of your life now that areapproaching a climax. Sun leaving natal Moon, evaluate and inventorythe recent events, whether breakdown or climax. Relationships thatstart during this transit will have important consequences in thefuture.Sun Opposite Moon: Tension, high energy.Sun Conjunct Mercury: Good for conversations, especially startingconversations or other communications. Good for getting paperwork done.Good day for starting a new business venture, making plans, or shorttrips.Sun Sextile Mercury: Good for communications, travel.Sun Square Mercury: Mentally active day, with ideas and communicationscoming quickly. Conflict with people, but they may not actually opposeyour intentions, but only appear to, so listen carefully and reconcileconflicts.Sun Trine Mercury: Good for studying and learning, clear thinking,business trips.Sun Opposite Mercury: Powerful stimulus to the mind and communication.Listen to others ideas, dont just talk about yourself. If you arereceptive you will learn much. If you arent youll get into 6
    • confrontations.Sun Conjunct Venus: You will be charming and attractive, but dont goimpulse shopping!Sun Sextile Venus: Feel good, affectionate to everyone, popular. Goodfor negotiating financial project already begun.Sun Square Venus: Pleasant, actively seek out pleasure and beauty.Tends to be non-aggressive. Avoid excessive self-gratification, andavoid passivity.Sun Trine Venus: Positive, feel good physically and emotionally. Betterfor recreation than work. Self-expression through creative activity,love and good times. If you choose to be alone, you will feel verylonely.Sun Opposite Venus: Relationships important, see self in others.Sun Conjunct Mars: Favorable for starting a new project, especially ifyou can work on it alone. High physical energy. If you work quietly ata desk you will be irritable, or will be disruptive. Be careful ofaccidents and infections.Sun Sextile Mars: High energy, accomplishing work, self-confident. Egoenergies are balanced, so you can assert yourself effectively.Sun Square Mars: Serious ego conflicts, people and events will test thevalidity of your aims. High energy level, impatience, frustration,unpleasant surprises, conflicts with authorities. Try to avoidconfrontations. Do something that requires hard work.Sun Trine Mars: Work alone, for your own benefit. Physical activity isgood. Make new beginnings to adjust imbalances. 7
    • Sun Opposite Mars: Climaxes and critical culminations. Possibledisruptions, and you may cause people to oppose you. Deal with yourhostility and aggression without suppressing it, or you could beaccident-prone.Sun Conjunct Jupiter: Feel good, physically and psychologically,positive outlook, desire activity. Avoid being arrogant or domineering.Sun Sextile Jupiter: Extremely positive for almost any activity. Almosteverything should work out as planned. A good time to be with friends,or to reflect on life goals. Good relations with authorities.Sun Square Jupiter: Energy, but dont take on more than you can handle.Be disciplined and avoid excess. Try to see other peoples point ofview. Generosity.Sun Trine Jupiter: Positive transit, good feelings, peace and harmony,luck; work hard, dont waste day; eager for new experiences.Sun Opposite Jupiter: Cheerful and optimistic, avoid going overboard.Culminations in areas possibles.Sun Conjunct Saturn: Turn attention to duties and responsibilities.Good for professional advancement, organizing and planning. Low energy,hard to relate to people.Sun Sextile Saturn: Good for getting things done, self-discipline,profession. Good for seeking advice from an older person.Sun Square Saturn: Difficult transit, raises issues that are hard tohandle; depression, barriers; problems with authorities; low physicaland mental energy.Sun Trine Saturn: Discipline, self-control, can channel energies towardsan objective. Close relationship between who you are and what you do. 8
    • Good for making plans, or attention to detail.Sun Opposite Saturn: Conscious of limits imposed by circumstances andpeople. Unable to communicate, others hold you back. Express yourneeds clearly to those people.Sun Conjunct Uranus: Surprises, or you may surprise others. Avoidaccidents. Rebel against restrictions.Sun Sextile Uranus: Interesting day, quick-witted, curious, act freely.Sun Square Uranus: Disruptive, expect the unexpected, ego conflicts.Best to look for ways to break down everyday routine (or it will bebroken for you). Accident-prone.Sun Trine Uranus: Good for new activities and making discoveries aboutyourself. Energetic, good for studying new subjects.Sun Opposite Uranus: Surprises in relationships and one-to-oneencounters.Sun Conjunct Neptune: May stimulate awareness, sensitivity, andintuition; but may be ego-denying and make it hard to cope with theworld.Sun Sextile Neptune: Sense energies in people and circumstances morekeenly than usual. Lower ego demands, lower physical energy. Good forspiritual understanding, helping disadvantaged persons.Sun Square Neptune: Low energy, take the day off. Feel discouraged orinadequate. Possible idealism, although goals may be unreachable.Sun Trine Neptune: Inner idealism, desire for deeper, more spiritualunderstanding. Focus on getting a clear idea of where you are in life.Someone may request your help, but make sure the person is worthy of 9
    • your self-sacrifice. A mystical experience is possible.Sun Opposite Neptune: A day of confusion and uncertainty. Alsoawareness and sensitivity of others. Low ego levels. Avoid being avictim, or deception.Sun Conjunct Pluto: Intense experiences, possible repairing somethingbroken. Avoid high crime areas.Sun Sextile Pluto: Able to make changes, try to help other people;realign self with groups goals; cleaning up.Sun Square Pluto: Powerful pressures, from within and without, breakdownof machines or situations. Look for satisfaction in challenges: theseareas you will be strong in the future.Sun Trine Pluto: Intense and powerful experiences today that will helpyou learn about the inner workings of the world and your life. You canimpact others considerably, but use this energy for upward, evolvingpurposes. If you are ruthless or selfish powerful forces will turnagainst you.Sun Opposite Pluto: Intense encounters with persons and circumstances,power struggles. Machinery may break. Avoid high crime areas. Goodfor creative change in your life.Sun Conjunct Midheaven: "...put all your attention and energy intogetting ahead and attaining your ambitions...strong-willed...but dontbe so willful that you alienate others..."Sun Sextile Midheaven: Focus on getting ahead, feel strong and self-confident. Good relations with superiors. Good for making plans.Sun Square Midheaven: Activity, exercising your will, determining whereyoure going. Hard work in your profession. Try to be considerate of 10
    • others. Think of enlightened self-interest, but also remembering thepeople around you.Sun Trine Midheaven: Leadership, clear idea of where youre going,confidence.Sun Opposite Midheaven: Attend to domestic affairs, withdraw and thinkthings over. Demoralizing ego defeats are likely, but only in areas notrelated to your inner needs.Sun Conjunct Ascendant: A second birthday, a burst of energy andenthusiasm, renewed confidence. You will project vigor and energy, andget a lot of work done, and take initiatives. A new start for the year.Sun Sextile Ascendant: Social, seek recognition, show your strength,independence and leadership, but dont "show off."Sun Square Ascendant: A great deal of energy for dealing with otherpeople, but do not be willful or try to dominate. You may meet someonewho is at cross-purposes to you. You can be an effective leader if yourcause is right. Examine your intentions carefully today.Sun Trine Ascendant: Good for enjoyable and gratifying things, forexpanding daily routine, and being with other people. Your energies arestrong and you make a good impression on other people.Sun Opposite Ascendant: Concerned with encounters with others. You willlearn about yourself through other people. Be conscious of egoconflicts, be open about differences. You will either work with peopleor against them. Good for working with a consultant.Moon in 1st house: Sensitive to peoples feelings, but personalconsiderations come first. 11
    • Moon in 2nd house: Emotionally identify with possessions. A bad time tospend money.Moon in 3rd house: Communications will be subjective, factuallyinaccurate, and have emotional depth.Moon in 4th house: A good time for retiring to a private place. Habitsmay become obvious to you.Moon in 5th house: Difficult to conceal feelings, good relations withwomen.Moon in 6th house: Emotional considerations become secondary toresponsibilities. Conflicting influences, possibly being hypercriticalor a martyr.Moon in 12th house: Desire to withdraw, keep inner life secret.Moon Opposite Sun: High energy levels, but conflict between parts ofyour life.Moon Opposite Moon: Powerful emotions, difficult to see others point ofview.Moon Opposite Mercury: Conflict between feelings and reason, or good forcommunications about your feelings.Moon Opposite Venus: Pleasant, but dont overeat. String emotionalcontacts with people.Moon Opposite Mars: Emotionally excitable, easily irritated,difficulties with women.Moon Conjunct Jupiter: Good feelings and generosity. 12
    • Moon Opposite Jupiter: Feel good, stimulates drive for personal freedom,may resist others trying to restrict freedom. Possible questioning ofgoals.Moon Conjunct Saturn: Loneliness, pessimism, dont take too seriously.Moon Opposite Uranus: Emotionally excitable, may jump to conclusions,may receive news that upsets you.Moon Conjunct Neptune: Subtle but not weak. Empathy is increased,picking up on peoples feelings. Good for daydreaming. Communicationsmay be unclear.Mercury in 2nd house: More concerned about business, good for planning.Concerned about what you value, material, intellectual, or spiritual.Mercury in 3rd house: "Mercury is in its own house here...its energieswill be stronger than usual." You will communicate more, meet newpeople, and travel more. Good for intellectual activities, but not forrelaxing, as the tempo of events will be quickened. Avoid beingcontinually distracted, or making decisions without thinking carefully.Gather information at this time rather than reach conclusions.Mercury in 5th house: Good for expressing yourself, enjoying mentalamusement, possibly prankish, inadvertant useful education.Mercury in 6th house: Good for mental work, less ego involvement, but becareful not to criticize others. Possible health problems ornervousness.Mercury in 8th house: Good for looking inward to find deep psychologicaltruths. Conversations that have profound effects, for you or someoneyou talk to. Good for financial or property negotiations. 13
    • Mercury in 9th house: Good for studying and education, eager forknowledge and new experiences. Good for traveling, discussions ofphilosophical topics, tolerance of differing opinions.Mercury in 12th house: In touch with hidden sides of your personality.Good for research by yourself. Communicate to eliminate doubt anduncertainty, for people will hold against you what you dont say as wellas what you say.Mercury Conjunct Sun: Mind clear, alert and mentally sharp. Consciousof purpose of a project. A day of communications, mostly initiated byyou. Be sure to listen too.Mercury Sextile Sun: Busy, mentally stimulating.Mercury Square Sun: Busy, mental activity and communications. Becareful not to speak from egoistic motives. Problems with authoritiesare possible. Avoid getting nervous or sloppy.Mercury Trine Sun: Mind unusually clear, communicate well, business,organizing self, curiosity.Mercury Opposite Sun: Increased communication, possible ego conflicts.You may have an urgent message to deliver, but others may oppose yourviews. "Dont hesitate to discuss important issues with others now, butbe prepared for energies running high in the discussion. What you bringinto the open at this time could really help you in the future."Mercury Conjunct Moon: Best time to express your feelings, not so goodfor logic or objectivity. Good for listening.Mercury Sextile Moon: In touch with your feelings, good for dealing withgroups of people, listen to other peoples feelings. 14
    • Mercury Square Moon: In touch with feelings. Psychological problemsfrom the past may recur.Mercury Trine Moon: Enlivens you everyday world, making it faster andmore interesting. You will be in touch with your feelings and showemotional sensitivity. You will be a good listener today. Improvescommunications with women.Mercury Opposite Moon: May say something unintended; emotions incommunications.Mercury Conjunct Mercury: Favorable for mental activity andcommunication.Mercury Sextile Mercury: Mind is clear, good for detailedcommunications, hurrying from appointment to appointment.Mercury Square Mercury: Challenges to your basic beliefs. Increasedcommunications. A critical day, handle your affairs carefully withperceptiveness, insight, and flexibility. Test out your ideas on otherpeople. Avoid becoming scattered or frenzied, instead seek harmony.Mercury Trine Mercury: Clear and precise thinking, good for makingplans, favors business, good for communication, curiosity about theworld.Mercury Opposite Mercury: Stimulates ideas and communications. Try outyour ideas on others today, but dont try to defend your opinions.Avoid fast, sloppy thinking, rash statements, or nervous strain.Mercury Conjunct Venus: Stimulates intellectual (not emotional)appreciation of beauty, and expression of affection. May let you seeabstract patterns in your experiences. Good for business dealings.Mercury Sextile Venus: light transit, good for leisure, getting in touch 15
    • with feelings, or enjoying beauty, especially in short trips.Mercury Square Venus: Tension in relationships. Try to compromiseinstead of feeling righteous. Avoid excessive self-indulgence.Mercury Trine Venus: Agreeable, like everyone you meet. Good formeeting new people, or for smoothing over past differences.Appreciation of beauty and love.Mercury Opposite Venus: You may not notice this transit. Pleasant,light interaction with others. Good for compromising, and forcommunicating affection. Possible self-indulgence, and poor fordifficult mental work.Mercury Conjunct Mars: Tremendous intellectual and mental energy,present ideas clearly. Egoistic, irritable, start fights. May meetsuch a person.Mercury Sextile Mars: You are likely to be extremely busy, mostlyworking for you own ends. Dont expect others to work as hard. Youwill be good at presentations. Your inner confidence should make yousuccessful.Mercury Square Mars: Difficult, irritable, accident-prone, touchy anddefensive. May meet such a person.Mercury Trine Mars: Good for hard mental work, confident of beliefs.Mercury Opposite Mars: Releases buried ego tensions. Use caution inyour speech and behavior, try not to be combative, or be a victim.Avoid accidents by watching for rash or impulsive behavior.Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: "extremely useful transit." Capable ofcomprehending broad ideas. See other viewpoints as expanding your ownviews. Good for business, quickly see the most advantageous route. But 16
    • pay attention to details, avoid being sloppy or self-conscious.Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Make plans for your future. Your hopes andwishes are important today. Your mind is sharp and alert, and your areoptimistic. Favorable for business, intellectual curiosity, travel.Mercury Square Jupiter: Fortunate, optimistic, positive; but may besloppy or arrogant. Plan carefully, be flexible, and avoid thinking youhave all the answers.Mercury Trine Jupiter: Good for making plans, organizing systems, andother mental efforts. You may lack discipline and take the easy wayout. Good for business activity or signing a contract.Mercury Opposite Jupiter: Optimism, good for negotiation and planning,if you try to be careful about the details and fine print. Dont be toogrand in your thinking, or arrogant. You should be able to make goodjudgements.Mercury Conjunct Saturn: Proceed with caution, tend to not see forestfor the trees, and see peoples negative characteristics. You may haveto say good-bye to someone. Intellectual precision, critically sharp.Afraid to communicate, but what you dont say could hurt someone.Mercury Sextile Saturn: Conscious of flaws, good time to correct yourenvironment. Will be a good teacher or one who is taught. Better fordetails than broad thinking. Loneliness is a danger.Mercury Square Saturn: Good for heavy mental work, disciplined thinking;depression and gloom; poor communications, give negative impressions.Mercury Trine Saturn: Serious thinking about practical matters. Workingcarefully and thoroughly. Good for organizing. Good for asking advicefrom an older person. 17
    • Mercury Opposite Saturn: Serious, practical thinking, possibledepression. Be careful not to end a relationship. Good for disciplinedmental work or advice from an older person.Mercury Sextile Uranus: New discoveries, meet new people, excitement.Look for new ways to solve old problems.Mercury Square Uranus: Mind will be stimulated, stay flexible, becareful to avoid accidents.Mercury Trine Uranus: Stimulating, alive and awake. An excellent day totry to solve a problem if conventional methods have failed, as you maysee a new solution. Good for studying new fields or ideas. Be open toas many new experiences as possible and the day will go well.Mercury Opposite Uranus: Scattered, undisciplined, nervous, butstimulating, and you understand ideas faster. Be careful not to beblunt with people.Mercury Conjunction Neptune: Think with subtlety, but others may notunderstand; be honest or say nothing.Mercury Sextile Neptune: Stimulates imagination, sensitivity, andintuition. Read a fantasy novel or romance. Lack of clear thinking andattention to details.Mercury Square Neptune: A day of confusion, misunderstoodcommunications, and idealizing persons and situations. Dont keepsomething secret to avoid a confrontation.Mercury Trine Neptune: Daydreaming, good for spiritual subjects,sensitive to others moods.Mercury Opposite Neptune: "...a day of mental confusion andunclearness...avoid making permanent commitments...Communications today 18
    • will be especially difficult."Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Intense mental activity and communications.Good for research, getting to the bottom of questions. Good forinfluencing people. Opposition from others if you make them feelthreatened. Dont spend the day preoccupied with a problem.Mercury Sextile Pluto: Love of mysteries, let others know solution.Mercury Square Pluto: All day you will be preoccupied, so try to keep anopen mind. Dont force views on others. Frustration, compulsiveness.Turned inward can bring to light hidden forces.Mercury Trine Pluto: Concern for deep issues, mysteries. Someone mayhave a great effect on your mind, or you may affect others minds.Avoid obsessiveness.Mercury Opposite Pluto: good for getting to the bottom of any problem,seeing hidden or secret things. Intellectual conflict of wills, orsomeone may try to convince you of something you dont believe, or youmay do this to someone. Be careful not to get talked into something youdont believe in. Avoid being obsessed by a single idea all day.Mercury Conjunct Midheaven: Focus on work or duties. Good for planningyour future, consulting with others, and making announcements. You mayeven be discussed in a newspaper or on the radio. Possible importantcommunication about your professional life. Try to think beforespeaking, and reflect on how your plans connect to your ego.Mercury Sextile Midheaven: Good for communicating, thinking. Better forplanning than acting. Good for negotiating, maybe not for closing adeal. Good for clearing away paperwork.Mercury Square Midheaven: Good for carrying out plans, communicating.Busy with job and career concerns. Try to heed other peoples ideas. 19
    • Dont overanalyze some insignificant matter.Mercury Trine Midheaven: Good for mental work, career.Mercury Opposite Midheaven: Make plans and set goals, not for yourcareer but for your inner feelings and personal desires. Avoid beingtoo subjective, and avoid negotiations, except regarding real estate.Mercury Conjunct Ascendant: Busy, good for communication andnegotiation. Your mind is sharp. Not an extraordinary day, justroutine, but smooth and fast paced.Mercury Sextile Ascendant: Mentally alert, good for seriouscommunications, getting paperwork done, short trips, business.Mercury Square Ascendant: Mind moves quickly, but avoid chattering toyourself and not accomplishing anything. Others may be disagreeable,especially if you dont listen to them, so slow down and listen. Avoidanalyzing people.Mercury Trine Ascendant: Good for communications, travel.Mercury Opposite Ascendant: Mental stimulation and communication withothers. Good for consulting with doctors, lawyers, etc. A youngerperson may be important to you today.Venus in 1st house: Warmth and relating to others. You will beattractive. Unaggressive, good for compromising. Good for a vacation.Venus in 2nd house: May attract material possessions and money, but youalso may spend extravagantly. Good for financial negotiations orinvesting.Venus in 3rd house: Your surroundings become more pleasant and your 20
    • social life picks up. You are more interested in pleasures than seriousmatters. You should notice that you are loved by the people around you,and see beauty in your surroundings.Venus in 4th house: Peaceful, quiet hours around home, shy rather thanself-assertive. Good relations with parents. May want to make yourhome more attractive. Be careful not to overeat.Venus in 5th house: Fun, having a good time, low self-discipline, goodrelations with children, favorable for love relationships.Venus in 6th house: You will have to subordinate your desire foramusement to the needs of the present. Difficulties in relationshipswill have to be confronted. Good for professional relations, and foryour health. Relationships will be seen in reality, not fantasy.Venus in 7th house: Good for all relationships, especially balancedrelationships. Good for expressing affection, understanding a partnersneeds, and for resolving conflicts.Venus in 8th house: Intensifies sex. Good for seeking a loan. Factorsthat you were not aware of in a relationship may come to the surface.Learn about how you relate to people.Venus in 9th house: Expanding consciousness through love or beauty.Good for art, music, people, or places that are new and different.Venus in 12th house: Selflessness in love, avoid playing a martyr.Venus Conjunct Sun: You will be charming and attractive.Venus Sextile Sun: Sociable, good for group activities, make goodimpression in interviews, good for personal advancement.Venus Square Sun: Good for relationships, lack of self-discipline. 21
    • Avoid overindulgence.Venus Trine Sun: Pleasant and enjoyable, good for working with others,or for recreation and relationships.Venus Opposite Sun: Good times, friendships, sexual attraction,creativity, overindulgence, laziness, lack of self-discipline.Venus Conjunct Moon: Loving and affectionate, dreamy and romantic.Avoid overeating.Venus Sextile Moon: Feeling nurturing and protective, not anger orresentment. Good for relations with women, your mother, and the public.Venus Square Moon: Amorous, but also jealous and possessive. But alsogood for warm, protective love.Venus Trine Moon: "Relationships work out far better than on otherdays...by indirectly increasing the strength of love within therelationship." Good for dealing with groups of people, and recreation.Venus Opposite Moon: Meaningful relations with women, good for takingcare of people. Possible indiscriminate affection, or extreme emotion.Venus Conjunct Mercury: Thoughts on light topics, difficult to takethings seriously, sociable and friendly, expressing affection, ornegotiating financial transactions.Venus Sextile Mercury: Good for socializing. Your surroundings shouldbe more pleasant, good for commercial transactions.Venus Square Mercury: Good for mentally stimulating relationships, butlack mental discipline. More concerned for keeping peace than seriousnegotiation. 22
    • Venus Trine Mercury: Pleasant thoughts and communication. Good fortelling someone you love him or her. You should be able to get peopleto work together. Negotiations will be smooth and work to youradvantage.Venus Opposite Mercury: Favorable for communications about love andrelationships, although emotional matters not taken seriously. Becareful not to say things you might regret later!Venus Conjunct Venus: Take initiatives in relationships. Reveal yourfeelings to someone. Enjoyment of beauty. You will make goodimpressions on people.Venus Sextile Venus: Today you will feel contented and at ease, andproject warmth and concern for others. Good for financial negotiations,and for enjoying beauty.Venus Square Venus: Relationships may be tested, but youll tend tocompromise rather than take a stand. Someone could take advantage ofyour good nature today. Low energies, self-indulgence.Venus Trine Venus: Good for all relationships, but inactive. Lucky.Venus Opposite Venus: Pleasant, self-indulgent, avoiding work. Poor fornegotiating an advantage.Venus Conjunct Mars: Interest, assertiveness regarding the opposite sex.You will be attractive and the life of the party. Your ego will besatisfied in relationships.Venus Sextile Mars: Favors love relationships and new friends,creativity, financial opportunities.Venus Square Mars: Arouses interest in the opposite sex, but alsoarouses discord. A relationship may be tested. 23
    • Venus Trine Mars: You can be assertive without offending anyone, directwithout being abrasive, a balance between your needs as an individualand your relating to others. Gently arouses sex drive, and you cancharm the opposite sex by being friendly and agreeable.Venus Opposite Mars: "...stimulate sexual and creative energies...goodfor a sexual relationship if things are generally going well...On theother hand...if it is a nonsexual relationship with the opposite sex,there is likely to be conflict between you...If you have no ongoingsexual relationship, you can expect to be attracted sexually to almostanyone you encounter..."Venus Conjunct Jupiter: "...the most agreeable transit of all..."Favorable for relationships, optimistic, financially lucky.Venus Sextile Jupiter: Favorable for finance, love or legal issues,although this is a lighthearted transit. Good for rest and recreation.Venus Square Jupiter: Little self-discipline. Dont overeat oroverspend. Avoid impulses, for your mind is capable of making gooddecisions today, but your emotions are strong too. Everyone enjoysbeing with you, unless you are arrogant.Venus Trine Jupiter: "...one of the best transits, except that it has arather short duration." Pleasant social interaction, also laziness andself-indulgence. Benefits financial interests, a good day for makinginvestments, or beginning a vacation.Venus Opposite Jupiter: Excessive indulgence, but also pleasure andsatisfaction. Dont go shopping, or overeat.Venus Conjunct Saturn: Restrained in expressing affection, may alienatesomeone, restrained from self-indulgence. 24
    • Venus Sextile Saturn: Fortunate for business, creativity that requiresdetail, friendships with older people or persons who will guide you.Shows you the positive side to responsibility in relationships.Venus Square Saturn: Difficulty relating to others, feel cool andreserved, independent. Possible loneliness and depression. Dont thinkyour relationships are worse than they are.Venus Trine Saturn: Satisfied with relationships, conservative inbusiness, detached, sober.Venus Opposite Saturn: Conflict between duty and enjoyment.Relationships force you to encounter aspects of yourself that you wouldprefer not to face.Venus Conjunct Uranus: Unexpected events, a new romance or a disruptionin a relationship, a financial gain or loss. Do something new andexciting.Venus Sextile Uranus: Seek exciting breaks from everyday life,stimulating friends . You may attract new friends, because you seemattractive. Possible start of a relationship that will revolutionizeyour life, but youll have to give your friend great freedom.Venus Square Uranus: Interesting but not profound transit. Newexperiences, impulsive. Seeks excitement through love relationships,but try not to start a fight. Tendency to flirt, but dont makeanything more out of an encounter.Venus Trine Uranus: Bored with the daily routine, do somethingstimulating and different. You may meet unusual people today.Something unexpected and stimulating may happen.Venus Opposite Uranus: Possible unexpected occurrences in arelationship, or just a desire for unusual recreation. Focus on meeting 25
    • new people or new experiences.Venus Conjunct Neptune: Lack of selfishness, or unrealistic expectationsof a relationship. Daydreaming, creativity.Venus Sextile Neptune: Creative and romantic imagination, daydreaming.Venus Square Neptune: Romantic imagination, unrealistic. Try not toexpect your partner to live up to an impossible ideal.Venus Trine Neptune: Pleasant, but more for fantasy and daydreaming.Venus Opposite Neptune: "...be careful of yourrelationships...unrealistic ideals...you might be deceived about arelationship..."Venus Conjunct Pluto: Seek unusual and intense love experiences.Venus Sextile Pluto: Deepens emotions, relationships become important.Good for understanding your emotions, reaching deeper truths about arelationship.Venus Square Pluto: Intense emotional experiences in a relationship.The powerful love can bring you together, or it can make you aware ofchanges in the relationship. See the changes as growth, and do not tryto hang onto the other person.Venus Trine Pluto: Intensifies emotions and relationships, reveals innerworkings of relationships.Venus Opposite Pluto: Intensifying your love life, feelings out of theordinary, possible indiscretions.Venus Sextile Midheaven: Think of relationships. 26
    • Venus Square Midheaven: Either expressive of love, or wrapped up in selfand not relating successfully to others.Venus Trine Midheaven: Creativity, affection, peacefulness. Try not tocompromise too easily.Venus Opposite Midheaven: Good for enjoying yourself at home.Contented, affectionate. May meet a new lover at home. Dont overeat!Venus Conjunct Ascendant: Favorable for relationships, expressingaffection, contentment, possibly financially favorable, or meet a newfriend or lover.Venus Sextile Ascendant: Lighthearted, good for relaxing with friends.Good for meeting new people.Venus Square Ascendant: Affectionate, good for relationships, possiblycareless.Venus Trine Ascendant: Good times, entertaining, having fun. Lucky,especially if you dont give in to self-indulgence.Venus Opposite Ascendant: Extremely favorable for relationships, or formaking a good impression on someone.Mars in 5th house: You will demand to be yourself and to expressyourself. Favorable for sports and athletics, but you wont be tooaggressive. Favorable for physical love. You wont be able to dothings you dont want to do. Rarely, accidents happen to your children.Mars in 6th house: Ego energies will be used for hard work and gettingthings done. Possible conflicts between working for someone else andworking for yourself. Frustrated ego energies may cause illness or 27
    • accidents. Be physically active and do not keep your frustrationsbottled up.Mars in 7th house: Tension, conflicts with persons close to you, openenemies. A good time for bringing out problems in a relationship. Onthe positive side, you will have a lot of energy to put intorelationships. How you handle this is up to you. Possible legalconflicts.Mars in 9th house: Creative intellectual work. Avoid identifying yourego with your ideas.Mars in 10th house: Ambition to achieve. You will work hard if you areyour own boss and identify with a project. Conflict with authorities,who may try to stop you. Try to align your interests with them, dontthreaten them. Dont try to fight every challenge, and be aware ofothers interests.Mars Conjunct Sun: Tremendous potential for accomplishment, but definiterisks. Be careful, explosive consequences are possible. High egoenergies, great confidence. Try not to be assertive with supervisors.Good physical energy.Mars Sextile Sun: Physical vitality, vigor and self-confidence. Lookfor new opportunities to be personally effective. Favorable forbusiness negotiations.Mars Square Sun: Energetic, assert yourself well, and accomplish a greatdeal of work. But you will be continually tested to demonstrate thevalidity of your purpose. Make an effort to back down on issues andcompromise. Successful stands on issues will bear fruit in six months,but if you create opposition you will experience failure in six months.Castro triumphed over Batista; Allende was murdered.Mars Trine Sun: Energies run high, feel vigorous and willing to work. 28
    • Self-confidence is strong, feel no need to struggle against others.Work is calm, effective, and competent. Best to work on projects youvestarted earlier. Good time to enjoy athletics. Favorable time to makedecisions.Mars Sextile Moon: You will seek activities involving both your mind andyour feelings. Defensive of your beliefs, but more from passion andhigh-spiritedness, not from aggression or irritability. High energy forworking on projects you feel close to.Mars Square Moon: Moody irritability, irrational and compulsivebehavior. Long-buried tensions may surface. Be careful of accidentsand eye injuries.Mars Trine Moon: Emotional intensity, unity of emotions and consciousintention, emotional involvement with the opposite sex.Mars Opposite Moon: Difficulties with women, relationships.Mars Conjunct Mercury: Ego in communications, touchy, irritable, makeremarks that cause people to feel threatened. High mental energy, makepositive, enthusiatic impressions on people, if you try not toantagonize them. Drive slowly.Mars Sextile Mercury: Good for mental work, decisiveness, negotiating,cooperative planning. Energies high, good for talking to people.Mars Square Mercury: Great capacity for mental effort, but you easilybecome angry and irritable. Be careful of accidents and injuries toyour legs and hands.Mars Conjunct Venus: Sexual energy is strong. Good for all creative,physically active work. Possible meeting a new lover.Mars Sextile Venus: Arouses sexual drives, good for parties, and 29
    • artistic or financial activities.Mars Square Venus: Assertive of individuality in a relationship.Creative and artistic abilities stimulated.Mars Trine Venus: Favorable for sexual relations and creative activity.Mars Opposite Venus: Sex and combat, or irritability with platonicrelationship.Mars Conjunct Mars: High ego and physical energy. Avoid fights orfeelings of resentment. If you dont feel this, check if yourerepressing these feelings. Someone might be aggressive to you. Goodfor starting a new project. Expect resistance to the project in sixmonths, and success or failure in one year.Mars Sextile Mars: Energetic, vigorous, good health, athletic, self-confidence, good impression on others.Mars Square Mars: Avoid rash and impulsive actions, as you will offendothers. Ego is strong, but will assert it inappropriately. You maymeet someone acting in this way. Good for getting work done. How youhandle this transit shows your sense of selfworth and personaleffectiveness. Be careful to avoid accidents.Mars Trine Mars: Vigorous self-assertion, high energy, initiative,effectiveness.Mars Opposite Mars: Custer had this at Little Big Horn, with histransiting Mars in the 7th house: he met his open enemy, who was hisequal.Mars Conjunct Jupiter: Good for physical activity, your energy level ishigh. Dont be foolishly overconfident, to avoid accidents. 30
    • Mars Sextile Jupiter: Positive, especially for business or new projects.Favorable for dealing with authorities. High energy level, good forsports, and personal growth through widened experiences.Mars Square Jupiter: Success and energy, but proceed with caution andintelligent planning and dont be reckless or expect luck.Mars Trine Jupiter: Energies high, lucky, activity.Mars Conjunct Saturn: Difficult, frustrating, irritating. Dont doanything risky. May meet such a person. Be careful not to cutyourself. Good for hard mental discipline.Mars Sextile Saturn: Good for careful planning, attention to detail.Sustained efforts instead of high energy. Try not to defer anger orgratification too long.Mars Square Saturn: Move slowly and cautiously; dont be careless, butdont take negative reinforcements seriously. Sally Ride went intospace -- she had the courage to overcome personal limitations.Mars Trine Saturn: Patience and willingness to plug away at difficultand exacting work.Mars Sextile Uranus: Restless and impatient, youll want to try newexperiences or change your daily routines. Impulsive, changeablethinking, but also able to break out of a rut. You may seek new,exciting friendships.Mars Square Uranus: Restless, impulsive, desire to be free ofrestraints. Develop ongoing change rather than sudden change.Mars Trine Uranus: New activities and new encounters, generating bothexcitement and personal growth. Break free of personal inhibitions,take risks, do extraordinary things, but you wont act impulsively or 31
    • blindly.Mars Opposite Uranus: Strike out rashly against people who have held youback or angered you in the past, or act impulsively to escape duties.You may meet such a person. Or you can liberate yourself fromunnecessary restrictions. Your life could change direction, especiallyif you have prepared yourself for such a move. Expect considerableresistance from others. Dont suppress this energy or you may needsurgery or have an accident.Mars Conjunction Neptune: Strange feelings, dont take feelings ofinferiority seriously; take physical care of self; good for selflesslyhelping others, not for serving self.Mars Sextile Neptune: Sensitive to friends and neighbors. Insights thatmay alter goals. Low physical energy.Mars Square Neptune: Feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy.Unpleasantly confronted by the consequences of past actions you hopedwould go away. If you are convinced your life is on the wrong course,avoid the tendency to cave in. Evaluate your life on your own terms,not someone elses. Avoid taking a devious course of action in the faceof adversity. Low physical energies. Focus on conserving your energiesand confronting your own fears.Mars Trine Neptune: Good for helping others, or for spiritual searches.Possible low-energy, unassertive, but able to get along with relativelylittle.Mars Sextile Pluto: Try to achieve important goals, while changingplans; good for group work; achievements will be permanent.Mars Square Pluto: Creatively transforming the world around you, or itcan be a time of fierce power struggles and disagreements...energy levelhigh...[but tend to] arouse great opposition from people you 32
    • confront...avoid dangerous places and violent people. Custer had thisat Little Big Horn.Mars Trine Pluto: Good time to change yourself and the world around you.But do not work solely for your own benefit.Mars Opposite Pluto: You will meet considerable resistance, theculmination of a successful effort, or opposition so fierce that yougive up. Severe power struggles, you or your opponent will have noregard for ethics. If you try to control others, they may oppose you.High energy levels. Avoid high crime areas.Mars Conjunct Midheaven: Strong ego drives. Good for work, if you havefreedom, and get credit for your work. Hard to work for someone now.Good for athletics or physical work.Mars Square Midheaven: Aggressive, assertive, impulsive. Make an extraeffort to get along with others.Mars Trine Midheaven: Self-assured and confident, initiative, physicalenergy.Mars Opposite Midheaven: Efforts to get ahead in business meetopposition. If you are self-assertive, events will not turn out as youplan. Avoid anger, egoism, accidents.Mars Conjunct Ascendant: Martin Luther King had this when he wasarrested for leading a sit-in demonstration, and courageously refused topost bond, thereby refusing that hed committed a crime, and so he wasthrown in jail. Ernest Hemingway had this when he blew his brains intohis orange juice. "...you have to show others that you are someone tobe reckoned with...you may have to defend yourself against an attack...you also have a chance to show the world what you can do. You may havethe opportunity to direct others in some kind of joint project..." Payattention to their feelings and win them over to your aims, rather than 33
    • trying to dominate them and creating anger.Mars Sextile Ascendant: Good for being a team leader, although impatientwith people who are non-energetic. Your energy level is high. You canassert how you feel to others, and the energy is mellow so you wontcause a fight. Good for physical activity, not for sitting around.Mars Square Ascendant: Stormy period in relationships. Difficult tocompromise, may meet such a person. Try to work alone. Make yourpositions clear but dont try to resolve conflicts yet. You can get agreat deal of work done, but avoid dangerous work. Express this energyconsciously to avoid illness.Mars Trine Ascendant: Self-confidence without being aggressive. Highphysical energy, act decisively. Use this energy or you will beirritated.Mars Opposite Ascendant: "The most conflict-prone of transits!" Openenemies and conflicts, opposition from anyone, egos run high. Avoiddangerous sports and sharp tools.Jupiter in 3rd house: Your immediate surroundings and everyday worldwill bring experiences to expand your perceptions and horizons. Yourold thought patterns and attitudes will be broadened and expanded. Youmay receive advancd training in your field. You will communicate more,and more easily, and may travel more. Your plans for the future will bemore expansive -- but dont go overboard.Jupiter in 12th house: Good for learning about yourself. Less egodemands, more empathy. You may find a spiritual teacher, or play thisrole for someone else.Jupiter Conjunct or Opposite Sun: Look for an opportunity and seize it.Albert Einstein emigrated to America. Ted Turner saw the opportunity of 34
    • SATCOM and started CNN.Jupiter Opposite Mercury: Big plans, culmination of ideas. Your plansmay become reality, or you may see they are pipedreams. Avoid thegrandiose or impractical. A good time for signing contracts, but lookcarefully at the details. Good for foresight, if you avoid sloppythinking. Have a lawyer check your plans. Be tolerant and generous,not arrogant or self-righteous. Events will move fast, so you shouldplan this period in advance.Jupiter Opposite Mars: Courage, ambitious, physical energy, dont bereckless or overestimate your abilities.Jupiter Conjunct Saturn: John DeLorean had this during his cocaine bust.His overconfidence (Jupiter) collided with reality (Saturn).Jupiter Square Saturn: "...you will make many adjustments in your life,separating yourself from persons and circumstances that are doing you nogood...The challenge here is to increase and go forward in some areasbut to cut back in others. You will not be able to keep everythinggoing, no matter how much you want to...You know clearly that somethingis wrong, but you are not sure what it is...[dont be in a hurry]...youwill have all the time you need to make a decision...In business andprofessional matters...be patient while you find the right solution toany problem." If a new job offers you more oppurtunities, take it.Jupiter Trine Saturn: Good for working patiently and slowly buildingsomething. You are able to work towards long-term goals.Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Surprises and sudden opportunities, strivingfor freedom, possible avoidance of responsibilities. May see a radicalsolution to a problem, and you will have the confidence to try it.Jupiter Sextile Neptune: Idealistic about goals, helping others, gaininsight from someone or something taken for granted. Be careful not to 35
    • gamble.Jupiter Conjunction Pluto: Drive to achieve, look for an opportunity andseize it. Possible drive to gain power, with possible conflict withauthorities. Focus on opportunities for self-betterment, not for moneyor power.Jupiter Sextile Midheaven: Confidence, opportunities for advancement,leadership. Good for education or learning from your inner self.Jupiter Opposite Ascendant: "...you seek to grow in various ways throughyour closest contacts with other people. You try to createrelationships...for mutual growth. Often at this time a person willcome into your life who offers to help out in some way...This is also anexcellent time to seek out counseling, especially a lawyer...yourmarriage should work out better than usual now...[unless] your marriageis not working out well...it can make your desire for freedom so strongthat you break off..."Saturn in the 1st house: "...a new beginning of internal growth...not agood idea to start any new, long-range projects that will take years tocomplete...turn your attention inward. You have just completed afourteen-year period in which your attention was focused primarily oninteractions with others...now is the time to turn inward andrestructure yourself wherever necessary..."Saturn in the 2nd house: "...you have to learn what is really importantto you, what you really value...you may feel financially insecure...Soyou work very hard to keep everything going as you want to. But try toavoid letting fear and financial insecurity run your life now, for thistakes attention away from the task of restructuring your value-system onthe inner-psychological level." 36
    • Saturn in the 3rd house: "...you will confront at this time...the actualstructuring of your mind and how it operates on a day-to-daylevel...your everyday mental patterns, attitudes, habits, styles ofspeaking and ways of listening to others...As Saturn completes thistransit, you...will move away from concern with inner truths...to...howyour inner world relates to the outside world."Saturn in 4th house: "...an extremely important transit...anything youhave been putting up with but not really handling will have to bedealt with... Elements that used to be important in your life oftencome back into prominence now, especially if they were never resolved inthe past...you may have to take on a parental responsibility for someonenow...or you may seek out someone who will play a parental role foryou...make sure this situation will ultimately lead to independence...You are ready to emerge from comparative dormancy, at least in terms ofoutward success, and begin to move upward... But you most startmodestly. The fourth house acts as the foundation of your horoscope,and you must pay attention to securing and building up this foundation.Inner problems that you do not clear up now will be the source of mostof the problems along your personal road during the next fourteenyears."Saturn in the 5th house: "You may first become aware of certain aspectsof yourself through an intense emotional encounter with another person.Even if it is an unpleasant encounter, it can be a positive growthexperience...[Avoid withdrawing from encounters with others for fear ofthese confrontations]...Do not take...risks at this time, for they arenot likely to work out. Anything you produce during this time will bethe result of hard work."Saturn in the 6th house: "...a critical time in your development. WhenSaturn leaves this house...your efforts to attain your goals andambitions will begin to bear definite fruit if you have handled thishouse properly...The transit of Saturn through the sixth house can be 37
    • compared to preparing for a debut. You have to put everything in orderso that you will make the maximum impact. Consequently this is a timeof very heavy responsibility and hard work...[Do not scatter or wasteenergies, you must] devote yourself more efficiently to whatever must bedone...if you try to compensate with an extra burst of energy, yourhealth may suffer."Saturn in the 7th house: "Saturn has once again come over the horizon ofyour natal chart. This means that your attention is again focusedprimarily away from your inner world, out into the social world..."Saturn in the 8th house: "...brings into focus finances and possessionsthat you hold with others...You must learn to live with [other peoples]values and to incorporate them constructively into your life withoutdestroying your own individuality..."Saturn in the 9th house: "...you are approaching a life peak, when allyour ambitions and efforts should bear their greatest fruit...Youunderstand the rules of the games you are playing in, and you areconcentrating on how to play more skillfully..."Saturn in the 10th house: "...the harvest...opportunity to shine andstar as an individual...you will gain many responsibilities...But thiscan also be a time of disaster. Negative energies that you haveunleashed in the past may have negative consequences now. PresidentNixon resigned from office during this transit...you may become sofocused on external affairs...that you overlook what is happening inyour personal life..."Saturn in the 11th house: "...your principal task is to integrate yourindividual self with some kind of group expression...others require thatyou join them and be less of a star of your own...the house of yourhopes and wishes, your ideals and objectives in life...Saturn in youreleventh house should bring about the results you have been trying toattain, if you have prepared well. If not, your expectations will be 38
    • disappointed."Saturn in the 12th house: "...you should be finishing up anything thatwas not done completely during the last several years. This is not agood time for starting new projects, for the energy isnt there...circumstances will compel you [to finish projects]...This is the end ofa cycle, not yet the beginning of a new one..."Saturn Sextile Sun: If you work hard there will be opportunities forachievement. Take control of this moment. Focusing on strengtheningareas to withstand adversity later. Goals you set either 9-10 or 4-5years ago may be achievable now. Recognition from authorities may comenow, and you have the patience to work hard and persevere.Saturn Square Sun: Custer had this at Little Big Horn.Saturn Conjunct Moon: Lonely and depressed, but good for introspectionand self-criticism. "The strict justice of Saturn does not blend wellwith the need to be human, as signified by the Moon...You may weighyourself in the balance and find that you are wanting." Use thistransit to find out what you are, and see your conclusions asconstructive. "If you have recently broken off a relationship, it maybe best to leave it that way. Do not make a real effort to put it backtogether until this time is over."Saturn Square Moon: Depressed, lonely, difficulties with relationshipsand women. You must readjustment your life to rebalance ego andindividuality with connections and relationships: break off arelationship, de-emphasize work, etc. Custer had this at Little BigHorn.Saturn Sextile Mercury: Discipline and concentration, get work done.Good for details, but not for seeing a bigger picture. Good forrestructuring organizations, not good for taking risks. Stable butnarrow-minded, possibly in a rut. Sharp critically. 39
    • Saturn Square Venus: Tension in relationships, difficulties relating topeople, loneliness, low creativity.Saturn Conjunct Mars: Enormous frustration, like beating head againstwall, but also a time to accomplish hard work.Saturn Trine Jupiter: A time of balance and order in your life, successthrough organization and hard work. Older people may give youopportunities for insight into your life.Saturn Conjunct Saturn: "This is one of the most important times of yourlife. A major cycle of experience is closing, and great changes areabout to take place...Have you been living as you feel you should or asyou think others want you to? If you have been doing to latter, Saturnwill have a greater impact...In the year before this transit, manyaspects of your life have begun to change. Relationships have changedor ended, and you may have changed your residence or your job...you havebeen dominated by an urgent feeling that if you dont do everything youhave always wanted to do...you will never get another chance...you arepruning your life of everything that is not relevant..."Saturn Sextile Saturn: "...equilibrium and balance in your life, becausenow you have a pretty good idea of how to handle your own world...movingforward to achieve goals..."Saturn Square Saturn: "This transit is a critical period in whichseveral aspects of your life and experience will be tested, especiallythose that began to be important about seven years ago...a sort ofidentity crisis in which you begin to question what you are doing..."Saturn Trine Saturn: "...you...reach a stable understanding of who youare, and you can take control of your world and prepare to achieve yourgoals in life. This is...a time of preparation; you will notnecessarily reach your goals now. But the base you lay down now will be 40
    • very important."Saturn Opposite Saturn: "Your reaction to this transit depends a greatdeal upon how you have handled your life during the past several years.Fourteen years ago, when Saturn last conjoined your natal Saturn, youmade a series of new beginnings...Seven years ago, those new beginningsencountered their first period of trial...If you did not clear away thestructures and patterns in your life that were working badly then, thistransit will be difficult...However, everything that you have handledwell will reach a culmination and prove more fruitful than everbefore..."Saturn Conjunct Uranus: Custer had this at Little Big Horn.Saturn Trine Uranus: "...stability and creative balance between the oldand the new in your life."Saturn Square Neptune: "...a time of great uncertainty and confusion.Your objectives are unclear...incapable of coping with...everyday life."Keep your life simple. "You are questioning almost every aspect of yourlife, particularly goals and ambitions, [and] your ability to obtainthem..." Reality (Saturn) doesnt seem capable of meeting your ideals(Neptune). Delay making decisions affected by your pessimism.Saturn Conjunct Midheaven: "This is the time when all your pastpreparations for the future will have their most importantconsequences...an important life pinnacle...About fourteen years ago,you began a new cycle of personal development...you laid the frameworkfor what will happen now...But if you have taken shortcuts anywhere orbroken the rules of the game...you will have trouble in those areas ofyour life...The areas of your life that you have prepared carefully willbecome tremendously productive now. Your opportunities are at a peakfor achievement and for additional responsibility and power in your workand in your personal life..." 41
    • Saturn Sextile Midheaven: "...you will work to establish yourself moresolidly...professional advancement...cautious action. You are justgetting the feel of managing your life, and do not want to upsetanything now..."Saturn Square Midheaven: "Challenging time in your life. You will haveto make choices about what areas of your life to emphasize...Often thereis an alienation crisis with this transit...The issue here is thebalance between personal relationships and advancement in life."Saturn Trine Midheaven: "...self-confidence and assurance. You are ableto see where you are going now and to obtain help in getting there...youtry to rely primarily on yourself..."Saturn Opposite Midheaven: "Extremely important period: just finished aperiod of preperation like treading water, getting nowhere; begin nowgradual climb to most significant time in your life, in fourteen years.Make changes in personal life if necessary, do not ignore forprofessional life." I experienced this as a few months of crisespreceding what seemed like a low point of my life, followed by steady,gradual improvement.Saturn Conjunct Ascendant: "One of the most significant transits of yourlife...your responsibilities will increase, and you will try toeliminate everything in your life that is not necessary to fulfillingthem. Therefore your life will become simpler and more complex at thesame time. Your are finishing up...tasks...and going into a five- toeight-year period of relatively quiet preparation for a newbeginning..." Charles Manson had this when his followers murderedSharon Tate -- the reality he had created got out of hand.Saturn Sextile Ascendant: Stabilize communications with others, create aset of goals and expectations for the next few years. Take this transitseriously because the pattern you set now will be hard to alter. Learnother peoples view of you as a human being, but dont take their words 42
    • at face value and deny your own beliefs. If you dont handle thistransit well, you will have considerable difficulties in two years.Keep in mind the difference between habit, which is mindless, anddiscipline, which is self-imposed to achieve your goals.Saturn Square Ascendant: Severe testing in your relationships withothers. Evaluate which relationships are worth keeping and whicharent. If you do not do this consciously, people who have been withyou a long time will leave against your wishes. There is often atendancy to build a wall between you and others without even realizingit. You may feel you have no support from others. Perhaps you havebeen paying more attention to getting ahead than to giving and receivinglove. Or perhaps fear of your own inadequacies or fear that you areunlovable made you withdraw from others. In this case, the people youassociate with are opposed to your direction in life and walls will formbetween you and them, forcing you to begin a new life without them.Develop a clear idea of where you are going and enjoy a new sense offreedom instead of trying to maintain inappropriare relationships.Saturn Trine Ascendant: "...you will establish yourself with respect tothe rest of the world...Your whole objective in this period is to reacha point where your affairs are running smoothly...you are very concernedwith gaining experience, particularly in your profession."Saturn Opposite Ascendant: Strains and tensions in relationships orpartnerships surface now and must be dealt with immeadiately. Work hardon these and try to solve the problems. There may also be people whooppose your interests in various matters...this Saturn transit meansthat at this time you are making a significant breakthrough in yourlife. For several years now you have been working quietly to getahead...particularly in your professional life. Now the work you havebeen doing is beginning to bear fruit...In fact, one of the reasons youare having conflict with enemies is that now you are really beginning toget somewhere in life, which is likely to be threatening to others. 43
    • Uranus in 3rd house: Destablizes your everyday encounters, things thatyou count on fall through but unexpected things fall into your lap atthe last minute. Your old ways of thinking will change, and you maydevelop new interests, especially in the sciences, astrology, or theoccult. If you are afraid of change, everything that happens will beupsetting. But if you can be flexible, you will see that none of thisis terrible, it is only new and somewhat unexpected. (7 years)Uranus in the 4th house: Change in your innermost self, and your home."The deepest, most internal and personal aspects of your life are nolonger reliable and unchanging." You must become even more flexible andopen to new ideas. Old ties with the past will be broken, problems andtensions that you havent been dealing with will surface. "...yourwhole experience of the world will be different after this transit."Uranus Conjunct Sun: In 1965, Jimmy Carter gave a passionate speech toallow African-Americans into his church -- standing up againstconventional society.Uranus Opposite Sun: Cesar Chavez faced an assassination attempt fromcommercial grape growers. Sally Ride became the first female Americanastronaut. Both involved standing up against conventional society.Uranus Square Sun: "...unexpected events will test your ability towithstand change and to stay on the path you have chosen...If you aredoing what you should in terms of your life and experience, thesedisruptive events will only be a test that you will withstandsuccessfully. But if you find the energies of this transit destructivebeyond your control, you should consider what changes must be madeeither to minimize these effects or turn them into positive ones.Health problems usually arise from a...suppression of the Uranianenergies that are operating in your life now...[possible] accident-proneness..." 44
    • Uranus Conjunct Neptune: "...one of the strangest of all transits. Youwill be exposed to new kinds of ideas, radically different from any youhave encountered before; strange new influences, very subtle in effectbut quite powerful...This transit can be quite dangerous if you are notaware of its negative side..." Be very careful with any drugs you takein this period, even prescribed drugs, as they may give youtremendousinsight, but you are likely to become dependent. [I would addbe especially careful of addiction if your astrocartography says youareliving near your Pluto descending line.] "...you will be interested inmystical and occult approaches to reality, but you are inclined tobeindiscriminate...Consequently you need to be very careful. Illnessesthat cause you to fall asleep or be fatigues and drowsy arecharacteristic of this transit...If you are psychologically healthy, youwill experience the most positive effects of this transit."Uranus Sextile Neptune: Stimulates interest in spiritual ideals andoccult concerns. Look for new explanations of the universe, possiblyinconsistent with what you have been taught. Opens mind to new levelsof consciousness. Associate with others who have similar views.Ideals, aims and objectives will change; old ones wont have meaninganymore.Uranus Opposite Midheaven: "...many changes within yourself...reflectedin...your home...and in your most intimate personal relationships...disruptive events in this area of your life and energies that requireyou to drop everything else to deal with...Something that has beenhidden away for years and years struggles to break free. But if yousuppress it, the energy transfers to your environment and causesdisruptions. You may have to deal with aspects of yourself you nevereven knew existed in order to come to a new understanding ofyourself...you may encounter opposition from others in yourprofession..."Uranus Square Ascendant: "...disruptive effect on relationships. [The 45
    • foundations upon which your life is built will be challenged.]...dothings and go places you never would have thought of in the past...thepeople who enter your life at this time may be quite different fromanyone you have known before. Some of these relationships may be quitebrief..."Uranus Opposite Ascendant: In Las Vegas in 1967, Richard Pryor changedhis performance from restrained to his natural style -- and wasimmediately fired for obscenity.Neptune in the 3rd house: Difficulties in communications and dealingswith your everyday world. Be as clear as possible. Good forcreativity, but your imagination may interfere with your ability to seethe truth. Keep your mind flexible and you will gain insights. You mayquickly understand ideas that your rational mind cant comprehend. Butinflexible thinking, or distrust of psychic input will cause upsets,confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty.Neptune Conjunct Sun: Thor Heyerdahl sailed Kon-Tiki across the Pacific-- inspiration became part of his self-identity.Neptune Square Sun: Confusion and uncertainty about direction of yourlife. Circumstances force questioning of previous goals. Temporalityparalyzed, low energy. Disappointments in work. But setbacks will beonly in areas that are not a true reflection of yourself. Insecurityabout self, your self needs nourishment and growth. Avoid risk orchanging jobs. Remain active and do not withdraw from people.Neptune Trine Sun: Miles Davis began his career -- inspiration (Neptune)enhanced (trine) his self-image (Sun).Neptune Sextile Moon: Increased emotional sensitivity, intuitively awareof other peoples feelings, romanticized relationships, increasedpsychic and mystical phenomena. 46
    • Neptune Conjunct Mercury: John DeLorean was being tape-recorded byfederal agents -- self-deception coupled with communication.Neptune Trine Venus: A dreamy romance may occur, but it will only bereal if you work to make it real. Creative abilities will be created.Neptune Square Jupiter: "Your grasp of what you can and cant do isbeing tested now, and it is important that you accept the actuallimitations on your life. If you can, this transit will expand yourlife by helping you perceive the tremendous possibilities that areinherent in your situation..." You may have fantasies you beingpowerful or that you can not lose. Foolish overconfidence will lead todefeat. Avoid wild risks. You may become involved in a religiousmovement that makes you lose all touch with reality.Neptune Opposite Midheaven: "...kick your props out from underyou...very difficult to continue in your present direction...maysuddenly feel weak and ineffectual...But this transit can have anothereffect. You may no longer feel like advancing in your social roles,because you feel they have become meaningless and empty...Sometime inlife we go ahead too fast and lose track of our original purposes. Thisis an excellent time to sit back and look at whether this has happenedto you...Let them go...and it will ultimately be good...find thestrength of what you have inside."Neptune Conjunct Ascendant: Peggy Fleming won a gold medal in figureskating at the 1968 Olympics -- inspiration transited her outwardappearance.Pluto in the 1st house: Destroying and rebuilding your sense of self andwho you are. 47
    • Pluto in the 2nd house: Destroying and rebuilding your personal financesand material possessions. A metamorphosis of your values. You maylearn that your inner values are all that matters, not materialpossessions.Pluto in the 3rd house: Elements of your everyday life -- neighbors,close relatives, daily business -- become fraught with significance.Situations that youve been contending with for years reach a crisispoint. Do not take anything for granted at this time, and expect acuteself-questioning for several years.Pluto in the 4th house: Destroying and rebuilding your internal andpersonal psyche, your home, and your family. This might mean dealingwith problems from childhood, changes in your relationship with yourparents or the nature of family relationships, or changing or remodelingyour residence.Pluto in the 5th house: "...periods of tensions between you and yourchildren...love affairs are likely to be heavy, emotionally involved andintense...During this time you will be attracted to activities that arevery powerful and involving, that may even carry a risk of life, becauseyou want to experience everything you do intensely..."Pluto in the 6th house: Destroying and rebuilding your health and yourcareer.Pluto in the 8th house: "During this transit the issues of majortransformation -- ...death, rebirth, and regeneration -- will becomemore significant than ever before...there may be deaths of people aroundyou that...radically change your life circumstances...or force aconfrontation within you about the nature and meaning of your life..Thisis not a good time to go into debt, because indebtedness will put youvery much under someone elses control."Pluto in the 9th house: Destruction and rebuilding of your fundamental 48
    • values through encounters with the unfamiliar and exotic, and throughlong journeys and higher education.Pluto in the 10th house: "...a most important time of your life, for youwill strive to achieve more now than you have ever before...if you aresecure and knowing about yourself, you will have the opportunity forgreat success, as long as you...avoid wreaking havoc or even bending thestandards of ethics...Play the game fairly...If you do not know yourgoals, you will probably...spend several years apparently quitelost...the important idea is not to get discouraged...Take all the timeyou need to find the right course. If you hurry you will only get intothe wrong place, and your life will be much less than it could havebeen, if you had taken the time to find yourself."Pluto in the 11th house: "...the kinds of people you have as friendswill change...Your ideals will change, which will be reflected in achangein the people whom you associate with and the groups or movementsyou identify with...One friendship in particular may change your life atthis time...However, avoid associating with individuals just becausethey are powerful and persuasive...[Do not let your friends] guide yourlife into paths you shouldnt take."Pluto in the 12th house: "...clears away old and hidden psychicgarbage...brings up aspects of yourself that are deeply buried in yourpsyche and forces you to confront them..."Pluto Conjunct Sun: A time of great change in your life, you will workhard to accomplish your ambitions. But you will be successful ateliminating the old and outworn with a new, higher order. You will onlybe successful for enlightened, non-egoistic purposes. Selfish motiveswill bring the power against you and others will stop you. BruceSpringsteen signed his first recording contract; Jimmy Carter wasnominated for president -- both were attuned to collective feelings.Pluto Sextile Sun: Subtle, creative changes in your life. You can act 49
    • more effectively than at almost any other time. Good relations withauthorities.Pluto Square Sun: Adolf Hitler had all during World War Two -- a senseof futility (Pluto) infuriated his ego. In Gandhis chart, his ideaswept through India, and British soldiers massacred non-violentprotesters at Amritsar, causing a global scandal -- futility rubbed hissense of self.Pluto Trine Sun: A strong sense of having survived challenges and havingreached a level where you can be effective. Others see you as powerfuland effective. Positive but nor disruptive changes.Pluto Opposite Sun: "...an extremely difficult period forrelationships...you are likely to get involved in power struggles." Youmay try to force others against their will, or others may try to do thisto you. Possible conflict with an authority. Great energy toaccomoplish things, high ambition and you can succeed if you do notarouse opposition. But if you do, the conflict may result in totaldefeat. Pluto Conjunct Moon: Extremely powerful emotional change in yourlife. Breakdown and reconstruction of your innermost personal self.Possible compulsive behavior. Consider psychotherapy to handle whatcomes up at this time. Emotionally-based relationships may end.Intense encounters with women. Possible changes in your residence, ordigestive troubles. Keep yourself flexible, these changes are preparingyou for your next stage of development.Pluto Sextile Moon: You will experience your emotions as profound, realand intense, but not difficult. Because of this you can learn aboutaspects of your personality that are normally hidden even from yourself.Pluto Sextile Mercury: "...a good time for deep intellectual probing ofideas and beliefs...your menatl powers are sharp..."Pluto Trine Mercury: You will gain intellectual insight, especially into 50
    • hidden and secret things. You can also communicate and teach thesesubjects effectively.Pluto Opposite Mercury: "...communications with others may become quitedifficult, if the reason for communicating is to coerce opinions andthinking rather than to inform...if you are threatened by someone elsescoercion, you will be obliged to stand up for your beliefs and fight forthem..." You are capable of hard mental work during this transit, butavoid obsession.Pluto Sextile Venus: Deepens existing relationships and makes them moreprofound. It may also bring an important new relationship that willhave an important impact on your life. If you have creative or artisticability, this transit will deepen it. Your sense of pleasure andenjoyment is also heightened. Do not degenerate into pointlesssensualism, instead, use love and creativity in your growth as a humanbeing.Pluto Opposite Venus: Any relationship that begins now will have apowerful effect on your life, but you may be obsessively attracted tosomeone that you consciously know is bad for you, which you shouldavoid. In an existing sexual relationship, at best the intensity offeeling and fulfillment may deepen. But you may also use love tomanipulate the other person, become possessive, or use subversioninstead of open confrontation.Pluto Sextile Mars: An opportunity to work and accomplishing on a grandscale. You are able to influence others and your energy level is high.Favors making changes in your environment.Pluto Square Mars: "Pluto-Mars energies can be completely egistic...stimulate your ambitions and make you want to get ahead at any cost."You can work incredibly hard, but may physically exhaust yourself. Youmay also work toward personal ends without regard for other people, andmiss good advice from people who would help you, and create enemies of 51
    • others. People around you may be on a power trip. If you are in afight situation, you will win if you persuade others to join you, andlose if you go it alone. Your allies can protect you from sneakytactics and opponents who wont come out into the open.Pluto Trine Mars: Professional drive, energy, rebuilding.Pluto Opposite Mars: Powerful, difficult, intense, but not impossibletransit. Your own or someone elses ego will run rampant. If you denyyour drive for success, otherwise others actions may irritate you. Ifyou let the energy out without restraint, others will oppose you. Butif you use this energy to accomplish work and make changes around you,incorporating others in your work to create a group effort, and nothaving an ego, you will succeed and others will look to you as a leader.Avoid underhanded tactics or underworld types.Pluto Conjunct Jupiter: Either great success in almost any endeavor, orpeople in power will strongly oppose your efforts, depending on what youare trying to accomplish and how.Pluto Sextile Jupiter: "At this time you may have several chances to getahead...favors business and professional interests...your ideals arehigher than usual...you want to reform and make changes in theworld...this is an excellent time for any dealings with the law or withauthorities."Pluto Square Jupiter: Great potential for achievement, but you must heedcertain dangers. Do not overreach yourself, and do not become arrogantor overconfident.Pluto Opposite Jupiter: "This transit will make you drive yourself andothers around you to attain success." Possible arrogance. Strive toimprove yourself before you improve anyone else. Avoid unlawfulactivities or manipulating people. 52
    • Pluto Conjunct Saturn: "...great changes after considerabledifficulty..." Adolf Hitler had this at the end of World War Two -- areality check.Pluto Sextile Saturn: You will be able to plug away at tasks withtremendous discipline.Pluto Square Saturn: Severe challenges to your life. Structures youveset up for predictability and order may become repressive. "...if it issafe, we tend to keep it regardless of whether we are happy withit...You may feel very pressured to do something that you dont want todo...you may find that certain resources -- financial, material...are nolonger available." Dont expand your business, but dont try to makethings solid and safe. Instead, honestly and openly examine all aspectsof your life and voluntarily give up whatever you dont really need.Pluto Trine Saturn: Gradual but profound changes in your life that willlast a long time. Great patience and attention to detail, self-discipline. Able to get along with little material goods. You mayreceive power from persons in authority.Pluto Opposition Saturn: You will experience changing circumstances andsituations that may force you to surrender many things -- materialgoods, relationships, principles -- that you previously held onto...Feelings are often suppressed under this transit...Even if yoursituation becomes very difficult, you should still keep your heart opento others, or you will bear the scars of this period for the rest ofyour life as a loss of humanity...You may feel that you have to workvery hard and nothing comes of it, but your life is changing, and theonly reason you arent getting anywhere now is that there isnt anywherefor you to go in that direction.Pluto Sextile Uranus: "...profound but creative change in your life..."beyond the superficial aspects of life, good for revolutionizing societyor studying technologies that are revolutionizing society, and good for 53
    • psychological work.Pluto Square Uranus: A period of change and upheaval in the world aroundyou, although your personal life may be stable. Expect to become a partof a revolution, although the revolution may be on a grand scale or justeffect one individual.Pluto Trine Uranus: Creative and radical transformation, although withclear plans, not wildly. The changes you make will be lasting andthorough. You may be able to accomplish something quite extraordinary.Pluto Opposite Uranus: In Abraham Lincolns chart, the Civil War beganand he freed the slaves -- he was attuned to collective feelings (Pluto)about freedom (Uranus).Pluto Conjunct Neptune: A period of very deep inward transformation thatwill be reflected in changed ideals and goals.Pluto Sextile Pluto: "...the changes that take place in your life willbe part of a creative evolution...you are moving toward your goals..."Cesar Chavezs and Mohandas Gandhis ideas became widespread.Pluto Square Pluto: "...regeneration, which may not be entirelypleasant..." Geraldine Ferraro was nominated for vice-president --Pluto symbolizing events beyond her control.Pluto Square Midheaven: "...be careful not to let your actions stir upresistance from others...you may be obsesssed by acheiving certainobjectives...you may experience this kind of energy fromothers...tensions in your marital and family life will surface at thistime..."Pluto Trine Midheaven: Gradual changes, great psychological insight,possible authority to direct people. 54
    • Pluto Opposite Midheaven: "...a time of great change in your personaland family life and a time of great inner psychological change...you mayencounter certain psychological effects from your past...There may begreat changes in your family, such as divorce, death, a major change ofresidence...this is a time to build a new order in your personallife...people often attempt to resist such change, with unpleasantresults..."Pluto Conjunct Ascendant: "...your relationships...will be greatlytransformed. Your personality will undergo a period of change that willbring to light some very important but often unacknowledged elements ofyour psyche...This may be a period of extreme crisis in your life...itmay be desirable for you to undergo psychotherapy...to get more in touchwith yourself... "The process may start with compulsive actions thatare hard to understand...you may only encounter them when others respondto you...you may feel that you are being victimized by some outsideforce, although the force is within you... "Often a tremendous powerdrive will surface during this transit...You are not content to besubject to an outside power... "The best tactic with all of thesePlutonian effects is to recognize them and try to understand...They arethere for a reason...they have a positive purpose in your life, if youallow them to be expressed."Pluto Sextile Ascendant: "...positive change and opportunity in yourlife."Pluto Square Ascendant: "...very intense encounters with others, whichmay completely transform the important relationships in your life. Theproblem is that this transit is not always gentle in its effects..."Pluto Trine Ascendant: "This is a time of creative change in yourrelationships." Increased personal power. You will seek intensity ofexperiences. Relationships should be more constructive than difficult. 55