Pira Charcoal Ovens: Features & Benefits


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Pira is a company based in Barcelona focused on developing and manufacturing professional charcoal ovens and barbecues.

In this presentation you will see how a charcoal oven could be the new star in your kitchen, opening the door to a new world of tastes and sensations.

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Pira Charcoal Ovens: Features & Benefits

  1. 1. www.piracharcoalovens.com ENJOYING THE REAL FLAVOUR! The charcoal ovens are the perfect option to get the authentic grilling flavor, with a perfect texture and juiciness. If it’s required, you can get a taste of smoked flavor to your dishes. They add the traditional grill taste to the modern cooking.
  2. 2. www.piracharcoalovens.com THE WIDEST RANGE IN CHARCOAL OVENS
  3. 3. www.piracharcoalovens.com BENEFITS FOR YOU
  4. 4. The charcoal ovens allows the distributor to offer something different and special to his customers and products highly differentiated from other competitors. www.piracharcoalovens.com Be original, be diferent, be PIRA
  5. 5. The restaurateurs may announce the “grill" as an extra in their menus.
  6. 6. www.piracharcoalovens.com Virtually, no maintenance is required.
  7. 7. www.piracharcoalovens.com Less inversion more benefits
  8. 8. www.piracharcoalovens.com A range of novel products
  9. 9. www.piracharcoalovens.com Cross-sell: charcoal, trays, clamps, grills ... Grill Poker Shovel Tweezers Charcoal
  10. 10. www.piracharcoalovens.com MONEY
  11. 11. www.piracharcoalovens.com Our charcoal ovens have the best "quality - price" relation in the market
  12. 12. www.piracharcoalovens.com With half of investment over competition, you get the same result.
  13. 13. www.piracharcoalovens.com Chefs who never would have thought installing a charcoal oven, now they will decide do it.
  14. 14. www.piracharcoalovens.com MAIN FEATURES
  15. 15. www.piracharcoalovens.com GLASS DOOR Allows to see and check at any time what is being cooked. Faster cooking because the door is opened less often. Less consume of charcoal. Glass door = Save money
  16. 16. www.piracharcoalovens.com WHEELS Easy to move Best cleaning where the oven is placed Possibility to work with the same oven inside or outside Wheels : Comfort
  17. 17. www.piracharcoalovens.com Firewall and Air-Flow regulator: Integrated Ovens equipped with internal firewall and with an internal air-flow regulator Ovens ready to work There are not necessary extra purchases Possibility to acquire this equipments in external version, separately from the oven Easy to disassemble and to clean
  18. 18. www.piracharcoalovens.com ISOLATION Ovens equipped with isolation Ready to work into the kitchen without temperature problems Ready to work beside other cooking equipments. Isolation : Comfort
  19. 19. www.piracharcoalovens.com The ashes are collected permanently Ashtray easy to clean ASHTRAY COLLECTOR
  20. 20. www.piracharcoalovens.com Oils and greases are collected separately from the ashes. With the oil collector and the grooved grill, we avoid burn the food. There are not flames into the cooking chamber. OIL AND GREASE COLLECTOR
  21. 21. www.piracharcoalovens.com HOPPER WITH LIFT SYSTEM Only for superior models: PIRA-130, PIRA-130G AND PIRA-170 This system allow to control the intensity of cooking. Very usefull for busy times when is not possible to take the food out from the grill
  22. 22. SIZES OF GRILL & COOKING CHAMBER The cooking chambers and the grills in our ovens are bigger than competitors. PIRA = More production
  23. 23. www.piracharcoalovens.com AND ALSO …
  24. 24. YOUR OWN DESIGN As a producer Pira can produce any possible design under request
  25. 25. www.piracharcoalovens.com CONTACT
  26. 26. Torrent fondo, 6 08840 Viladecans Barcelona - SPAIN www.piracharcoalovens.com +34 936 373 174 info@piraovens.com www.facebook.com/PiraCharcoalOvens twitter.com/Grill_PiraOvens