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Three days grace website analysis
Three days grace website analysis
Three days grace website analysis
Three days grace website analysis
Three days grace website analysis
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Three days grace website analysis


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  • 1. The website uses a small link to allow the audience to log into the website. This will then sent the fans recent updates on the band and there news. This is small in the corner in a white font that contrast to the black, so although it is small it is noticeable to the audience.The colour beneath the large font inthe middle moves. This is done toadd a creative and artist professionalaffect. The movement behind thewriting is effective as it adds a quirkystyle to it, separating this band fromother bands of this genre.
  • 2. There is small writing at the top of the screen which tells audiences about the recent updates. However, I find it unusual that the information is in small typeset at the top. I feel the website designers did this as the band concentrate on the music rather than ‘gossip’.The ripping effect along the bottom givesthe impression that the band are edgywhich is a stereotypical view of bands fromthis genre.
  • 3. The central image is of the bands new albumwhich covers most of the website. This also has alink above which allows the audience to buy thealbum. This is effective as it’s quick and easy for afan to buy the latest album.
  • 4. The colour pallet of the website isblack, grey and white. These arecolours that link to the conventions ofmy genre and are seen as stereotypicalcolours. The links at the bottom are in a small typeset and are white, this contrasts to the grey meaning that although the typeset is small the audience are still able to see it easily and select an option without difficulty.
  • 5. The small icons at the bottom of the screen allow the audience toaccess and share the website to social networking sites. This allowsthe band to reach the target audience through technologicalconvergence. For example, Twitter and Facebook are often onmobiles and are easy to access. This means it more likely to beseen as the sites are easy to get on to.